RTM stops airing 'Despacito'

The hit song will cease broadcast in all of RTM's radio stations and TV channels with immediate effect, confirms minister Salleh Said Keruak.

What about the 'gift' Guan Eng mentioned, Salleh asks DAP reps

UPDATED 7.53PM | Minister questions silence on Lim describing Gurney Wharf project as a 'gift'.

Salleh confident 'grateful' Felda voters will stay with BN

The settlers have the utmost trust in the Umno-BN party to look out for their interests, minister says. 

For DAP, damned if you do, damned if you don't

YOURSAY | 'I thought BN would be celebrating that DAP was 'sidelined' in Harapan.'

Another illogical response from Mahathir, says Salleh

Minister, however, is not surprised by former PM's bizarre response to his question.

Make up your mind on DAP's role, Bersatu strategist tells Salleh

UPDATED 4.37PM | Rais Hussin claims the Harapan line-up is sending shivers and resulting in irrational behaviour.
  Alyaa Azhar

Where's DAP in Harapan's top leadership line-up, asks Salleh

'Was DAP sidelined or the line-up was deliberately done to make as if the coalition is dominated by the Malays?' asks the Umno minister.

Salleh: Mahathir's statement is shocking and comical

In essence, he adds, Dr M was saying that Anwar was fixed up by a corrupt judiciary and judges were dishonest.

One nagging question for Rahman Dahlan and Salleh

COMMENT | If the Saudi prince had remitted the money, he would have supporting documents.
  R Nadeswaran

'Happy Malaysians' shine through opposition gloom, says Salleh

World rankings show M’sians live in peace and prosperity despite opposition's criticisms, claims the minister.  

Kit Siang shocked by Salleh's 'fake history', calls for re-education

Examples on dictatorship in Salleh's blog post a revelation of the abysmal education standards of Malaysian ministers, he adds.

Salleh: Chin Tong’s reasons for Najib’s confidence in BN strength have basis

The opposition is, indeed, in a shambles, says the minister.

We're onboard with you on the forex RCI, PKR tells Salleh

Communications minister is just spinning with his accusation against Harapan, says Fahmi Fadzil.

Fix your own woes first, minister tells Harapan over planned rally

Salleh urges Harapan to focus on the problems in its backyard and not waste time on other matters.

Salleh recalls when US interference was rued

The minister say US DOJ's lawsuit is on Malaysia internal affairs, irrelevant to the alleged crime.

Minister claims opposition recycling Rosmah stories to divert attention

Salleh says opposition hoping people will not focus on its shortcomings.

MP asks Salleh to rein in his ministry's 'manufacturer of fake news'

Chin Tong says this after Jasa repeated allegations that DAP had tried to shut down the Kluang Ramadan bazaar.

Hanipa: Why fear Sarawak Report if it only publishes lies?

There is no reason for the gov't to block the whistleblower site if it has no credibility, argues Sepang MP. 

S'wak Report can't be trusted, says info minister

UPDATED 7.50PM | Even the website's 'former editor' says they can't be trusted, according to Salleh Said Keruak.
  Annabelle Lee

Salleh claims Najib outwits Kit Siang in DAP's 'Malay face' plan

'Najib aware Kit Siang is afraid of the Malays realising DAP is the most powerful (party) in Harapan'.

'TIME magazine said Anwar was more popular but Dr M won'

Salleh Keruak says the so-called TIME opinion poll is not relevant to M'sian politics and will not sway public opinion.

Minister: Did Dr M admit to demonising Najib to topple him?

Salleh also strolls down memory lane with regard to Mahathir's claim that there is no longer space for dissent.

Salleh: Bernama has vital role in countering fake news

Communications minister urges the people to get authentic news by reading Bernama on their gadgets. 

S'wak Report editor denies harassing Rosmah

UPDATED 2PM | Claire Rewcastle-Brown says her website had nothing to do with the incident.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Minister claims S'wak Report harassed, stalked Rosmah in London

Salleh raps website for demonstrating 'absolute lack of decorum and manners'.

Salleh: Dr M turning to DAP after failing to woo Malays

Mahathir has to get Chinese support to avoid getting wiped out in the next election, says the Umno minister. 

Minister: Anwar keeps changing his story on forex scandal

Latest statement is tailored to suit his current alliance with Mahathir, claims Salleh Keruak.

Najib's fake news battle cry sparks joust over false tidings

Lim Kit Siang accuses PM Najib of spreading fake news himself while Umno minister Salleh accuses Dr Mahathir of doing the same. 

Salleh asks Kit Siang to clarify position in Pakatan Harapan

'All these so-called advisers are unelected and another word for unelected leader is dictator,' says the Umno minister.

Salleh: Did Dr M consult tea leaves to predict Najib's fall?

This is with regard to Dr Mahathir saying Najib is going to fall in the next GE.

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