YOURSAY | The heavy price that Anwar has to pay


14 May 2020, 12:51 am

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YOURSAY | ‘His speech may not be as fiery as before but he is still the best man to bring reform.’

Anwar can live without becoming PM - Aussie report

Anonymous_1543386425: I hope Pakatan Harapan supporters would give the coalition a second chance to plan for the new Malaysia of which PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim could assist with his guidance and experience.

Anwar should spearhead Harapan’s charge in GE15 and win his right to be PM. Harapan must take control of Putrajaya and plan our exit from the current crisis and account for all the monies spent.

Government-linked companies (GLCs) should be in competent hands and not used as an automatic teller machine (ATM) for MPs.

Just plan for all but do not pander to those who did not vote for Harapan. The Harapan manifesto would eventually benefit them and their eyes would open and welcome Harapan.

Anonymous_181: Anwar must be speaking from his heart. I think he is worn out and not the man he once was.

After twice spending time in jail and now forced to helm a broken party, being lied to and betrayed, I would not blame him if he declines the seat.

The PM position now demands a person who has no soul, who is willing to trade with the devil and, of course, become one.

After 20 years of hardships, twists and turns, hopes and despair, I do not think he is willing to become the devil-in-waiting.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: I agree. He has lost the fire in his belly and even his speeches are no longer fiery. He looks tired.

He has to ask himself what is it he wants. Or should he think of himself as a leader-mentor and start grooming the next generation of leaders?

If there were a weakness in PKR, it was always its leadership that seems to be a one-man band. Even when he was incarcerated, his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was just doing a stand-in job for him and in fairness, was no match for the scheming Azmin Ali who got to the grassroots far deeper than anyone did.

Now that the leadership of PKR is decimated, it seems like an opportune time to reshape the country’s politics through its future leaders.

Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah, Fahmi Fadzil, P Prabakaran, Fuziah Salleh and Wong Chen, among others, there is clearly no shortage of talent on the bench. They just have to be led, guided and groomed properly.

DAP will always be hampered by the 3R (race, religion and royalty) narrative although their bench of future leaders looks strong as well with Hannah Yeoh, Teo Bee Yin, Syahredzan Johan, Zairil Khir Johari and Kasthuri Patto, among others.

Meanwhile, Amanah needs to find its own Islamic narrative to counter that of PAS. I see no better role for Anwar than as a spiritual leader and guiding light for Harapan.

The Analyser: Anwar’s role as a potential PM has always been an academic question since former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad re-entered politics. But the real question is: What value is Anwar to Malaysia? The answer is none.

What does he bring to politics? We know for sure he will bring increased Islamisation and there his promise ends.

He is not a leader, his reforms are an empty catchphrase. We have no idea of his vision for Malaysia. We have no idea of the direction he will adopt, absolutely none.

But we do know he is an appallingly bad decision-maker. We do know he is easily influenced, even if it just for a short time.

We do know that his charisma has faded. We do know, that like so many from Harapan, that when required to perform he fails to meet expectations.

Basically, he doesn’t even have the qualities to be an MP, leave alone a PM.

Aegis: What value can Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin, or Najib Abdul Razak bring? Not just nothing, they bring disaster.

Are they smart and capable? No. Are they power-hungry? Yes. Will they betray people trust to benefit themselves? Yes.

Anwar is not perfect, but at least he has more principles. And he has a team that is willing to work with him to bring Malaysia forward and to put Malaysia first.

Anwar should not give up. His speech may not be as fiery as before but he is still the best man to bring reform.

Umno is scared of him and his reform agenda. Umno has been badmouthing him for the past 20 years.

His opponents have been saying he is desperate to be PM, but now we are clear who are the desperate, greedy traitors. Life works in mysterious ways; you never know what it will bring. Keep fighting.

Scam Job Billionaire: Politicians can say what they like, but they will never be able to escape or forget their past.

For Anwar, his political journey was supposed to be a classic Hollywood script. A political figure who survived a series of political assassinations, espionage, jailed, public humiliation, tortures, to come out on top to become the eighth PM of Malaysia.

Unfortunately, all hopes turned to dust on Feb 23 when the entire Harapan coalition collapsed.

This is the price Anwar has to pay for not listening to his own daughter's advice. The only hope Anwar has now is for his daughter to one day become PM.

Fair Play: Perhaps Anwar is now being seen by rationale Malaysians as the more sensible politician who is able to let go and see reality as reality really is.

When a man has made peace with himself, he is capable of making peace with the world.

Anwar’s dream is to be PM. But he knows that he might not be able to achieve that goal. And he has accepted it based on the reality of the situation.

But that doesn’t stop him from dreaming, right? Do you begrudge those who leave this world with their dreams unfulfilled? I don’t.

Capo: When you don't act desperate and let go the thing that you desire most, the universal forces actually conspire to bring it to you even faster.

Anwar, now that you are in a relaxed state of mind and letting go of your desire to be PM, don't be surprised you may actually become one through a twist of fate or because karma decides to whack those who betrayed the people's mandate.

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