Rosmah's aide: Will Mukhriz declare boats to Rafizi?

Rizal Mansor says this in light of the asset declaration exercise by prospective Harapan candidates.

Invoke's asset declaration exercise a double-edged sword

COMMENT | While asset declaration seems important, other issues are more urgent for Harapan to focus on.
  Zaid Ibrahim

DAP, Bersatu reps not among those signing Invoke pledge to declare assets

UPDATE 12.20AM | Rafizi explains that DAP was not the focus of Invoke's campaign, while Bersatu needs more time.

Rafizi: Why wasn't MRT3 model used earlier if saves money?

PKR veep says he will propose that Harapan review details of MRT3 if it wins GE14.

Rafizi will bankrupt country if he governs Putrajaya, says Johari

UPDATED 11PM | Rafizi's proposal to increase civil servants' bonus to two months wages not feasible, he says.  
  Kow Gah Chie

Rafizi: Turnkey contracts usually good but not in the case of MRT3

Tender conditions for third phase of MRT project 'highly unusual', says PKR veep.
  Geraldine Tong

Rafizi gives Najib a tip on how to win GE14 with 20 sen

UPDATED 4.32PM | PKR leader says 20 sen per litre fuel for December and January will ensure the PM wins.  
  Anne Muhammad

Rafizi laughs off Papagomo's Invoke trademark stunt

'It is a joke to think he can afford a lawyer to sue us,' the Pandan MP quips.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Papagomo trademarks 'Invoke Solutions', warns Rafizi to stop using it

The blogger says he made the move to trademark when he discovered Rafizi had not done so.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Rafizi, former bank clerk ordered to enter defence in Bafia trial

UPDATED 1.36PM | Sessions judge rules prosecution successful in establishing prima facie case against them. 
  Hafiz Yatim

FIC mulls lawsuit, Rafizi lodges police report

Rafizi claims one of Felda's London properties only owned by shell company registered in BVI.
  Shakira Buang

Rafizi: Felda set up BVI company the same day of my exposé

However, Razali Ibrahim denies Rafizi's claim, saying no company was registered on that day.

Felda answers Rafizi on British Virgin Island companies

Felda Investment Corporation says it owns Felda London Hotel (Private) Limited (FLH) and FIC Global Limited.

Rafizi: Felda unlikely to recoup UK investment due to overpayment

He points to the financial report of Larmway Properties which sold the Grand Plaza SA to Felda in 2013.

Why are Felda assets held by obscure offshore entities, Rafizi queries

This is despite Felda's audited report claiming assets were held by entities registered in the UK, he adds.

Rafizi slams Felda chair’s ‘arrogance' over London hotel sale

Shahrir’s ‘Ferrari’ analogy trivialises potential losses from Felda’s London hotel sale, PKR veep says.

Debate dare: Pua wants to duel with the boss, not a 'nobody'

Rafizi says he never hid behind Najib's refusal to tell all on 1MDB to avoid being transparent on Invoke.

BN man accepts Rafizi's tax debate dare, but demands tunnel-tussle with Pua

Abdul Rahman Dahlan's deputy sets one condition – Rafizi must get Pua to debate on Penang project.

Why is Invoke engaging company owned by Rafizi, asks Rosmah’s aide

Rizal Mansor claims the Pandan lawmaker is benefiting from donations of people 'duped' by the latter. 

‘My Chinese looks, chubbiness perhaps led law firm to look for Jho Low'

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli pens sarcastic letter to NFC boss Mohamad Salleh Ismail.

Rafizi claims bankruptcy advert a 'cheap ploy' to humiliate him

This is over the costs and damages Rafizi has to pay in defamation suit brought by NFC.

Rosmah's aide denies breaking civil service rules

Rizal Mansor denies PKR veep Rafizi Ramli's allegations, says he merely airs personal views on Facebook. 

Rosmah's aide congratulates Rafizi, invokes five questions

Rizal Mansor's questions come in conjunction with the policy research body's first anniversary.

Rafizi: Najib's EPF investment in US breaches his own ministry's rules

He calls the promise to Trump 'maximum stupidity' as EPF has reached its foreign spending cap.

Rafizi warns PM of Felda settlers' anger with RM12.6bil debt projection

PKR leader projects own debt figure due to goverment's silence on Felda's accounts. 

I accept objective and fair criticisms

MP SPEAKS | 'I would have thought that Ambiga, of all people, would agree that speaking out on the issue publicly is a necessity.'


  Rafizi Ramli

Tax collection outpacing GDP growth not unusual, BN tells Rafizi

Rafizi had claimed the trend was due to excessive spending by the gov't.

COA dismisses Umno Youth leader's appeal against Rafizi

UPDATED 3.55PM | Khairul Azwan has to pay the Pandan MP RM10,000 in costs, court rules. 
  Hafiz Yatim

Politburo became a difficult place after Anwar's jailing, claims Rafizi

PKR vice-president reveals the reason for his protracted absence from political bureau meetings.

Accused of being 'Umno agent', Rafizi says he only met Zahid once

UPDATED 2.25PM | He forgives his critics and tells them not to think of him as a threat to their positions.

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