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COMMENT | Now everyone can vote: Youth electoral power

COMMENT | Almost every article highlights that it will be Malaysia’s youth that will determine the outcome of GE15.

No question, Gen Z voters will be important, especially given that over one-third of the seats in the coming general election are highly competitive (where a swing of 5 percent can change the result).

Studies repeatedly show that Malaysia’s youth engage politics differently, through social media, TikTok primarily, and with less in-depth political engagement and trust. The analysis goes on to note the unpredictability of the youth vote in both turning out to cast their ballot and who they support, the GE15 “wild card”.

With promises of more laptops and scholarships, political parties across the political spectrum are struggling with how to win their support, largely ignoring the systemic concerns of Malaysia’s new generation – a desire for greater social mobility and better representation.

My third piece in my “on the road to GE15” series looks at the...

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