Yoursay: MCMC can’t touch RPK, better for Apandi to sue him

YOURSAY | As AG, you have failed to even carry out what you had threatened to do.

Yoursay: BN gov’t has turned Namewee into a local hero

YOURSAY | ‘It only knows about using its might to rein in people they do not understand.’

Yoursay: The rooster made scapegoat in wake of cock-up

YOURSAY | If you think this year is bad, wait till next year – the Year of the Pig.

Yoursay: Are we to fear cartoonists but not thieves of public coffers?

YOURSAY | 'Caricature is an acceptable art form in any democracy.'

Yoursay: Perhaps the dumbest election promise ever – free plastic bags

YOURSAY | 'Does BN think a vote is worth the price of a 20-sen plastic bag?'

Yoursay: Yes, Najib's silence on 1MDB scandal is very elegant

YOURSAY | 'Tell him to answer questions in Parliament and not to hide behind the speaker.'

Yoursay: Wee can be ousted in Ayer Hitam only with a heavyweight

YOURSAY | 'It's not who has more seats, but who has the better chance of winning.'

Yoursay: So PM’s wife now entitled to use gov’t jet?

YOURSAY | This reminds us of the feudal age, where kings and queens enjoy a decadent lifestyle.

Yoursay: Why would Harapan waste a future PM on Johor push?

YOURSAY | 'Don't take the risk of running in JB, Nurul Izzah.'

Yoursay: Will GE14 be delayed after Anwar’s release?

YOURSAY | Najib, the more you delay, the more it will put BN in a predicament.

Yoursay: Commenters use anonymity due to unlevel playing field

YOURSAY | ‘If M'kini readers can’t use pseudonyms, all the prisons in the country will be full.’

Yoursay: Rafizi, one day your son will be proud of you

YOURSAY | ‘When corrupted despots run the country, only the righteous go to jail.’

Yoursay: No Chinese New Year cheer for pastor Koh’s family

YOURSAY | 'Elizabeth, I can understand what you and your family are going through.'

Yoursay: How long is #Undirosak going to wait for Mr Right?

YOURSAY | ‘The fight the opposition is waging is on a playing field as level as the Himalayas.'

Yoursay: Welcome to the real world, Geely doesn’t owe bumis anything

YOURSAY | There is no handicap in the business world - either you make the cut or you don't.

Yoursay: Change is taking the first step

YOURSAY | Do the rest of us not want what's in the 'Manifesto for the 99%'?

Yoursay: Geely-Proton can’t compete if saddled with bumi policies

YOURSAY | ‘Hasn't Proton suffered enough over the past 30 years with its discriminative policies?’

Yoursay: The fakest fake news to come - 'BN wins GE14 fairly'

YOURSAY | 'With this rogue regime, fair is foul and foul is fair.'

Yoursay: Despair driving MCA’s attacks on Dr M

YOURSAY | 'MCA must understand public's concern over China’s state investments.'

Yoursay: Hadi wants 'Muslim-only' cabinet, yet calls DAP racist

YOURSAY | And you expect the people to believe that DAP call the shots in Pakatan?

Yoursay: Felda boss says fraud, PM says negligence, rakyat say ‘wayang’

YOURSAY | 'If there is fraud, shouldn't the police and MACC step in?'

Yoursay: Will there be a ‘youthquake’ in GE14?

YOURSAY | ‘The world is being shaped by young people, not seasoned or vintage politicians.’

Yoursay: Is Ku Nan game enough to debate ‘old man’ Dr M?

YOURSAY | Do you have the gut and fitness to have a face-to-face debate with the doc?

Yoursay: ‘Blazing star’ Amani is the exception that proves the rule

YOURSAY | ‘It’s high time we abolish quotas and race-based policies in schools.’

Yoursay: Unfortunately for Rafizi, law used to protect wrongdoers

YOURSAY | ‘Rafizi was doing a service to the nation by exposing the NFC scandal.’

Yoursay: So KR1M a publicity show for the gov't?

YOURSAY | 'Why should gov't dabble in something private businesses are already doing well?'

Yoursay: The more Hadi talks, the more he trips over himself

YOURSAY | 'Hadi ties himself up in all sorts of knots. This happens when one engages in falsehoods.'

Yoursay: Ringgit gained 5pct after falling 20pct. Look who’s boasting?

YOURSAY | ‘The rakyat still remember the ringgit was once on par with the Singapore dollar.'

Yoursay: 'Ku Nan, your ignorance of Christian faith is telling'

YOURSAY | 'Next time, Umno sec-gen Tengku Adnan, don't refer to churches.'

Yoursay: PM, is piety measured by entry to holy places?

YOURSAY | ‘It is morally, ethically and even religiously wrong to use the haj offer to seek votes.’

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