MIC man accuses TI-M of aping opposition

It is wrong to blame Rafizi Ramli's conviction and 1MDB for poor CPI score, says S Vell Paari.

Rahman Dahlan sues Rafizi on Expo Negaraku allegations

Filed on Jan 30, the suit seeks an injunction on the allegations and an apology from the Pandan MP.

Nurul Izzah: Pandan move pure speculation

'I will abide by leadership's decision (on where to contest),' says the PKR veep on GE14 seat rumours.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Yoursay: Rafizi, one day your son will be proud of you

YOURSAY | ‘When corrupted despots run the country, only the righteous go to jail.’

Rafizi: Thanks for the encouragement Dr M, I don't intend to slow down

PKR vice-president vows to blaze the election trail despite the 30-months prison sentence.

Be strong, Mahathir tells Rafizi

The struggle must continue, the former prime minister says in a video posted on Facebook.

Rafizi 'serial instigator' in Felda land transfer issue - Shahrir

Felda chairperson denies PKR veep's allegation that he knew about Felda land ownership transfer.

Rafizi to Shahrizat: Yes, I'm not the victim, the cows were

M'sian taxpayers, poor farmers and cattle breeders bore the brunt of NFC scandal, he says.
  Malaysiakini Team

Do the right thing, and the world is with you - Rafizi

INTERVIEW | ‘You are not alone, you are the majority, you know you are the rakyat,’ he says on concerns over threats to whistleblowing.
  Malaysiakini Team

Conviction of Rafizi makes cow sense

A cow always eats more than it needs. Actually, it doesn’t eat immediately.
  Thor Kah Hoong

Will Rafizi-Johari’s guilty verdict galvanise the Malay vote?

Does Rafizi’s plight resonate with the group that Harapan claims it needs to take Putrajaya?
  S Thayaparan

Anwar: Rafizi’s jailing shows change badly needed

The jailed PKR leader laments the country’s gone from bad to worse as he sat in jail.

Shahrir says criminal fraud found in Felda's Jln Semarak transfer

He also confirms Rafizi's allegation that land has yet to be transferred back to Felda as it is under caveat.

Yoursay: Unfortunately for Rafizi, law used to protect wrongdoers

YOURSAY | ‘Rafizi was doing a service to the nation by exposing the NFC scandal.’

Rafizi insists developer still owns Jalan Semarak land

He claims to have proof, with copies of the titles of 16 land plots in question.

Opposition leaders too busy to show Rafizi support, says PSM

This sends the wrong signal to the rakyat who wish to see change, says PSM's S Arutchelvan. 

Rafizi guilty verdict – outrageous intimidation

LETTER | He was back-stabbed for coming out as a whistle-blower.
  Lau Bing

Rafizi Ramli and the price of believing

Would you be willing to go to jail for something you believe in?
  James Chai

Save tears on Rafizi’s jailing, it was Dr M who destroyed the judiciary

LETTER | Harapan lost the election the day they decided to work with the former PM.
  Karamjit Gill

Spike in Tabung Haji withdrawals after Rafizi's 'negative reserves' claim

The hajj funding board has plenty of assets and can still pay depositors, court told.
  Yap Jia Hee

NFC saga: Rafizi, ex-bank clerk sentenced to 30 months' jail

UPDATED 1.10PM | The court finds both guilty of leaking banking data relating to the NFC's accounts.
  Hafiz Yatim

Rafizi: Why didn't Felda use its own firm to develop Jalan Semarak?

PKR veep also wants to know how Synergy Promenade came up with RM500 million to pay Felda.

Rafizi explains why Dr M winning GE14 will chart victory for rakyat

PKR veep responds to a Tokyo-based journalist's take on Mahathir helming the opposition coalition.

'Don't make MRSM entrants get their offer letter from Umno reps'

Such ceremonies a waste of students' time and Mara's resources, PKR veep stresses.

Rafizi challenges Shahrir to debate on Felda land

The return of the land in Jalan Semarak is a 'political show', he says.

Rahman Dahlan slaps Rafizi with legal letter

The minister fulfils threat to sue PKR veep for defamation over Expo Negaraku.

Rafizi to minister: It's been three weeks, where's the suit?

Abdul Rahman Dahlan had threatened to sue over the Ekspo Negaraku.

Rafizi hopes to see Rahman in court, to grill him on RM37m expo

The Pandan MP says court will be a good place for the minister to answer his questions on Expo Negaraku.

Minister sends legal notice to Rafizi over Expo Negaraku mix-up

Rahman Dahlan says he has instructed his lawyers to 'exhaust all legal means to stop Rafizi's slander'.

I'm sorry, Rafizi tells minister's 'brother' over mix-up

UPDATED 7.30PM | 'I apologise to Raslan Dahlan, but not Rahman Dahlan,' PKR veep says.
  Anne Muhammad

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