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YOURSAY | A bribe is a bribe by any other name

YOURSAY | ‘Remember that investigation must lead to a successful prosecution.’

MACC will investigate bribes based on law, not personal interpretation – Azam

Mazilamani: MACC must fix PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for good for his deliberate misinterpretation of what constitutes bribery without understanding what the Election Offences Act 1954 has to say.

It is strange how so many PAS leaders are coming to the defence of Hadi, which only goes to show how widespread corruption under the guise of charity is embraced by the PAS leadership.

The amount of money paid to voters would not have come from ‘tabung tin’ (collection can) used to collect donations at events organised by PAS. It is either there are many millionaire donors amongst PAS members or collection from illegal sources, which must be exposed before the state elections in mid-2023.

Bravemalaysian: Now MACC chief Azam Baki is speaking with sense. Hopefully, it is followed up with actions now that suits have been filed. Wonder if police or MACC reports must be filed before action is taken. Don't wait, Azam, show your mettle and bring the corrupt politicians to book.

Enough of corrupt elections where vote buying now is done openly in the name of charity or disbursing aid to the needy. I wonder if they are still disbursing aid to help the needy ‘balik kampung’ (return to their hometowns) during the long holidays.

OCT: Azam, you can say what you said as to what Hadi has done. However, will you dare run the gauntlet and charge PAS for corruption? Talk is cheap. Rakyat has seen too many cases that involved PAS leaders that ended without any prosecution. Prove to the rakyat that you dare to take on PAS leaders.

It's the least Azam can do to show he means business else just keep quiet and carry on as business as usual. “Don't play, play” and take on more than you can chew. PAS is not an ordinary party but a party to be reckoned with.

Apanama is back: Azam, it is not MACC “will investigate”. You need and must investigate. The way you issue this statement seems as if you are not going to investigate allegations of PAS bribing the voters to get their votes.

What I can see here is you are merely explaining to me about the Election Act and its offences related to buying votes. Therefore, after your explanation, what will be your next action? Sit quietly? Eat some mandarin oranges? "Buat lupa"? (Forget about it)

MS: Instead of telling us what the law is, Azam should just use it quietly and without fanfare, kompang (hand drums) and sparklers. But then Azam loves being in the limelight, loves a controversy to build up and then like a knight in armour comes charging in rattling a plastic sword.

Isn't this an example of what Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim recently described in Parliament as "sound and fury signifying nothing"?

Fair Play: This clarification from the MACC chief is not unexpected. Yesterday I posted a comment indicating that the empire had spoken when Anwar said that giving charity for votes is corruption.

And now, right on cue, the MACC chief stated the investigation would be based on election law and not personal interpretation.

So, both Hadi and Perikatan Nasional secretary-general Hamzah Zainudin, be afraid, very afraid based on what both of you commented as reported by Malaysiakini.

Anon25: The MACC has acquired much experience in investigating corruption. They have their methods. The public should allow it to move at its pace instead of clamouring for action.

We are also dealing with a Muslim religious leader who appears to be highly respected on the East Coast. Remember that investigation must lead to a successful prosecution. It takes time.

Gotcha: I hope MACC can expedite its investigations into this bribing of voters by politicians soon. The guilty should be disqualified as MPs and assemblypersons and barred from contesting future elections. This will deter politicians from bribing voters in future.

Franklyspeaking: Enforcement agencies need to be quick in taking action to restore and win the confidence of the citizens.

The rule of law must be upheld and seen to be applied to all. Too much misinformation is being propagated by irresponsible but influential and divisive politicians, leading to a large segment of society becoming ill-informed and confused, not able to differentiate right from wrong.

Casper C: Yes, the government must act swiftly now that the prime minister has put himself front and centre in this fight against corruption, enforcement too must be swift to adduce evidence of the corrupt act, frame the appropriate charge and let the courts decide the truth, resolve contention and expose or better yet - reveal the "hidden hand" behind the wads of cash - the end is near.

Bobbyo: The less said by MACC, the better, as we have seen many cases of ‘no further action’, or many corrupt politicians and cronies walking away free due to technical grounds or outright unjust verdicts.

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