Haniff files to intervene in CJ's bid to strike out judge's explosive affidavit

26 Jul 2019, 9:35 pagi

Updated a year ago


Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla has filed to intervene in the chief justice's bid to expunge portions of an affidavit by Court of Appeal judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer.

This is in relation to a suit filed by lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo, who is seeking a declaration that the chief justice – not named in her originating summons – failed to defend the integrity and credibility of the judiciary by not completing investigations into two allegations of judicial interference.

Sangeet is relying on Hamid Sultan's affidavit for her lawsuit. The 65-page affidavit, released on Feb 14, alleged widespread corruption and abuses in the judiciary. 

On March 7, the Attorney-General's Chambers, which is representing the chief justice, filed to expunge the affidavit, saying that its contents are "contemptuous, scandalous, and scurrilous attack on the judiciary."

In the application filed today, Haniff – who is representing Hamid Sultan – said he had a right to intervene in the chief justice's application. 

This is because his claims of judicial interference in the late Karpal Singh's sedition trial is a key element in Sangeet's lawsuit.

Haniff added that he has an interest as a proponent for a royal commission of inquiry into the allegations of judicial misconduct.

Should his application be rejected, the lawyer offered to attend and speak as a friend of the court (amicus curiae) during the hearing of the chief justice's application to expunge the affidavit.

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