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COMMENT | Cheaper cancer treatment, fewer deaths like my mum's

COMMENT | When Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin admitted the inequalities in the health system, particularly on cancer care services in rural areas, my heart sank; because ten years ago, I went through the same flawed public health system with my late mother.

It is estimated that there are 49,000 people who are newly diagnosed with cancer in 2020. In his media statement, Khairy said there are 128 oncologists in Malaysia.

That means the oncologist-patient ratio is at 1:382 new patients annually. 

This number has yet to include the existing number of cancer patients. With only six cancer treatment centres under the Health Ministry, Khairy also revealed that there are only 36 oncologists in these centres. He was also on point when he said that cancer patients travel from the east coast to receive treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

About a decade ago...

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