Kudos to Raubians, and the police, too

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VOXPOP 'The police in Raub needed only 300 personnel to control the crowd of 10,000 and everything was peaceful even with the unplanned march.'

Mining reps no-show, Green rally turns into march

vox populi small thumbnail FellowMalaysian: Great show by the united 10,000 Raubians and also many of those from Kuala Lumpur.

It is time that the government places more emphasis on the plight of the villages instead of just ignoring it. A high-ranking investigation team led by medical experts should be called to identify the causes of Bukit Koman residents' skin ailments.

Democracy: The police in Raub needed only 300 personnel to control the crowd of 10,000 and everything was peaceful even with the unplanned march.

What is wrong with the KL police who could not control the Bersih crowd? One big difference is that there was no FRU (riot police), water cannon and tear gas to provoke the crowd. And one more thing, no court order to ban the gathering.

Enlightened: "(Raub district police chief) Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman told reporters later that the company's representative was on the way. He denied claims that the company refused to accept the note, but instead explained that their representatives were late."

Why did the police sound like they were representing the mining company? Aren't the police paid by the rakyat's tax money?

Hmmmmmmmm: At least the police chief here had the sense to facilitate the march when he could not stop it. Perhaps he realises that he and his loved ones will also be affected by the cyanide.

Anonymous #13957745: I just saw the Malaysiakini video and wish to congratulate Raub OCPD Wan Mohd Samsudin for handling the situation tactfully and professionally.

I hope the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) takes the cue from this Himpunan Hijau rally, in contrast to the Bersih 3.0 rally. You see, it can be peaceful.

Disbeliever: Obviously, the company has no intention and no interest in receiving the protest note.

The late arrival would have probably been on the 'threat' of the OCPD since the latter would have been worried that the protest might turn chaotic since the protesters decided to march to the gold mine. Thus, the sending of two junior staff.

I believe the company has the strong backing of Umno-BN which was why they acted arrogantly. The only way to ensure that the government work for the people and not the other way around, is to vote for change.

Conmen: On this occasion, we must also remember those who died at Bukit Merah (near Menglembu/Ipoh) of Perak and atone for our past sins for what happened there. History must never be allowed to repeat itself.

IGP wants Gabungan Janji to aid in probe

Sabahan: It sounds like the script was written some time ago. The rally was allowed although deemed illegal. The police kept their distance but to their dismay, no mayhem occurred.

So the next best thing will be to create incidents which allegedly undermined civil unrest. The flag incident is a no-incident, but Umno and Umno-affiliated NGOs attribute this as a challenge to authority when it was not, and finally the police decides to investigate this incident which, incidentally, did not break any law.

In contrast, Sabah CM Musa Aman's money laundering using UBS Bank did not provoke a single squeak from our pro-Umno IGP (police chief).

Fight Injustice: Mr IGP, get your priorities right - go after thugs, robbers and thieves, and get crime down. Don't waste time on useless, unimportant issues.

Ngecui: The police is so concern about the stepping on PM's and his wife's photos. Why the same police are so quiet when Perkasa burn Bersih co-coordinator S Ambiga's posters and step on them?

And what did the police do when Umno and Perkasa goons threw posters of Penang CM Lim Guan Eng all over the place in front of his house? Why was there no action taken despite clear evidence and identities of those who did the act?

Come on lah , this is yet another proof that ‘polis raja di Malaysia'.

Wira: The PM is an elected official. He is just the leader of the government of the day. Don't ‘bodek' him like he is royalty or a divine appointee.

Just accord him the same respect as you would to someone respectable like, say, Ambiga.

Maplesyrup: Welcome to the animal farm, where Umnoputras are more equal than everybody else.

Najib croons to TNB staff, offers them array of goodies

Lim Chong Leong: Shameless PM, having to use public funds to buy popularity. It is like that rich nerdy kid in school paying his pocket money to school bullies to be their friend.

Desperate leaders always tend to sing to his audience. Look at the Marcoses. In the end, they had to run with their tail between their legs. Shoes and all get left behind.

We will have many Birkin bags and Australian baju kurung to sell to raise funds for charity.

Timothy: Isn't it very strange, a PM of Malaysia announcing TNB's (Tenaga Nasional Berhad's) retirement age, EPF contribution and Socso coverage. Is he going to do the same for other GLCs (government-linked companies)?

CiViC: Huh? What is that supposed to mean? "If there is someone from within TNB who could become the chief executive, I would appoint him."

It's like saying, "If the person is the first to finish the race, I will give him a gold medal."

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