Rafizi: Najib's EPF investment in US breaches his own ministry's rules

He calls the promise to Trump 'maximum stupidity' as EPF has reached its foreign spending cap.

Rafizi warns PM of Felda settlers' anger with RM12.6bil debt projection

PKR leader projects own debt figure due to goverment's silence on Felda's accounts. 

I accept objective and fair criticisms

MP SPEAKS | 'I would have thought that Ambiga, of all people, would agree that speaking out on the issue publicly is a necessity.'


  Rafizi Ramli

Tax collection outpacing GDP growth not unusual, BN tells Rafizi

Rafizi had claimed the trend was due to excessive spending by the gov't.

COA dismisses Umno Youth leader's appeal against Rafizi

UPDATED 3.55PM | Khairul Azwan has to pay the Pandan MP RM10,000 in costs, court rules. 
  Hafiz Yatim

Politburo became a difficult place after Anwar's jailing, claims Rafizi

PKR vice-president reveals the reason for his protracted absence from political bureau meetings.

Accused of being 'Umno agent', Rafizi says he only met Zahid once

UPDATED 2.25PM | He forgives his critics and tells them not to think of him as a threat to their positions.

'Before Rafizi, Najib disputed me and Muhyiddin had me sacked'

Redzuan Othman has no qualms ruffling feathers with his survey, despite criticism from politicians.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Afif: Rafizi's call for special congress 'height of absurdity'

Rafizi may not 'be aware' that Anwar endorses cooperation with PAS, says PKR Youth deputy chief. 

Dr M to seek clarity on PKR rift at Harapan meet

This is over PKR's internal disagreements on whether to work with PAS.
  Koh Jun Lin

'Talks with PAS based on belief non-Malays will back Harapan anyway'

This is based on research cited by those in PKR who favour talks with PAS.

Rafizi calls for special congress to resolve PKR split over PAS

Whether PKR should continue talking to PAS or not should be put to a vote, says Rafizi.

The OSA must be reviewed after 45 years in existence

'Using the OSA against whistleblowers breeds corruption'
  Cynthia Gabriel

High Court upholds Rafizi's OSA conviction, 18-month prison sentence

UPDATED 12.13PM | The court, however, acquits him on another OSA conviction.
  Hafiz Yatim

Prosecution amends 'defective' Tabung Haji charge against Rafizi

The PKR veep had sought to strike out the charge on grounds that it was unclear.
  Hafiz Yatim

Rafizi quizzed by cops after raising Najib's RM2.6b donation

The PKR veep says if he is charged, it will bring his total court cases to 13.

Defamation charge is defective, claims Rafizi's lawyer

The charge against Rafizi’s Tabung Haji statement is not at all clear, argues Gobind Singh.
  Hafiz Yatim

Holding polls this year too big a gamble for Najib, claims Rafizi

UPDATED 3.02PM | PKR leader says this is based on a survey regarding voter sentiments on the economy, cost of living and inflation.
  Geraldine Tong

OSA conviction: Rafizi's lawyer claims judge took 'wrong approach'

Gobind Singh points to the inconsistency in the meaning of page 98 of the 1MDB audit report.
  Gan Shao Qi

Rafizi collects more than RM1.5m in 10 days, even from PAS MPs

UPDATED 6.50PM | The amount collected is five times more than what he was ordered to pay NFC.

Clarification of Invoke's survey methodologies, response rate

COMMENT | Invoke is responding to an associate professor who expressed scepticism over the survey's findings.
  Rafizi Ramli & Shaun Kua

Rafizi seeks donations to avoid bankruptcy over NFC suit

PKR veep says his lawyer received a demand letter asking for RM300,000 be paid to Salleh and NFC.

Rafizi claims M'sia 'donating' RM142m to Saudi Arabia

PKR veep gives new twist to Saudi donation narrative.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Rafizi: Let Najib and wife enjoy MRT for now, more exposes to come

Pandan MP says he will expose next week, how the MRT and Prasarana are allegedly related to 1MDB. 
  Anne Muhammad

Rafizi wins appeal against 'insulting Umno members' conviction

UPDATED 11.43AM | Justice Ghazali Cha finds the conviction under Section 504 of the Penal Code to be 'unsustainable'.
  Geraldine Tong

'Harapan contributed to Johor by not pushing poor policy'

Rafizi responds to Umno reps who asked what the coalition has done for Johor to think it can win seats there.

What has Harapan done for Johor, Umno reps ask Rafizi

Rafizi's claim that 50 seats, including in Johor, are within grasp is 'propaganda', they say.
  Anne Muhammad

After Najib's dig at Kajang Move, Rafizi says rakyat will have the last laugh

Pandan MP is unfazed over PM’s Twitter post poking fun at PKR.

Rafizi: Harapan hopes to win 50 parliamentary seats in GE14

This includes 15 seats in Johor, won by BN with a small majority in GE13, says PKR veep. 

Legacy of lopsided IPP deals solved but Harapan still unhappy

MP SPEAKS | Rafizi should know that the electricity rates had been kept low due to gas subsidies from Petronas. 
  Abdul Rahman Dahlan

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