Yoursay: MO1, we may forgive you, but justice must be served

YOURSAY | 'Indeed, rule of law is not in the forgiving or forgetting business.'

Yoursay: Time for other BN parties to walk away from Umno

YOURSAY | 'Umno is right about the loss of 'alliance' spirit - it is the one that killed it.'

Yoursay: Thank goodness, EC chief’s best still not good enough

YOURSAY | There was nothing fair and transparent about the EC handling of GE14.

Yoursay: Umno misfires with criticism of Japan soft loans

YOURSAY | ‘The high-interest debts to be serviced are the ones Umno saddled M’sia with’.

Yoursay: With top judges out, now keep executive and judiciary separate

YOURSAY | Harapan must leave behind a lasting legacy. This includes an impartial judiciary.

Yoursay: Sack top judges if necessary, but do it lawfully

YOURSAY | 'The entire judiciary needs to be cleaned up.'

Yoursay: At last, a chance to make PDRM a professional force

YOURSAY | We can start afresh with a relatively clean force that the rakyat can be proud of.

Yoursay: Judges should uphold laws, not uphold politicians

YOURSAY | It's clear that both the CJ and head of COA were unconstitutionally appointed.

Yoursay: Dr M, give up on your obsession with national car project

YOURSAY | ‘M’ sia needs better public transport, not more cars on the road.’

Yoursay: PAS replaces Umno as defender of race, religion

YOURSAY | ‘We don’t need a bigot like Zuhdi to arouse and cause disharmony among M’sians.’

Yoursay: Jho Low can run but he cannot hide forever

YOURSAY | ‘Why is S’pore only telling us now that the red notice was issued in 2016?’

Yoursay: Razlan, liberalism is not a dirty word

YOURSAY | ‘I am a liberal Muslim. I work hard, as I have done for many years.’

Yoursay: Harapan playing old game of unequal allocations?

YOURSAY | ‘Be reminded the allocation is for the people, not for politicians.’

Yoursay: Gold, cash and bags – Umno leaders defend the indefensible

YOURSAY | ‘Umno constituencies have no bank accounts? Never heard of instant bank transfer?’

Yoursay: Umno duplicitous in its defence of royalty

YOURSAY | ‘Can't Umno learn a new trick, instead of defaulting to race, religion and royalty?’

Yoursay: Najib, you didn’t answer Guan Eng’s questions about SSER

YOURSAY | ‘Why was 88 pct of payments made when only 13 pct of work had been completed?’

Yoursay: Ku Li is the leader Umno deserves, not the one it needs

YOURSAY | Not the best choice but compared to Zahid and Hishammuddin, he is streets ahead.

Yoursay: As new AG, Thomas must prosecute without fear or favour

YOURSAY | ‘Always let your conscience guide you. I wish you all the very best in your new role.’

Thank you, Tuanku, for consenting to AG’s appointment

YOURSAY | 'The best part of the Malaysiakini headline for me is: Apandi sacked.'

Yoursay: Little sign or hope of redemption on BN's horizon

YOURSAY | 'Umno won't repent because what has happened is very much part of their DNA.'

Yoursay: In new M’sia, no one race should be left behind

YOURSAY | 'Anwar has a valid point about the apprehensions of Malays.'

Yoursay: The war is over, the revolution begins

YOURSAY | ‘And we need courageous leaders who are not afraid to challenge the norm.’

Yoursay: A cowardly red shirts chief on the run

YOURSAY | Jamal, do come out of hiding and surrender yourself to the police.

Yoursay: Is Mavcom chief’s high salary justified?

YOURSAY | ‘Maybe besides minimum wage, it’s time to discuss the maximum wage.’

Yoursay: More like Umno under threat, not Malays or Islam

YOURSAY | ‘No Harapan leader ever spoke ill or evil of Malays or Islam, including the non-Malays.’

Yoursay: Najib's mega projects an enormous waste of public funds

YOURSAY | 'All such big-ticket projects should be cancelled or reviewed. It's a no-brainer.'

Yoursay: 'Hope Fund' a good idea, but transparency is imperative

YOURSAY | 'Putting everything online should be no problem in digital Malaysia.'

Yoursay: Why is MO1 still trying to railroad KL-S’pore HSR?

YOURSAY | ‘Old habits die hard, Umno still trying to pull wool over our eyes.’

Yoursay: Liquor vigilantes should not be exempted from rule of law

YOURSAY | It is sad to see some people taking the law into their own hands.

Yoursay: To us, 1MDB is a nothing but a big con job

YOURSAY | 'Why is 1MDB indebted to a tune of RM40b in the first place, Najib?'
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