Salleh claims Najib outwits Kit Siang in DAP's 'Malay face' plan

'Najib aware Kit Siang is afraid of the Malays realising DAP is the most powerful (party) in Harapan'.

'TIME magazine said Anwar was more popular but Dr M won'

Salleh Keruak says the so-called TIME opinion poll is not relevant to M'sian politics and will not sway public opinion.

Minister: Did Dr M admit to demonising Najib to topple him?

Salleh also strolls down memory lane with regard to Mahathir's claim that there is no longer space for dissent.

Salleh: Bernama has vital role in countering fake news

Communications minister urges the people to get authentic news by reading Bernama on their gadgets. 

S'wak Report editor denies harassing Rosmah

UPDATED 2PM | Claire Rewcastle-Brown says her website had nothing to do with the incident.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Minister claims S'wak Report harassed, stalked Rosmah in London

Salleh raps website for demonstrating 'absolute lack of decorum and manners'.

Salleh: Dr M turning to DAP after failing to woo Malays

Mahathir has to get Chinese support to avoid getting wiped out in the next election, says the Umno minister. 

Minister: Anwar keeps changing his story on forex scandal

Latest statement is tailored to suit his current alliance with Mahathir, claims Salleh Keruak.

Najib's fake news battle cry sparks joust over false tidings

Lim Kit Siang accuses PM Najib of spreading fake news himself while Umno minister Salleh accuses Dr Mahathir of doing the same. 

Salleh asks Kit Siang to clarify position in Pakatan Harapan

'All these so-called advisers are unelected and another word for unelected leader is dictator,' says the Umno minister.

Salleh: Did Dr M consult tea leaves to predict Najib's fall?

This is with regard to Dr Mahathir saying Najib is going to fall in the next GE.

Salleh: Is Harapan Malay appointee Kit Siang's Ali Baba ploy?

He suggests Kit Siang should hold the post of Harapan chairperson since the pact is numerically dominated by DAP.

Salleh: RTM won't air Nazri-Dr M debate

The organising of the debate does not involve RTM, says info minister.
  Alyaa Azhar

Salleh commends DAP MP for retracting crude remarks

Minister says Lip Eng did the right thing, and tells all elected representatives to keep emotions in check.

Practice what you preach, Salleh responds to DAP MP's rant

This is over Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng's crude comments in Parliament.

Salleh asked to okay live telecast of Dr M-Nazri showdown

Kit Siang says the debate is significant due to a blackout on the 'mother of all government scandals'.

Gov't launches portal to detect 'fake news'

Users can report news items they receive to, which then checks the veracity of the reports.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Salleh expresses concern over pastor's abduction

Minister also cautions against jumping to conclusions, urges police to solve case as soon as possible.

Wise to heed royal dressing down, Salleh tells Dr M

Minister says the former prime minister only has himself to blame.

Salleh: DAP grassroots leaders unhappy with Kit Siang, Guan Eng

All the gains the opposition made are now lost due to the 'unholy' alliance between Kit Siang and Dr M, says the Umno minister.

Media practitioners laud National Press Day proposal

Bernama GM describes the proposal as practical and timely.
  Azeman Ariffin, Bernama

Pua: I hope Salleh is just feigning ignorance on 1MDB

Minister's ignorance of Putrajaya's guarantee on 1MDB loans and dwindling assets shocks Petaling Jaya Utara MP.

Salleh: It is Kit Siang who needs 'tuition' from Tony Pua

The DAP stalwart needs tutoring as 1MDB is a 'going concern', unlike BMF and Bank Negara forex issues, he says.

Three tutors can school Salleh on gov't scandals, says Kit Siang

DAP stalwart adds that the minister should seek proper schooling 'before he makes a fool of himself in his blog'.

Minister: Nation's exposure in BMF scandal bigger than 1MDB

Government exposure through 1MDB only involves RM1 million paid-up capital, says Salleh Said Keruak.

Salleh: Kit Siang not on the same level to debate with Najib

'Maybe Kit Siang has forgotten he is just a DAP parliamentary leader,' says minister.

Salleh's three reasons on why BN is the best choice

Unlike BN, Pakatan Harapan doesn't have a concensus on anything, says communications minister.

Minister raps report implicating Rosmah, cites perils of fake news

'It is disconcerting when the media chooses to ignore the basic tenets of good journalism.'

Salleh Keruak: Many of Mahathir's ideas 'outdated'

'The world is now borderless and Mahathir needs to come to terms with this,' says the minister.

Salleh: Respect Johor sultan's statement on Chinese investment

Sultan clearly showed the importance of luring FDI as it would help boost the Malaysian economy, says minister.

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