Time for opposition to accept economy doing well: Salleh

Minister points to international community heaping praise on Malaysia's economic policies. 

Yoursay: Yes, Najib's silence on 1MDB scandal is very elegant

YOURSAY | 'Tell him to answer questions in Parliament and not to hide behind the speaker.'

Salleh: Najib remains civil despite foes murdering his elegant character

The PM, he says, remains civil and courteous in defending himself.

Let Najib decide on GE14 candidates - Salleh

'The question of candidates is the ultimate right of the president of Umno and the BN chairperson,' says minister.

People like Umno because it hears them - Salleh

Minister says 'brilliant political architect' Najib has stripped the party of ultra-nationalism and communalism. 

EPF dividend announcement has nothing to do with GE14 - Salleh

If the dividend is low, the opposition would have claimed it is proof the country is bankrupt, says minister. 

Salleh: Fake news not a denial of free speech, but a threat

Communications minister insists democracy needs to be protected from disinformation.

Salleh: Najib will never declare emergency to avoid GE14

This is because the PM is not a 'dictator', unlike his predecessor Dr Mahathir, says minister. 

Fake news affects those in the opposition too, minister says

UPDATED 2.14PM | Salleh says gov’t will enlist all sides when drafting new legislation against fake news.

  Anne Muhammad

Laws to curb fake news not due to GE14 - Salleh

Measures are timely to avoid jeopardising national security, says the Communications Minister.

M’sians enjoy greater freedom of speech under Najib, Salleh says

'No restriction is imposed on those who criticise him and his wife, his ministers, and his party.'

Yoursay: By Salleh Keruak's logic, we should just scrap elections

YOURSAY | ‘Salleh, no one ever said the democratic process is a bed of roses.’

Gov't mulls new laws to handle fake news - Salleh

Existing laws are not enough to deal with the problem which jeopardises national security, says the minister. 

Salleh argues against changing gov’t, says not solution

He cites US and UK where change of gov’t has made things ‘worse’.

Who labelled Mahathir a dictator? - Salleh

Has Dr M forgotten that those who called him dictator are now his allies, asks minister.

Salleh: Pakatan Harapan is just ‘Pakatan wayang'

Coalition just an alliance between the ‘strange bedfellows’ of Dr M and the opposition, minister says.

Even ex-PMs need to follow the law, Salleh says on Dr M visiting Anwar

Minister also says Mahathir showed no such interest when Anwar got a 'black eye' in 1998.

An answer to Salleh Said Keruak’s question

You don’t get to ask this question because the system is rigged in your favour.
  S Thayaparan

‘Opposition eating its own words on bringing Dr M to justice’

Salleh reminds opposition that they once identified Mahathir as the cause of Malaysia's 'rot.'

Everyone a pawn in Dr M's 'Game of Thrones', Salleh says

Minister claims opposition had no other choice than to name Dr M as PM candidate.

Salleh’s rosy picture of M’sian economy just lies and statistics

MP SPEAKS | Something is amiss with the minister’s use of erroneous stats.
  Tony Pua

Salleh: Dr M's promise for free speech unbelievable

PM Najib Abdul Razak greater champion of free speech, allows Mahathir to slander him, Communications Minister says

Salleh: M’sian household debt down, reflective of economic upturn

Minister says GDP growth outpacing debt growth means more disposable income to pay off loans.

M'sia has lowest poverty rate in Southeast Asia - Salleh

The rate of just 3.8pct comes from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 2017, says minister.

Choose BN for stability and economic opportunities - Salleh

M'sians should chose the political party capable of bringing stability, peace and harmony, says minister.

Salleh: Dr M should blame Kit Siang for forex revelations

Ex-PM's attack on former Bank Negara assistant governor is misplaced, minister says.

MCMC must explain grounds for probe against TMI

COMMENT | Claims of 'insult' against the PM have not been backed up by any examples nor proof.
  Wan-IFRA Media Freedom Committee (Malaysia)

Appropriate action will be taken against Zaid, says Salleh

The minister claims Zaid’s statement against the sultan is a clear breach of the law.

Sabah Umno will give 'special prize' to Najib, says Salleh

The 'prize' is ensuring that the state remains as a 'fixed deposit' for BN, pledges the minister.

Umno and BN imbue spirit of equitability - Salleh

Founding of BN was based on mutual benefits, gives non-Malays chance to be heard, says minister.

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