Azmin: Thanks Abu Hassan, but I'm not a frog

Abu Hassan had said that Azmin was a good leader in the wrong party

Accident worsened Anwar’s back problem, claim lawyers

The Prisons Department only took Anwar to hospital three days after the incident, they say.

PKR: So Mr PM, what did we get from the US?

PKR's Fahmi Fadzil asks if recovery of 1MDB-linked assets was discussed at White House.

PKR rep evicted from S'wak after Immigration, police gatecrash dinner

UPDATED 10.17PM | Chua Yee Ling is escorted out of a PKR dinner in Miri by Immigration and police officers.

Mat Taib's exit is no surprise, says PKR man

Muhd Nur Manuty says PKR leaders know of ex-MB's meeting in Bangsar.

Anwar hospitalised at HKL

UPDATED 8.16PM | PKR confirms that Anwar taken to hospital for unstable blood pressure.

PKR: If PAS wants to contest 42 seats, why remain in S'gor gov't

Is PAS trying to give an opportunity for BN to rule S'gor again, state PKR Youth secretary asks.  

PKR wants PAS alliance to save itself, DAP Youth leader says

Chiong Yoke Kong says this is because PAS is unlikely to work with any other of the Harapan components. 

Views at S'gor convention are 'internal', says Amanah sec-gen

This comes after Selangor Amanah approved a motion urging MB to review PAS' position in the state.

In Kelantan, rifts in PKR are dividing Harapan

This is affecting its relationship with Harapan, with PKR especially at odds with Amanah in Kelantan.
  N Faizal Ghazali

S’gor Harapan to follow top leaders' decision on PAS

We have decided to follow the national Harapan position, says S'gor coalition secretary Zuraida Kamaruddin. 
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Nazri to PKR: Keep quarrelling, we encourage it

'The more problems you have, it is good for us (Umno),' says party supreme council member.  
  Geraldine Tong

Anwar is Harapan's de facto leader, Azmin reminds Dr M

UPDATED 3.40PM | By virtue of his position, he says, Anwar has the right to offer suggestions.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Latheefa pans Rafizi for 'insinuating' Ambiga's role in Kajang Move

The PKR internal sniping continues as party leader shoots back at Rafizi's defence yesterday.

DAP vs PKR - opening salvo launched for prized JB seats

YOURSAY | ‘Harapan does not need Umno/BN to kill them, they will kill each other.’

Anwar's guidelines will help finalise decision on PAS talks - Rafizi

However he points out the jailed leader doesn't have full access to all information.

Azmin 'vindicated' by Anwar's statement on PKR-PAS talks

The S'gor MB comments on Anwar's admission that he endorsed PKR-PAS ties almost two years ago.

Time to stop fantasizing that PAS will work with Harapan

YOURSAY | ‘If three-cornered fights cannot be avoided, Harapan must start preparing now.’

'Should DAP get a Chinese-majority seat by virtue of being a Chinese party?'

UPDATED 6.00pm | Johor PKR leaders rebuke Kit Siang for expressing interest in PKR seat.
  Lu Wei Hoong

PKR civil war - no winners, only losers

COMMENT | PKR's internal split isn't so much about PAS as it is about personality politics.
  Nathaniel Tan

Beggars unabashed by their alms-asking

COMMENT | PKR's stances toward Harapan and PAS invite disrespect and derision respectively.
  Terence Netto

'PAS not interested in PKR's begging for cooperation'

Ulama treasurer Khairuddin says Harapan 'missed the train' for saying it would not work with PAS.
  Shuman Vasu

PKR's one-paragraph statement reaffirms commitment to Harapan

PKR remains committed towards efforts to strengthen Pakatan Harapan. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Politburo became a difficult place after Anwar's jailing, claims Rafizi

PKR vice-president reveals the reason for his protracted absence from political bureau meetings.

Penang PKR Youth differs from No 2, backs ending talks with PAS

The wing says it welcomes the decision to cease all cooperation with PAS.
  Susan Loone

Ex-K'tan PKR Youth chief says removal against Anwar's wish

Dr Hafidz Rizal Amran also says his removal carried out without due discussions.

Accused of being 'Umno agent', Rafizi says he only met Zahid once

UPDATED 2.25PM | He forgives his critics and tells them not to think of him as a threat to their positions.

Battle lines drawn ahead of PKR's politburo meeting

Heated exchanges are expected amid a split on whether to continue electoral talks with PAS.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Afif: Rafizi's call for special congress 'height of absurdity'

Rafizi may not 'be aware' that Anwar endorses cooperation with PAS, says PKR Youth deputy chief. 

Why is Azmin Ali still engaging with PAS?

COMMENT | PKR should focus on securing S'gor for Harapan and capturing the federal gov't.
  Gerard Lourdesamy

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