Heavy rains in east coast peninsula and western Sarawak till Jan

The country will receive heavy rainfall five times higher than average that could lead to massive floods.

13pct 11MP federal projects for S'wak completed - Wong

The state finance minister says 72 of the 578 projects under the second rolling plan are done.



Sarawak Pay launched to empower state digital economy agenda

It is the first e-Wallet payment method implemented in the country by a state government. 

Minister: S’wak to get 100pct water, power coverage by 2025

Rundi says overall electricity coverage in the state is 95 pct, with rural coverage at 89 pct.

Ibans lose NCR land case against S'wak gov't in apex court

The Federal Court overturns decisions by High Court and COA which favoured the Ibans. 
  Hafiz Yatim

Why are cases against Sarawak's illegal loggers thrown out?

LETTER | There is rot in the Forestry Department, and we must dig deep to find out why. 
  Baru Bian

DPM: RM1bil for S'wak schools in Budget shows gov't's concern

RM1bil allocation in Budget 2018 after discussions with Sarawak CM, Zahid says.

Minister: Allocation for S'wak not enough

Sarawak's utilities minister says the state has a lot of catching up to do and needs more funds.

Stop arguing over who has winnable candidates, says UPP chief

Both SUPP and UPP should allow BN to determine who becomes candidates, says Wong Soon Koh.

Redesignate CM’s post in Sabah, S’wak as prime minister

Being a No 2 to No 2 is no giant step forward.
  Francis Paul Siah

I am a Sarawakian and I am 'bodoh'

COMMENT | Then again, if I have to beg PM Najib for development projects for Sarawak, I am a fool.
  Francis Paul Siah

S'wak CM wants state to be the most developed by 2030

He urges S'wakians to support his own 'Transformasi 30' dream.

Masing’s tall tale about flight of village chieftains

YOURSAY | ‘I am an old soldier and as far as I can see they don't look anything like having fought the communists.’

‘Flying dedak’ for Sarawak village chiefs?

YOURSAY | ‘Masing, it is obvious you are using gov’t assets for political purpose.’

Are Sabahans, Sarawakians, only good as No 2?

COMMENT | Even the village idiot knows that a DPM has no real power.
  Francis Paul Siah

Arrest of minister’s aide a slap in the face for SUPP

COMMENT | SUPP has to embark on serious damage control urgently to repair its dented image.
  Francis Paul Siah

Flying S'wak chieftains on military plane to see PM not right, says PKR

Netizens believe PM's special guests were subjected to 'super economy' class treatment.

Things that made me mad on my first trip to S'wak

COMMENT | 'Talking to rights defenders, something smelled fishy, and it wasn't the ikan bilis.'
  Fiona McAlpine

Harapan raises the bar in S'wak amid uncertainties in peninsula

Harapan unveils its manifesto for the state - but its leaders become the main attraction in Kuching.

Sarawak minister in flight scare

Six passengers onboard escaped unhurt.

Dr M ready to reach out to BN's anchor in Sarawak

He says this in response to a question on Harapan's plan if it is unable to capture enough seats in S'wak.

Kit Siang tells S'wak to walk the talk on M'sia Agreement

Barring opposition goes against the 1963 agreement that S'wak wants upheld, he says.
  Norman Goh

PKR rep evicted from S'wak after Immigration, police gatecrash dinner

UPDATED 10.17PM | Chua Yee Ling is escorted out of a PKR dinner in Miri by Immigration and police officers.

Barring Dr M from entering S'wak would be a 'mortal sin'

COMMENT | The S'wak CM should stay above the fray by permitting Dr M to enter the state.
  Francis Paul Siah

S'wak bars PKR leaders' entry on eve of Dr M's visit to state

UPDATED 5.55PM | Two MPs are turned away at Miri Airport today, and more could follow says a party rep.

  Yap Jia Hee

Dr M to make maiden voyage to Sarawak as Harapan chair

The former PM will speak on the coalition's manifesto for the state, in Kuching, this Sunday. 
  Norman Goh

Sabah, Sarawak rights will be preserved in Federation - PM

Prime Minister Najib Razak gives the assurance on Malaysia Day.

DAP urges S'wak CM to break CMS cement monopoly

Ending monopoly will help reduce construction cost, especially for new dam projects, says DAP.

Warisan: Sabahans deserve recognition and development too

Party info chief says aspiration to develop along with peninsular has failed to materialise.

S’wak business groups’ Socso board nominee rejected

SBF and SCCI are disappointed that the ministry has not appointed their candidate.

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