Yoursay: Don’t get sidetracked from your true cause, Kit Siang


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YOURSAY | ‘There are other much more pressing matters for him to focus on...’

'Dr M's filthiest parasite' – Kit Siang reveals venomous letters

Undecided: DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang should not get too worked up by all the social media anger aimed at him.

Some of those who target him may be cybertroopers operating for the opposition parties and just out to make the Pakatan Harapan government and its members look bad.

Among the others who target him could also be Harapan supporters who feel let down and cannot control their emotions.

The main focus for the present government is to do a good job and stop its own leaders from pandering to racial and religious incitement – something that Harapan once accused the Umno-led BN government of doing.

I believe the majority of Malaysians do not want race and religion issues to hold us back but unfortunately, the current situation and the government’s response to it, especially by Bersatu leaders, is quite disappointing and alarming.

There is a general feeling among Harapan supporters – that the aspirations of Bersatu's leaders are out of line with the rest of the coalition.

Appum: Lim was like a lion during his time in the opposition all these decades.

He successfully thwarted his opponents in the past and had a strong determination and was clear about his stand for a fair and just Malaysia.

Lim’s path is true and clear but unfortunately, there are others who wish to control the whole country for their own, exclusively for themselves. In such a situation, Lim seems to be a great obstacle to their cause.

That is why they resort to attacking him. It is those with inadequate beliefs and insecure of themselves who use race and religion to behave like this. Especially now with social media widely used, it is so easy to criticise and condemn others.

Whatever negative label that they try to stick on Lim will not hurt him so easily. People of all walks of life appreciate his positive contribution to the political system in Malaysia.

As a politician, nay, as a leader, if you are not ready to take criticism, opposing views, scandalous accusations, or condemnations, then you better go and do something else.

But a leader like Lim doesn't need to worry too much. Keep up your roar for the good of Malaysia, the Lion King of Malaysia.

Cogito Ergo Sum: As a politician, Lim must be used to receiving such venomous letters.

But today, after the Harapan victory in the elections, the people are thoroughly disappointed with the attitude of Harapan leaders, particularly those in the DAP.

The opposition is very effective in its social media strategy and is able to germinate the seeds of doubt against the ruling parties.

Harapan, including Lim, have the entire government machinery at their disposal and yet seem confused as to what to do with all that power.

The current government seem to have inherited the rot from the Umno/BN era. The people expected more from Harapan, especially from DAP.

The late Karpal Singh would never have tolerated the current performance. In short, the DAP has become too big for its boots. Go out gracefully and not in disgrace.

My2cen: Yes, the letters are probably written by the opposition supporters. They are putting the blame squarely on Lim for forging a tie with Bersatu leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad to bring down BN in the last election.

And they are going all out to “take him out” after he had asked if he should quit politics. Lim should soldier on until his last breath for a better Malaysia.

Chriskwan Sabah: If all the media outlets do not publish materials containing hateful messages, then no one will see or read them, and the people writing such nonsense will eventually drop the idea of creating trouble.

Anonymous38364040302: Hello, the world has changed. Even if mainstream media ignore such filth, there is always the social media.

The solution is not to ignore these hateful messages, but to counter them. And that’s not only the job of politicians. It is our task as well.

Putting our heads in the sand will not make the problem go away. Especially when such hate messages are coming not just from the far-right but leaders such as US President Donald Trump.

Chuen Tick: I have called the DAP leaders as MCA 2.0 (yes, I am including Lim). I am not sure if this qualifies as hate speech.

The way DAP leaders have submitted to the wishes of the new emperor (Mahathir) led me to that conclusion. DAP leaders need to act as equal partners in the government and not merely obey the ruling made by others.

After 16 months of governance, if the leaders cannot commit towards the change the rakyat wanted when Harapan was given the mandate in GE14, Lim cannot complain about the lack of goodwill shown to him.

Vijay 47: For a seasoned politician who has been in the ring for more than 50 years, I am surprised that Lim is making a big issue out of some crudely-worded letters.

Hey, this comes with the turf. He should have just ignored those offensive letters and moved on. There are other much more pressing matters for him to focus on; insults and criticism are par for the course.

Ytmq: There is no need for Lim to be a cry baby. We don't need to hear the negatives from him. He should just focus on the positives and tell us how he is going to deliver on the Harapan manifesto promises.

Give us a timetable. And whatever silly reason Mahathir is giving for not delivering on the manifesto, just disclose it to the public.

Don’t Just Talk: Over the years, Lim has had a track record as a politician who never wavers in his principles and ideology of a united Malaysia.

The people are behind him all the way. He could have accepted a cabinet post after the general election but instead chose to step aside for the younger DAP leaders.

The opposition leaders are trying to cause disunity among the Harapan parties and hoping for an implosion resulting in a fresh election.

Do not fall into their trap, but instead focus on remaining in power for a full five-year term. 

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