Zulpuri: Pahang MB should have chosen words over fists

The DAP lawmaker says this is the best way to champion the rakyat's cause, instead of threatening punches.
  Annabelle Lee

Demand for affordable homes in FT exceeds supply, says Ku Nan

PARLIAMENT | 170,095 applications received for 44,064 units listed under DBKL's housing projects.

Ku Nan: Gov't will not stop Bandar M'sia, TRX projects

UPDATED 6.50PM | PARLIAMENT | The preliminary approvals for the projects have been given, adds the FT minister.
  Kow Gah Chie

DAP MP shown exit for insisting on fair ruling over gambling remark

UPDATED 7PM | PARLIAMENT | Tan Kok Wai sees red over a deputy minister's remark concerning gambling operators in his constituency.
  Kow Gah Chie

Ku Nan blames rain, development projects for KL flash floods

UPDATED 5.03PM | PARLIAMENT | FT minister also affirms that DBKL has instructed developers to take special measures to prevent recurrence.
  Kow Gah Chie

Commotion during FT ministry's Deepavali cash handout session

The RM100 is supposed to bring festive cheer, but some left in tears. 
  Kow Gah Chie

'Look at Umno flag-waving in proper context'

COMMENT | KL branch of Malaysian Historical Society explains reasons for Umno flags at Putrajaya school.
  Mohd Emil Azril Bahari

When ‘Hidup Umno’ rings loud in our schools

Ku Nan is ‘Exhibit A’ on why anything is better than Umno.
  S Thayaparan

Kit Siang: Between 1957-2009, minister will be expelled for school stunt

The DAP veteran, however, says post-2009, the minister responsible may be lauded for his action.

Pupils chant 'Hidup Umno', party flags adorn school for competition

A 'class decoration and performance' contest sees a political twist at a primary school in Putrajaya.
  Kow Gah Chie

No gov’t policy on separating laundrettes, says Ku Nan

UPDATED 4.29PM | ‘But individually, people can do whatever they like,’ says minister.  
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Ku Nan firm against beer festival, dismisses pledge to boost security

The FT Minister says security comes under the police which does not approve of the event.

Harapan rejection of PAS advantage to BN, says Ku Nan

Strength of Harapan dependent on PAS all along, says BN sec-gen.

Azmin: BN risks losing Putrajaya if 1MDB not explained

UPDATED 4.45PM | Selangor MB says it is BN who should be 'worried' as he's confident that S'gor voters would retain the current state administration.
  Hafiz Yatim

Ku Nan: Zaid is just another 'disappointed' person, like Dr M

The Federal Territories Minister responds to Zaid Ibrahim's criticism that he is the PM's 'choir boy'. 
  Shakira Buang

Ku Nan warns civil servants about 'curse' of leaking gov't secrets

Federal territories minister reminds them of the oath taken before assuming their positions.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Sudahlah! Ku Nan tells Mahathir to let Najib do it 'his way'

UPDATED 5.29PM | The minister also describes the former premier as 'dah tak betul'.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Ku Nan says he whacked Sivarasa for 'destroying harmony'

The PKR lawmaker is suing the minister for accusing him of talking politics in a mosque last month.

Sivarasa sues Ku Nan over 'politics at mosque' claim

UPDATED 2.44PM | He adds the FT minister would also be guilty if he had spoken in S'gor.

Ku Nan: RM300m set aside for PPR maintenance

Repairs will cover elevators, toilets and potholes, among others, says FT minister.

Sivarasa: Letter to sultan on mosque issue still being prepared

UPDATED 4.38PM | MP also takes Ku Nan to task for insisting that he made a political speech at the mosque.
  Kow Gah Chie

'Slightly obese' Ku Nan flays 'lazy' Putrajaya residents

'You can jog, cycle, but when you go to work you want to drive. Walk la.'
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Ku Nan: Dress 'shabby' remark was just a joke

The opposition twisted his words to create trouble, says FT minister. 
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Umno sec-gen gets ‘rock star’ treatment at Wanita PKR Congress

UPDATED 7.45PM | PKR CONGRESS | On closer scrutiny, the placards bore unflattering comments about him.

Dress shabbily to avoid harassment, Ku Nan tells women

The minister responds to a woman, who raised the issue of public safety at a TN50 dialogue.
  Annabelle Lee

'Would Ku Nan now take public transport?'

PKR leader asks this after minister moots idea to ban car parking bays in central KL.

'DBKL had to scrap 'unpopular' plan to limit number of mamak joints'

FT Minister Tengku Adnan says all mamak restaurants have to do is clean and disinfect their premises sometimes. 
  Annabelle Lee

Ku Nan: Umno always committed to give the best to the people

Members who left the party are a disgruntled lot who cannot be trusted, says Umno sec-gen. 

If ministers are to resign for stupidity, there'd be no gov't left

YOURSAY | 'Ku Nan is there for his loyalty, not his brains, and should be summarily ignored.'

Restaurant operators, hawkers stew Ku Nan over collusion claim

Minister told to get his facts right before claiming there is a political conspiracy over food prices.
  Kow Gah Chie

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