Warring Azmin-Rafizi factions in PKR? Hilarious, says youth leader

GE14 | S’gor Youth secretary calls such rumours a 'desperate strategic media attack played by BN mouthpieces.'

Rafizi withdraws appeal in Najib, Rosmah 'diamond ring' suit

PKR veep and Media Rakyat owner also agree to pay the couple RM10,000 in costs.
  Hafiz Yatim

At least we're not thieves, 'rude' Rafizi tells Rosmah

The PKR veep tells Najib's wife to answer not just about the ring, but the DOJ's pink diamond.

Rahman's suit against Rafizi over expo fixed for May 17

PKR veep being sued after claiming nepotism in the awarding of exposition contract.
  Koh Jun Lin

Tabung Haji has liability strategies, court told

Depositors can still be paid out even with mass withdrawals, Tabung Haji CFO says in Rafizi trial.

Despite redelineation, Invoke upbeat on Harapan's chances

‘My reading is we should be able to cross 100 in the Peninsular,’ says Pandan MP Rafizi.
  Alyaa Azhar

Rafizi says will sue over 'Israeli funds for Invoke' claims

Pandan MP has asked lawyers to explore suing Umno Youth's Khairul Azwan and TV3 over the claims.

Senator wants Invoke probed for ‘data intrusion’

Khairul Azwan Harun alleges that research centre obtained respondents' phone numbers illegally.

'Senior leader' will replace Rafizi in Pandan - PKR sec-gen

This is amid rumours that PKR veep Nurul Izzah will contest there.

  Annabelle Lee

MCA claims 'cat can win' remark insults voters, Rafizi says it insults MCA

MCA and the PKR veep have a catfight over the Pandan parliamentary seat.
  Lim Ru Yi

In Parliament goodbye, Rafizi apologises to BN for stingers

UPDATED 2.45PM | PARLIAMENT | He makes the apology as he believes he won't be coming back as an MP in the future.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Why I’m impressed with Rafizi Ramli

COMMENT | I’m not sure many politicians, young or old, are prepared to emulate Rafizi’s sacrifice.
  Francis Paul Siah

TH depositors withdrew millions following damaging article - witness

The depositors lost their turn in performing their pilgrimage, witness testifies in Rafizi's trial.

Survey based on 500k on the ground, Rafizi tells Hadi

The Pandan MP adds Hadi fails to understand Invoke's study methodology.
  Susan Loone

Rafizi: Putrajaya took out another RM2b loan on 1MDB venture

This is for the Exchange 106 development, he says, for which the land had been sold off by 1MDB.

Rafizi: 1MDB did not give TH a discount for land

Audited account of firm which acquired TRX land casts doubt on the claims, says PKR veep.

Rafizi questions buyback of TRX project, first touted as 'foreign investment'

1MDB had sold the land on which Exchange 106 sits, before MOF bought a stake in the project.

Invoke aims to train 20,000 polling, counting agents

Rafizi says the current challenge was to encourage participation of more volunteers. 
  Alyaa Alhadjri

MIC man accuses TI-M of aping opposition

It is wrong to blame Rafizi Ramli's conviction and 1MDB for poor CPI score, says S Vell Paari.

Rahman Dahlan sues Rafizi on Expo Negaraku allegations

Filed on Jan 30, the suit seeks an injunction on the allegations and an apology from the Pandan MP.

Nurul Izzah: Pandan move pure speculation

'I will abide by leadership's decision (on where to contest),' says the PKR veep on GE14 seat rumours.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Yoursay: Rafizi, one day your son will be proud of you

YOURSAY | ‘When corrupted despots run the country, only the righteous go to jail.’

Rafizi: Thanks for the encouragement Dr M, I don't intend to slow down

PKR vice-president vows to blaze the election trail despite the 30-months prison sentence.

Be strong, Mahathir tells Rafizi

The struggle must continue, the former prime minister says in a video posted on Facebook.

Rafizi 'serial instigator' in Felda land transfer issue - Shahrir

Felda chairperson denies PKR veep's allegation that he knew about Felda land ownership transfer.

Rafizi to Shahrizat: Yes, I'm not the victim, the cows were

M'sian taxpayers, poor farmers and cattle breeders bore the brunt of NFC scandal, he says.
  Malaysiakini Team

Do the right thing, and the world is with you - Rafizi

INTERVIEW | ‘You are not alone, you are the majority, you know you are the rakyat,’ he says on concerns over threats to whistleblowing.
  Malaysiakini Team

Conviction of Rafizi makes cow sense

A cow always eats more than it needs. Actually, it doesn’t eat immediately.
  Thor Kah Hoong

Will Rafizi-Johari’s guilty verdict galvanise the Malay vote?

Does Rafizi’s plight resonate with the group that Harapan claims it needs to take Putrajaya?
  S Thayaparan

Anwar: Rafizi’s jailing shows change badly needed

The jailed PKR leader laments the country’s gone from bad to worse as he sat in jail.
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