Rafizi: Let Najib and wife enjoy MRT for now, more exposes to come

Pandan MP says he will expose next week, how the MRT and Prasarana are allegedly related to 1MDB. 
  Anne Muhammad

Rafizi wins appeal against 'insulting Umno members' conviction

UPDATED 11.43AM | Justice Ghazali Cha finds the conviction under Section 504 of the Penal Code to be 'unsustainable'.
  Geraldine Tong

'Harapan contributed to Johor by not pushing poor policy'

Rafizi responds to Umno reps who asked what the coalition has done for Johor to think it can win seats there.

What has Harapan done for Johor, Umno reps ask Rafizi

Rafizi's claim that 50 seats, including in Johor, are within grasp is 'propaganda', they say.
  Anne Muhammad

After Najib's dig at Kajang Move, Rafizi says rakyat will have the last laugh

Pandan MP is unfazed over PM’s Twitter post poking fun at PKR.

Rafizi: Harapan hopes to win 50 parliamentary seats in GE14

This includes 15 seats in Johor, won by BN with a small majority in GE13, says PKR veep. 

Legacy of lopsided IPP deals solved but Harapan still unhappy

MP SPEAKS | Rafizi should know that the electricity rates had been kept low due to gas subsidies from Petronas. 
  Abdul Rahman Dahlan

Rafizi pokes holes in Rahman Dahlan's 1MDB defence, challenges debate

This is in response to the minister who accused Rafizi of economic sabotage over Edra IPO boycott call.

Edra IPO: Rahman accuses Rafizi of 'economic sabotage'

EPU minister urges Rafizi Ramli to stop being 'silly' by suggesting a boycott of the power producer's IPO. 

Rafizi: Mock me on oil prices but my warning is real

Pandan MP predicts oil prices will increase tomorrow after five weeks of decline. 

Rafizi's 'forgo voting' suggestion shocks Bersih

It's not an 'either-or' situation, people can vote and volunteer as polling agents at the same time, says Bersih.

Forgo voting and help at marginal seats, Rafizi tells voters

UPDATED 9.20PM | Pandan MP says his outfit Invoke also lacks volunteers to become polling agents and counting agents at marginal seats nationwide. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Rafizi, Media Rakyat obtain leave to challenge fair comment decision

Their lawyers were allowed to pose four novel questions in the suit filed by Najib and his wife.
  Hafiz Yatim

Inflation will soar and public anger will boil, warns Rafizi

UPDATED 2.40PM | Subjecting 60 new basic food items to GST will hurt lower-income group the most, warns PKR VP.

Prosecution seeks jail in Rafizi's defamation appeal

High Court will decide on July 13 the appeal by Rafizi on conviction and prosecution's appeal on sentence.
  Annabelle Lee

Lawyers' admissions put 'leaked MACC documents' in spotlight

Are the documents cited by Rafizi authentic? Calls for a probe intensify after latest development.
  Geraldine Tong and Zikri Kamarulzaman

Rafizi claims Najib paid another lawyer RM325k

UPDATED 3.35PM | PKR leader claims this lawyer was also involved in Anwar's sodomy trial.

Rafizi's apology 'unacceptable', sue him, NGO tells Florence Goh

Gerakan Akar Umbi Umno is even willing to provide a team of lawyers to the woman wrongly identified by the Pandan lawmaker.

'PMO hires ex-Trump aide as lobbyist for US$250k'

Rafizi wants Najib to explain if this is related to cases involving the prime minister's personal interests.

Kapar MP also target of S'gor Treasury audit

G Manivannan however, refuses to confirm the matter. 

Poll: Najib has slight edge over Harapan in three-cornered bid for PM post

UPDATED 5.50PM | Also listed in the survey together with eight names from Harapan was PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Court grants leave for committal proceedings against Rafizi

This is for supposedly violating an injunction granted to NFC chairperson Mohd Salleh Ismail. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Rafizi explains why Anwar still relevant, raps Zaid over friendly-fire

He says bulk of Harapan supporters want Anwar as PM, and points out that no Malaysian politician has been tested as much as him.

Rafizi dares KJ to hold meet with opposition, vows it will be slap-free

PKR leader also wants to know how much is being spent on the TN50 campaign.

In Bafia trial, bank officer denies printing NFC account details

Witness Cheam Chen Hooi testifies the printouts were done using his login identity but denied printing them.
  Hafiz Yatim

All is not well in the house of Najib?

Raja Petra's vitriolic attack on Irwan Serigar has tongues wagging.

Upko: Normal to receive funds from BN chief for public programmes

Marcus Mojigoh tells Rafizi to 'go and fly a kite' over his latest allegation.
  Kow Gah Chie

Rafizi claims Umno, BN got 'RM10.02m SRC money' from Najib

He wants them to return the money to SRC International.

Unlike MO1, Rafizi has nothing to hide

YOURSAY | ‘We need more politicians who are able to reveal their financial transactions instantly.’

Rafizi, journo told to apologise over Al-Abrar claims

Syed Mehdhar says he is not the chairperson of Al-Abrar Foundation, alleged to have received SRC funds.

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