S'wak minister to Nazri: Only PM can defer tourism tax, not you

S'wak Tourism Minister Abdul Karim quotes the Tourism Tax Act as evidence for his claim.

Esscom lists 18 foreigners wanted for transborder crimes

The authorities fear they will enter the country by posing as illegal immigrants or fishermen.

Harapan Youth GE14 manifesto offers 'new deal' for Sabah, Sarawak

Joint manifesto proposes 50 percent of all taxes from each state be returned to the state coffers. 
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Tourism tax dispute 'settled', Fadillah to let bygones be bygones

UPDATED 2.20PM | Works Minister Fadillah Yusof denies there was a 'fight', views the dispute as mere 'differences in opinion'. 
  Kow Gah Chie

Sabah seeks to engage S'wak on new hotel tax

Sabah will consult Sarawak to find common ground against the new 'tourism tax'.

Why didn't S'wak, Sabah ministers oppose tax in cabinet, DAP asks

They claim the spat between Nazri and S'wak BN is a ploy to drum up support for the Pujut by-election.

Calls to defer Tourism Tax in Sabah and Sarawak

"If they do not want to defer it in Semenanjung (Peninsular Malaysia), that is up to them," says Sarawak minister.  

Sabah cops step up vigilance to deter crime during Raya season

Police to step up security at Esszone to dissuade criminal activities like smuggling of illegal immigrants. 

Sabah and Sarawak are enablers of their own misfortune

People of both states are at fault for continuing to prop up the Barisan regime.
  Uncle Yap

Is Malaysia a partnership of unequals?

COMMENT | Perhaps only in theory are Sabah and Sarawak considered equal partners of the federation.
  P Ramasamy

Sabah MP slams yet another 'committee' on cabotage

Penampang's Darell Leiking asks if Najib's announcements will deliver results or just more talk.

Sabah Umno leader denies state no longer ‘fixed deposit’

Asst state finance minister Ramlee Marahaban argues BN’s ‘strong election machinery’ will keep their deposit in hand.

East M'sia DAP leaders: Attacks on Yeoh sign of increasing intolerance

UPDATED 5.40PM | An Orang Asal politician says his state's rights in the Federation are slowly being eroded.

School for stateless Sabahans seeks public contributions

The Omadal School for Bajau Laut kids who don't have citizenship badly needs public support.

Kurup drowns Sabah flood critics with contempt

'Don't turn the flash floods that hit Sook into a political issue,' chides the minister.

Zahid confident BN can wrest Pujut from opposition

The DPM hopes a by-election will hand them yet another seat to add to their majority.

No more cabotage for Sabah, Sarawak from June 1

But this does not apply to ships operating between Labuan and the states of Sabah and Sarawak.

Gov't allocates RM1.025m for Oath Stone relocation

Tourism minister promises that new location will be strategic and accessible.

No one can break Sabah-Putrajaya bond, vows Zahid

'What a loss it would be if individuals or noted figures or political worms destroy this beautiful relationship.'

Tony Pua barred from entering Sabah

UPDATED 4.10PM | The DAP lawmaker was stopped by immigration officers at Kota Kinabalu airport, citing a state gov't order.
  Kow Gah Chie

For English medium, let Sabah run its own schools, minister told

Sabah DAP reminds Rahman Dahlan education is still contolled by Putrajaya, and this must first change.

Despite Anwar's stand, Sabah, S'wak PKR reject Hadi's bill outright

They say the bill has nothing to do with empowering the syariah courts, and remain opposed to it.

Sabah early election still under BN scrutiny

The state polls date will be decided after taking into account the political situation in the state, as well as nationwide, says DPM. 

Gov’t gives RM14m to three Sabah constituencies for Risda planters

Pensiangan Umno chief Abdul Ghani says the funds for Pensiangan, Tenom and Keningau are for replanting.

Mild quake hits Ranau

The quake measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale occurred at 1.10am today.

Plans under way for rail service to Kudat, Sandakan

The state government has allocated RM1m for a study.

S'wak CM says he's impressed by Sabah's development

'Kota Kinabalu looks different,' he says, praising CM Musa Aman for 'brainchild'.

Rep: Forget 'world class' highway, Sabah roads not even on par

DAP mocks Najib's Pan-Borneo highway; the latter blames 'ex-PM' for ignoring Sabah roads.

Court rules Sabah minister breached laws in giving developer extension

Sabah minister Hajiji Noor is ordered to pay costs to aggrieved buyers over delayed condo handover.

DPM: It's too soon to decide on snap polls for Sabah

'I think we should be open to undertake some research and analysis if the Sabah state gov't decides to hold early polls.'

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