'PMO hires ex-Trump aide as lobbyist for US$250k'

Rafizi wants Najib to explain if this is related to cases involving the prime minister's personal interests.

Kapar MP also target of S'gor Treasury audit

G Manivannan however, refuses to confirm the matter. 

Poll: Najib has slight edge over Harapan in three-cornered bid for PM post

UPDATED 5.50PM | Also listed in the survey together with eight names from Harapan was PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Court grants leave for committal proceedings against Rafizi

This is for supposedly violating an injunction granted to NFC chairperson Mohd Salleh Ismail. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Rafizi explains why Anwar still relevant, raps Zaid over friendly-fire

He says bulk of Harapan supporters want Anwar as PM, and points out that no Malaysian politician has been tested as much as him.

Rafizi dares KJ to hold meet with opposition, vows it will be slap-free

PKR leader also wants to know how much is being spent on the TN50 campaign.

In Bafia trial, bank officer denies printing NFC account details

Witness Cheam Chen Hooi testifies the printouts were done using his login identity but denied printing them.
  Hafiz Yatim

All is not well in the house of Najib?

Raja Petra's vitriolic attack on Irwan Serigar has tongues wagging.

Upko: Normal to receive funds from BN chief for public programmes

Marcus Mojigoh tells Rafizi to 'go and fly a kite' over his latest allegation.
  Kow Gah Chie

Rafizi claims Umno, BN got 'RM10.02m SRC money' from Najib

He wants them to return the money to SRC International.

Unlike MO1, Rafizi has nothing to hide

YOURSAY | ‘We need more politicians who are able to reveal their financial transactions instantly.’

Rafizi, journo told to apologise over Al-Abrar claims

Syed Mehdhar says he is not the chairperson of Al-Abrar Foundation, alleged to have received SRC funds.

Ignore Adam Rosly, says Nurul Izzah

‘The focus is for our leaders to fight BN,’ says the PKR vice-president.
  Anne Muhammad

Rafizi responds to dare, reveals NGOs' financial statements

The PKR vice-president shows the income and expenditure for both Invoke and NOW.

PKR friendly-fire worsens - Rafizi given 48 hours to come clean on funds

Adam Rosly claims PKR leaders have been patient with their vice-president for too long.

Rafizi: Reports are attempt to drag me into religious, Malay issues

I am ready to defend my statements in court, says the PKR vice-president.
  Geraldine Tong

Syariah CJ lodges report against Rafizi for defamation

He claims the MP defamed syariah court and judges in mock debate on Act 355 amendments.
  Shakira Buang

Harapan invites public submissions for logo after brickbats

PKR leaders earlier had a public spat over the proposed logos.

Rafizi trains spotlight on alleged SRC money trail docs

UPDATED 5.30PM | PKR leader says he is convinced the documents, which first appeared on a blog, are authentic.
  Geraldine Tong

No legal action from Nasharudin till now, says Rafizi

Rafizi says MACC should quickly remove former PAS No 2 from its advisory panel.
  Geraldine Tong

PAS Youth delegates fire at PKR's Rafizi, Azmin

MUKTAMAR | 'Come a million of Rafizi's slanders, Youth remains steadfast to victory,' says a Johor delegate.  
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Johari denies contradicting Najib over 1MDB-IPIC settlement

He adds that the PAC can write to him for the letter on Aabar BVI's ownership.
  Kow Gah Chie

Rafizi denies hitting at Azmin with stand on PKR Youth leader

He also points out that Azmin's stand on Adam Rosly is not much different than his.

PAS will be sidelined in next polls, claims Rafizi

UPDATED 5.50PM | Basing this on a survey, PKR leader says the battle is shaping up to be between BN and Harapan.
  Koh Jun Lin

Rafizi: Guan Eng's graft case not the same as Adam Rosly's

UPDATED 3PM | His call for Adam Rosly to be relieved of his post, the PKR veep adds, is because the two matters are different.
  Koh Jun Lin

Original documents in Rafizi's Bafia trial not presented to court

The two alleged to have been given NFC financial documents by the PKR leader say they no longer have them.
  Geraldine Tong

Will taxpayers foot 1MDB's US$1.2b settlement with IPIC, asks Rafizi

PKR leader wants minister Johari Abdul Ghani to address questions on the imminent 1MDB-IPIC settlement.

Rafizi revives unanswered questions on Tabung Haji-SRC links

This is over Tabung Haji's RM193.5 mil investment in a firm which received RM140 mil from SRC International.

On funds for PAS, was Husam on the same page as Rafizi?

Former PAS veep Husam Musa does not believe he and the PKR leader have the same source on 'RM90 million' claim.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Rafizi clears Nik Amar's confusion over 'Sodomy II SD'

Saiful didn't make the SD but the doctor who said 'no anal tear' did, Rafizi adds.

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