Does Fahmi Fadzil represent my voice?

COMMENT | The former theatre practitioner-turned-politician is a candidate I am excited about.
  Zan Azlee

PAS digs up past Pakatan 'betrayal' to justify non-cooperation as GE looms

GE14 | Spiritual leader Hashim Jasin pins the blame for shunning PKR and DAP squarely on being once bitten, twice shy.

'Giant killer' Shamsul wants rematch if ex-Malacca CM stays put

INTERVIEW | The redelineation has slashed his odds of retaining his Malacca seat, but he is undaunted.
  Geraldine Tong

Wanted: PKR big gun to lead Johor charge

GE14 | They seek a top leader to spearhead their Johor push, but a suitable candidate eludes.

EC: Harapan can use PKR symbol in GE14

UPDATED 10.52PM | GE14 | Only PKR's consent, not EC's, needed for parties to use the 'eye' logo, says EC chair. 

PKR to present candidates list to Anwar

Party leaders disclose that the list is almost finalised.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

400 from PKR, Warisan, Star jump ship to BN in Sabah

GE14 | 'We have decided to support BN because only this coalition can transform our lives.’

PKR: Malay votes in Sembrong shifting our way

GE14 | It claims voters are disillusioned by juggernaut Hishammuddin's unfulfilled promises.
  Annabelle Lee

Cash, laptops, iPads - Azmin doles out over RM2m worth of goodies

GE14 | Azmin insists handouts not due to GE14, but part of caretaker S'gor gov't's social responsibilities.
  Grace Aisyah Kedayan

Azmin to 'Grab' a ride home, after excos return official cars

The caretaker MB says this after the ceremony to dissolve the Selangor assembly today.

Confirmed! PAS' Paya Jaras rep defects to PKR

Khairuddin Othman is expected to defend his seat as a candidate for his new party.

At GE14 machinery launch, PKR recalls 'full circle' in politics

GE14 | Azmin notes there was 'someone' who had once predicted that PKR would not last six months.  
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Only PKR flags to fly if Harapan goes with common logo, says EC

UPDATED 3.15PM | GE14 | Campaign period set to turn into 'battle of the blues' with only PKR and BN flags allowed.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

DAP founder now gives PKR logo thumbs up, 'for better M'sia'

UPDATED 2.13PM | Chen Man Hin is now all in, while Guan Eng adds, 'We love the rocket, but we love M'sia more'.

How Dr M can use PKR's logo without joining them

GE14 | The mechanism has been used before by both the opposition and ruling party.

'Attacks on PKR common logo shows Umno running scared'

UPDATED 12.12PM | GE14 | Nurul Izzah takes a jab at a 'warrior' who's afraid of a logo and an elderly man.

Dr M to contest under Anwar's logo in GE14

UPDATED 11.37PM | Dr M confirms that he and the rest of Pakatan Harapan will adopt PKR's logo for GE14.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman & Lu Wei Hoong

PM can shower goodies, but Harapan can uplift civil servants - Nurul Izzah

UPDATED 12.24PM | GE14 | She is confident they'll choose a better gov't over the windfall of pre-election 'sweeteners'.

After speculation, PKR’s Fahmi announced as GE14 candidate

GE14 | But still no confirmation he will be fielded in Lembah Pantai.
  Annabelle Lee

Ex-Sabah secretary: Warisan-PKR-DAP pact a legitimate challenger

GE14 | The three opposition parties in Sabah are moving closer to finalising their electoral pact.
  Alyaa Azhar

At Perak Crisis site, PKR confronts its bitter history

GE14 | The memories still remain after a decade, so the party will surrender Behrang to Amanah.
  Koh Jun Lin

Warisan seals electoral pact with DAP and PKR

GE14 | No details on seat allocations yet, but main opposition bloc is taking shape.

Azmin happy to debate Umno Youth, if based on facts

S'gor MB says it depends on who is calling for the debate on the state's affordable housing.

Anwar promises 'truly independent' EC if Harapan wins

Jailed PKR leader adds they will trash the anti-fake news law should it be passed.

Rafizi says will sue over 'Israeli funds for Invoke' claims

Pandan MP has asked lawyers to explore suing Umno Youth's Khairul Azwan and TV3 over the claims.

'I wanted to sell cars, but Reformasi came along'

CALONKINI | It was a life-changing moment for Naim Jusri, who joined PKR in 2008.

Nurul Izzah welcomes Maria Chin into PKR family

UPDATED 1.24PM | GE14 | Tian Chua clarifies that Maria has not joined party formally.
  Alyaa Azhar

PKR's pick for Segamat could arrest education slide

COMMENT | The ex-Masterskill CEO is perfect for the education portfolio should Harapan take Putrajaya.
  Stephen Ng

S’gor PAS justifies running to sultan over funds as ‘getting the story right’

Sallehen Mukhyi denies complaining to the palace over their state funds is an insult to the sultan.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

PAS prays for destruction of 'evil pakatan'

'Destroy the Pakatan confederate soldiers, destroy their strength, divide them,' S'gor PAS leader prays.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli
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