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COMMENT | Retaking the Felda Malay heartland

COMMENT | Far away from the limelight, an electoral battle is being waged in the Malay heartland of Felda and Felcra areas.

Umno is working to wrest back this traditional “safe” vote bank after serious erosion of support in 2018. The contest for the Malay not-quite-as rural as it used-to-be vote bank of over an estimated 1.5 million voters is fierce.

Felda or Felcra areas extend into 90 seats, or 41 percent of the total seats in the Dewan Rakyat. The overwhelming majority of these areas are Malay, making up over 90 percent.

This second piece in my ‘on the road to GE15 series’ looks at support in both Felda and Felcra areas (simplified as Felda below), from 2008 onwards, focusing on the support of the younger generation in Felda areas.

Using analysis of...

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