Sabah and Sarawak voters pick Najib

PM's openness in facing current issues an impetus for East M'sia voters to remain as BN’s safe deposit.

Umno's entrance to Sabah a responsible decision - senior leader

'I don’t think there was any regret, neither a setback to people and state,' says Papar Umno chief.  

Sabah gov’t assures continuous political stability

The gov’t is committed to ensuring economic development and social progress as well, says Musa Aman.

Six passenger boats in Sabah detained for flouting conditions

They are suspected of carrying passengers in excess of their permitted number.

Malaysia will not entertain any claim on Sabah - Anifah

Foreign Minister reiterates that country does not recognise such claims by any party on the state.

Two more remanded in Sabah railway graft probe

Two assistant engineers of the Sabah Railway Department remanded to assist MACC's corruption investigation.

This is why DAP will likely fail again in Sabah during GE14

LETTER | It is because Sabahans do not value race-based politics.
  Adrian Lim Chee En

Sabah Harapan denies offering Warisan '60-40 formula'

It would appear that Sabah DAP chairperson Stephen Wong made the announcement unilaterally.
  Kow Gah Chie

Warisan expresses reservations on Sabah Harapan's '60-40' offer

Warisan seeks details from Sabah Harapan leader and awaits formal discussions.

Muhyiddin breaks deadlock, Sabah Harapan makes offer to Warisan

UPDATE 6PM | Sabah Harapan comes up with 60-40 formula and hopes Warisan will meet them halfway.

MACC seizes RM4m in relation to Sabah infrastructure project

This after four people were arrested and remanded over a fake rail transport project.

Dr M: Review MA63, Sabah, S'wak not like other states

UPDATED 12.15PM | They deserve more autonomy as they came in as partners, he adds.

Sabah's new state seats do not need federal approval

COMMENT | It’s a misperception that a state can’t decide how many lawmakers it should have.
  Wong Chin Huat

'I am committed to developing Sabah' - PM

Approval of many allocations for the state not due to the impending general elections, assures Najib.

Sabahans warned of ‘fake news’ in run up to GE14

Rahman Dahlan tells his constituents not to believe ‘ridiculous stories aimed at causing racial disunity’.

Warisan wants Sabah to be airline hub when it comes into power

AirAsia boss is keen on the idea due to Sabah's strategic location, says party veep Junz Wong.

To win the war, Harapan should sit out the Sabah battle

COMMENT | Harapan’s goal should not just be to capture Sabah, but the bigger prize - Malaysia.
  Francis Paul Siah

Esszone curfew extended to Jan 1

The curfew covers the waters off of Tawau, Semporna, Kunak, Lahad Datu, Kinabatangan, Sandakan and Beluran.

Ronald: Don't underestimate Esscom's capability

The Beluran MP says the security force has proven themselves capable of protecting Sabah. 

Sabah flood victims on the rise

Victims at six evacuation centres around the state increase this morning.

100 percent Pandikar will lose MA63 debate

COMMENT | I can confidently state here that Pandikar will lose by a mile.
  Francis Paul Siah

Sabah CM urges EU to stop campaign against palm oil

Musa Aman says it is unfortunate that some EU members paint a negative image of the industry.

'Pro-M'sia' Pandikar rubbishes claims East and West M'sia were equal territories

"As a Sabahan, I had never felt my rights were eroded or violated,' he says when launching his book.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Sabah urged to allocate more funds for non-Muslim places of worship

Many non-Muslim places of worship and school buildings need urgent repairs, claims Kiulu rep.

'Fearing Islamic conversion, Sabahans are setting up own kindergartens'

Sociologist Denison Jayasooria urges gov't to be more sensitive to local demographics, in light of study findings. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Ex-DAP rep attributes datukship to MCA's work in Sabah

'My datukship is not mine, but it is for MCA,' Luyang assemblyperson Hiew King Cheu says.
  Lu Wei Hoong

In Semporna, love for Shafie remains strong

SPECIAL REPORT | Despite leaving Umno after more than two decades, the locals still see him as their leader.
  Alyaa Azhar

Can Warisan wrest Sabah from BN?

SPECIAL REPORT | Some say the 'Shafie factor' will swing the state to Warisan’s favour.
  Alyaa Azhar

Warisan rides on 'Sabahans for Sabah' concept

SPECIAL REPORT | 'KL folk should not be telling us about what we want,' Shafie Apdal says in a fiery speech.
  Alyaa Azhar

For many Sabahans, it’s all about putting food on the table

SPECIAL REPORT | Having to cope with the high cost of living, issues such as the 1MDB scandal bear little meaning.
  Alyaa Azhar

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