BN S’wak manifesto ‘defective’, says state DAP

It has failed to address the core desire of Sarawakians, he says.
  JM Joseph

Batu Kitang rep wants to take on DAP in Stampin

GE14 | State rep Loh Khere Chiang now want to contest this parliamentary seat on May 9.
  JM Joseph

True confessions of a Sarawakian

COMMENT | People in ‘Semenanjung’ have access to the truth, while Sabahans and S'wakians don’t.
  Irwin Umban

Sarawak special court to dispose of cases within six months

The special court on sexual crimes against children knows urgency is crucial.

S’wak DAP Youth schools Hadi on why religion, politics don’t mix

GE14 | Abdul Aziz Isa slams PAS president for challenging Christian priests to run in the polls.
  JM Joseph

S’wak has the power to shape the future of M’sia on May 9

LETTER | Ignore what Zahid says, just come home to vote.
  Irene Mary Chang Oi Ling

Public holiday for Sarawak on polling day

GE14 | This is to enable the rakyat to exercise their democratic rights to vote, says CM's office.

SUPP calls Harapan's 'New Deal' for S'wak a 'bad deal'

GE14 | Opposition is only 'pretending' to honour the state as a founding partner of M'sia, he says.
  JM Joseph

S’wak DAP to fly 'rocket', PKR and Amanah to use 'eye'

The move is to maximise their respective chances of victory in the areas they would be contesting.
  JM Joseph

Catholics in S'wak get a glimpse of state, national issues

Politicians from both sides of the divide attend forum themed 'Malaysia, Sarawak and You'. 
  JM Joseph

The (re)making of Malaysia and its fabulous 1963 promise

COMMENT | Sabah and Sarawak are again crucial states determining the winning coalition.
  James Chin

Ensuring safe skies for our YBs

COMMENT | Hornbill Skyways has had an unfortunate reputation when it comes to safety records.
  Terence Fernandez

SUPP chief under fire for ‘DAP has disappeared’ remark

GE14 | Sarawak Harapan leaders point out that SUPP has used BN's logo for elections in the past.
  JM Joseph

Sacrifice Gawai leave to vote, Baru Bian tells S’wak diaspora

GE14 | Gawai happens every year, but there is only one chance to change nation’s destiny, says state PKR chief.
  JM Joseph

S'wak man who treated dog bite himself dies of rabies

He had nursed the wound using medicine he bought from a pharmacy.
  JM Joseph

Mat Sabu barred from entering Sarawak, again

It happens after his arrival at the Kuching Airport at 9.30am to attend a party meeting.

‘Passing of Anti-Fake News Bill a dark spot in nation’s history’

DAP's Kelvin Yii points out that BN ministers and MPs from S'wak voted in favour of the bill.
  JM Joseph

S'wak DAP urges EC to urgently update electoral list

Two women 'voters' - a Chinese and a Malay - share identical IC numbers and 'live' in the same location.
  JM Joseph

Voter in S'wak may be 'oldest man in the world'

DAP’s Abdul Aziz discovers a mystery: 150-year-old man in EC’s official voter list.
  JM Joseph

Must we beg for our rights under MA63, S'wak DAP asks

Kelvin Yii slams SUPP for telling S'wakians to vote BN for a return of their rights.
  JM Joseph

CM rolls out plans to boost S’wak’s economy

Policies are to be founded upon the digitalisation of the public and private sectors, he says.
  JM Joseph

Chong’s motion to amend PDA just ‘hot air’, says S’wak CM

UPDATED 8.18PM | State DAP chair Chong says Abang Johari is avoiding the real issue of ‘ownership’.
  JM Joseph

No ‘direct candidates’ for S’wak in GE14, says Abang Johari

BN won't be using strategy employed in the last state election, confirms CM.

DAP man slams SUPP's 'shallow' understanding of Harapan S'wak manifesto

SUPP merely trying to 'hoodwink' S'wakians that BN can negotiate better for them, adds Kelvin Yii. 
  JM Joseph

Naive to hope Harapan will help restore S’wak autonomy - SUPP women’s wing

Kho Teck Wan points to the absence of any mention on devolution of power in Harapan manifesto.
  JM Joseph

SUPP demolishes DAP’s intention to table motion on PDA

Michael Tiang says intended motion to amend Petroleum Development Act (PDA) will be a paradox.
  JM Joseph

Just two words will let S'wak own its O&G, says DAP rep

Chong Chieng Jen believes a simple legislative amendment will grant the state control of its resources.
  JM Joseph

Abang Johari's O&G boasts meaningless without repeal

LETTER | However much CM claims the laws are 'not relevant,' they are still legally binding.
  Dr Kelvin Yii

Vote for us in S'wak state election for Dayak CM, says PBDS Baru

Party promises Dayak CM if it is voted in at 2021 state election, says youth chief Rapelson.
  JM Joseph

Rise of DAP’s poster boy in Sarawak

PROFILE | Maverick politician Abdul Aziz Isa is out to make things happen in hornbill country.
  JM Joseph
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