DOE should explain why it approved EIA report for Lynas' landfill: Activist

Kow Gah Chie

31 Aug 2019, 1:47 am

Updated a year ago


Department of Environment (DOE) needs to explain its reason in approving an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report for the Lynas rare earth plant to build a nine-floor tall landfill to house its scheduled waste.

This is according to Save Malaysia Stop Lynas chairperson Tan Bun Teet who disagreed with Lynas' proposal to locate a 39-hectare piece of land at the back of the rare earth plant to house its million-tonne neutralisation underflow (NUF) residue.

"DOE has the obligation to explain to the people why it approved the EIA report and needs to reveal the 68 conditions imposed on the Australian miner," said the retired teacher-turn-environmentalist...

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