Appellate court takes judicial notice Najib cleared over 1MDB scandal

UPDATED 5.10PM | Tony Pua's appeal to set aside an interim injunction is dismissed.
  Hafiz Yatim

Rahman's Mydin remarks show disregard for public's woes, Pua says

Minister's comments on grocery sales ignores troubles of average M'sian, says PJ Utara MP.

Nothing for Najib to be proud of in ringgit's improvement

The value of the ringgit dropped by nearly 31 percent since GE13, notes DAP's Tony Pua.

Why did Bank Negara buy gov't land at market price, asks Pua

The DAP lawmaker also questions if the RM2 billion from the land deal was used to bail out 1MDB.

Where is the truth in PM's defense of 1MDB?

MP SPEAKS | Najib himself should be the first investigated for spreading outrageous 'fake news'.
  Tony Pua

Pua vs Najib defamation suit: High Court wrong, argues Gobind

Lawyer says PM has not provided replies with regard to 1MDB monies linked to him.
  Hafiz Yatim

Pua: Zaid’s book ban shows M’sia becoming more totalitarian

'This goes completely against the values of democracy that our country holds so dear,' says DAP lawmaker.

MAHB rejects Pua's claim that PSC hike to offset KLIA2 losses

Airport operator saw a sevenfold profit in Q3 this year compared with same period a year ago, says MD.

Pandikar must reprimand EC for rejecting Hansard

MP SPEAKS | It's a mockery when courts recognise the Hansard as admissible evidence, but the EC won't.
  Tony Pua

MP claims airport tax hike at KLIA2 to 'rescue' MAHB

This is due to the inflated costs and questionable decisions made by MAHB in the construction of the terminal, says Tony Pua. 

MAHB violating ICAO guideline by hiking PSC, Pua claims

M'sia Airport Holdings Bhd breaching the very same guidelines it cites to justify PSC hike, says MP.

Stop deflecting, answer ECRL questions: Pua to Rahman Dahlan

DAP lawmaker also claims that ex-finance minister Daim was trying to correct the 'managed perception'.

So what is KLIA2 if it's not a low-cost terminal, asks Pua

'Malaysians are rightly confused with the shifting terminologies and inconsistent definitions.'

MP: Liow singing from Hadi's sheet on Kit Siang as PM

Tony Pua accuses MCA of peddling the 'same fear-mongering rhetoric' as PAS.

KLIA2 is not a low-cost terminal, MAHB tells Pua

KLIA2 owners also refutes PJ Utara rep's claims that PSC increase due to cost overruns.

KLIA2 fee hiked to cover sky high cost overruns?

MP SPEAKS | Passengers are now paying for the defective airport costing RM2.3b over budget.
  Tony Pua

After DBKL defies property freeze, Pua says Putrajaya has lost control

The MP slams gov't control over local councils, citing DBKL's refusal to impose a federal directive. 

Jamal should whip his 'DAP insiders' for fake news, says Pua

Selangor DAP rubbishes claim of a plan to make Zaid Ibrahim menteri besar of Selangor.

S'gor DAP distances itself from royal controversy

UPDATE 8.30PM | Members can say what they want but must deal with the repercussions, says S'gor DAP head.
  Annabelle Lee

Pua slams ministers on luxury property ban loophole for developers

Cabinet has set up a five-minister committee to review appeals from developers.

Censorship of artworks for trivial reasons must be condemned

LETTER | Attempts by the National Art Gallery and police to censor artworks precisely mirror the communists they so despise.
  Tony Pua

Najib's suit against Pua fixed for April hearing

The PM is set to call five witnesses to testify while Pua will call 20 witnesses. 
  Hafiz Yatim

The biggest culprits in the property market in Malaysia

MP SPEAKS | They are none other than government-linked companies causing the supply-demand imbalances.
  Tony Pua

Is DAP fighting for the rakyat or for private developers, asks BN man

After Pua’s remarks on 1MDB-linked projects, See-to says DAP is ‘against country's interests.’

MP: Cabinet's real estate ruling a knee-jerk reaction

Bank Negara says one thing, but cabinet does another with luxury development freeze, says Tony Pua.

Pua: Why isn't PM asking cops for 1MDB documents?

Surely it cannot be difficult to at least sight the documents, says the PJ Utara MP. 

BN strategic comms man slams Pua's ERL 'zombienomics'

Eric See-To says there would be adverse consequences should the ERL collapse financially.

Pua: Gov't should allow ERL fare hike instead of extending concession

'Is the rejection of fare hikes to protect the rakyat, or a masked attempt to bail out ERL and save a crony-linked company?'

Is something amiss in Bandar M'sia's search for a master developer?

MP SPEAKS | A new developer yet to be found after Putrajaya ended previous deal six months ago.
  Tony Pua

Pua: Ongkili's answer on 1MDB power buy proves Najib's claim 'baseless'

The MP is referring to Ongkili's confirmation that 1MDB has no role in reducing electricity tariffs or costs.

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