Rosmah: Be proud of gov’t’s empowerment of women

Wife of BN chief points to increased job opportunities and access to education for women. 

To mark Int'l Women's Day, Perak PAS official moots polygamy

Preacher comes up with a religious twist to International Women's Day. 
  Adrian Wong

More women in senior management roles in M’sia

According to a Grant Thornton report, number of women in these roles exceeds global average.

More women in the workforce is good for business

ADUN SPEAKS | We cannot reach 100pct of our potential if 50pct of the population cannot.
  Yeo Bee Yin

Why Muslim women in M’sia need to tell their stories

‘We need validation that our experiences with Islam don’t have to be the same as others.’
  Maryam Lee

Bersatu has youth following, but not with women

Party making inroads with some parts of the Malay community, but still has a long road ahead.

Why should anyone care about the Malay woman?

Even the 'progressives' are blanking out the voices of women. 
  Mariam Mokhtar

I am an empowered Hijabi woman. How about you?

LETTER | My faith makes me realise it is a privilege and honour to be a woman.
  Murni Wan Mohd Nor

Ending gender based violence

LETTER | Violence towards women happens all too frequently and there is a need for a safe environment for them. 
  Glorene A Das

Gender-based quotas are an insult to M’sian women

We need to empower women, but this should be based on merit, not gender.
  Fa Abdul

Gossip sites, I do not forgive you

Online gossip sites are silencing critical voices.
  Maryam Lee

MP: Women’s health programmes missing from ‘mother of all budgets’

Cuts to mammograms and HPV vaccination programmes from Budget follows downward trend, says Steven Sim.

Crying shame for PM to take MyWin chair position from women

'Is Najib trying to say that there are no women who can lead this council'.
  Kasthuri Patto

Women-only electoral seats: A solution to gender gap in policy making?

Experts say it might work, but incorporating this idea will involve overhauling the electoral system.
  Alyaa Azhar

Kulai MP raps Ku Nan for 'idiotic' statement on female attire

A woman raised concerns over crime and security, but minister dared to hint she dressed seductively, adds Teo Nie Ching.

Indian blueprint conveniently forgets women empowerment

MP SPEAKS | The blueprint is a hollow document, lacks originality and substance, with no clear solution either.
  Kasthuri Patto

Women prefer paid jobs to housework, and research shows men agree

Only a third of women and men prefer to see women stay at home, according to research done in 142 countries and territories.
  Ellen Wulfhorst, Reuters

Women earn US$10b through Airbnb

Malaysian female hosts also earn over RM6,000 a year from hosting guests via the home-sharing platform. 

Empowering women, empowering Malaysia

The high-income nation ambition or the ‘numbers game’ has been our central economic discussion for the past seven years. Countless policies have been crafted for this endgame but the solution remains elusive.
  Anas Alam Faizli

'Playful' new quiz aims to teach women's rights in Islam

Co-writer Yana Riza says future quizzes would tackle issues such as marriage, family and rape.
  Koh Jun Lin

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