Salleh: The grass isn't always greener on the other side

Minister cites cases of racism and discrimination against Muslims in France and England as examples. 

Be wary of those pledging to serve the public, minister warns

'Politics should be a means to an end and not the end itself,' says Salleh Said Keruak.

Take full advantage of ADAM50 scheme, Salleh advises parents

Amanah Dana Anak Malaysia 2050 scheme starts next year for children born from Jan 2018 to Dec 2022.

Salleh says flood drowns politics, reveals Najib as a gentleman

Minister lauds political differences being set aside to help the people.

Conduct ongoing internal audits to avoid misuse of organisational assets, funds

Such audits would prevent misuse of departmental assets and funds, says Salleh Said Keruak.

Salleh warns of new conflict between Dr M and royalty

The minister foresees a possible conflict between the two parties over Dr M's 'Bugis pirate' comment.

Be proud of the nation's achievement, says Salleh

The BN minister lists down the country's achievements under Najib to soothe naysayers. 

Minister: Budget 2018 tax cuts means more money for you

It will increase the people’s disposable income by RM300 to RM1,000, says Salleh Said Keruak.

Harapan's budget fails Accounting 101, says minister

Salleh tells opposition coalition to quit playing games and return to reality.

Unpatriotic! Minister reacts to Dr M's 'land of thieves' jibe

Salleh also claims the former PM's strategy against Najib is akin to 'attacking a snake'.

Kit Siang challenges Salleh to 'Fake News Confrontation'

The DAP veteran also calls for the sessions between BN and Harapan leaders to be telecast live.

Salleh: Thanks for backing my call, Kit Siang

Minister also says there is nothing personal between the DAP veteran and him. Just political differences.

Fake news: Kit Siang agrees with Salleh

DAP veteran says he agrees with minister's call to defend the nation from false news but...

Kit Siang whips two 'one-trick ponies' from Sabah in 60 minutes

Opposition leader sees red with the usual suspects – Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Salleh Said Keruak.

Umno ministers insist Kit Siang will be next PM

This is because DAP has the largest number of parliamentary seats in the opposition coalition, says Salleh Said Keruak. 

Kit Siang's argument renders all politicians as stooges, says Salleh

Minister tells DAP veteran to make up his mind about how party leaders should show loyalty.

Salleh: Umno, BN the only party for all races

How can Umno be racist when it shares power with other races in BN, asks the minister. 

Salleh: No foul language for political points, please

People yearn for a more mature politics, says minister.

Salleh: Kit Siang's past actions show DAP controls opposition

Mahathir is just a 'Malay face' being presented to the Malay electorate, says the minister.

Opposition is no saviour of the people - Salleh

Minister says only 'united' Umno and BN has the proven record to govern the country. 

Salleh: PM's US visit proves M'sia is ‘global political actor’

Communications minister also praises Najib's 'delivery style' at the meeting.

Malaysians world's largest WhatsApp users

Malaysians get 86 percent of their news from social media, according to a report.

M'sia to ask for disable download function for 'Fight of Gods' game

The Taiwanese video game, which features Jesus and Buddha fighting, can threaten racial unity and harmony, says minister. 

DAP threat doesn't add up, let's talk real Malay issues - Zaid dares Salleh

He tells the minister to name a time and place to 'discuss' these issues.

Thanks for admitting BN could lose in GE14, Kit Siang tells Salleh

DAP veteran also claims the majority of Malays and civil servants no longer support Umno.

Salleh rides on Games medal haul, urges people to ‘move forward’

Minister uses post-SEA Games euphoria to garner support for the administration.

Salleh: Kit Siang fears Najib will prove he's not wanted by DOJ

He says Lim's open letter was 'devoid of logic, amateurish', something one would expect from 'political novice'. 

Ministry mulls MCMC registration of online news portals

Salleh Keruak says the idea was to make news portals in the country more responsible.  

Salleh: Dr M's plan for 'second Proton' not realistic

UPDATED 1.04PM | The former premier should be looking to the future instead, says minister.  
  Vinodh Pillai

Salleh: Ask for Memali RCI in right context, send formal requests

UPDATED 12.48PM | The minister wants requests to be made, but not because of 'Amanat Hadi'.
  Vinodh Pillai

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