Opposition is no saviour of the people - Salleh

Minister says only 'united' Umno and BN has the proven record to govern the country. 

Salleh: PM's US visit proves M'sia is ‘global political actor’

Communications minister also praises Najib's 'delivery style' at the meeting.

Malaysians world's largest WhatsApp users

Malaysians get 86 percent of their news from social media, according to a report.

M'sia to ask for disable download function for 'Fight of Gods' game

The Taiwanese video game, which features Jesus and Buddha fighting, can threaten racial unity and harmony, says minister. 

DAP threat doesn't add up, let's talk real Malay issues - Zaid dares Salleh

He tells the minister to name a time and place to 'discuss' these issues.

Thanks for admitting BN could lose in GE14, Kit Siang tells Salleh

DAP veteran also claims the majority of Malays and civil servants no longer support Umno.

Salleh rides on Games medal haul, urges people to ‘move forward’

Minister uses post-SEA Games euphoria to garner support for the administration.

Salleh: Kit Siang fears Najib will prove he's not wanted by DOJ

He says Lim's open letter was 'devoid of logic, amateurish', something one would expect from 'political novice'. 

Ministry mulls MCMC registration of online news portals

Salleh Keruak says the idea was to make news portals in the country more responsible.  

Salleh: Dr M's plan for 'second Proton' not realistic

UPDATED 1.04PM | The former premier should be looking to the future instead, says minister.  
  Vinodh Pillai

Salleh: Ask for Memali RCI in right context, send formal requests

UPDATED 12.48PM | The minister wants requests to be made, but not because of 'Amanat Hadi'.
  Vinodh Pillai

Political thuggery not our culture, says Salleh

This is among the lessons from yesterday's Nothing to Hide 2 forum, says communications minister. 

Salleh recounts Dr M's red face moments

Minister asks if Dr M is ashamed of the BMF episode, Maminco, Perwaja and privatisation of MAS.

DAP thanks Salleh for 'right decision' on Malay Regiment film

This after the minister instructed a scene deemed disparaging to the DAP to be removed from the movie.
  Kow Gah Chie

'After Tanda Putera, another bogey spotted in Malay Regiment'

MP SPEAKS | 'A film funded by the national coffers should not be misused as a political tool to breed hate and contempt'. 
  Lim Kit Siang

Minister wants 'scene disparaging DAP' removed from movie

Communication and multimedia minister reminds filmmakers to be sensitive.

Salleh: Harapan like cake icing - cute outside, brittle inside

Minister says BN's politics of consensus has been successful in every election.

Salleh: MCMC to probe false news on Sabah water dept

This after a police report was lodged against a Facebook user who alleged no elements of corruption was found in the Sabah water dept case. 

Salleh: Certainly we don't want shoes to go flying in parliament

Minister says MPs must keep their emotions in check, and debate with facts.

Be politically civilised, Salleh tells politicians

You have the right to criticise but don’t hurl insults, advises the Umno minister

Salleh: Anwar, Kit Siang won't allow Dr M to be PM

The minister says if Mahathir believes he will be PM, then the latter is losing track of reality.

Remember Dr M's past for a better future, says Salleh

If Malaysian forgets history, then Malaysia is doomed to repeat it, says communications minister. 

RTM stops airing 'Despacito'

The hit song will cease broadcast in all of RTM's radio stations and TV channels with immediate effect, confirms minister Salleh Said Keruak.

What about the 'gift' Guan Eng mentioned, Salleh asks DAP reps

UPDATED 7.53PM | Minister questions silence on Lim describing Gurney Wharf project as a 'gift'.

Salleh confident 'grateful' Felda voters will stay with BN

The settlers have the utmost trust in the Umno-BN party to look out for their interests, minister says. 

For DAP, damned if you do, damned if you don't

YOURSAY | 'I thought BN would be celebrating that DAP was 'sidelined' in Harapan.'

Another illogical response from Mahathir, says Salleh

Minister, however, is not surprised by former PM's bizarre response to his question.

Make up your mind on DAP's role, Bersatu strategist tells Salleh

UPDATED 4.37PM | Rais Hussin claims the Harapan line-up is sending shivers and resulting in irrational behaviour.
  Alyaa Azhar

Where's DAP in Harapan's top leadership line-up, asks Salleh

'Was DAP sidelined or the line-up was deliberately done to make as if the coalition is dominated by the Malays?' asks the Umno minister.

Salleh: Mahathir's statement is shocking and comical

In essence, he adds, Dr M was saying that Anwar was fixed up by a corrupt judiciary and judges were dishonest.

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