Azmin, what's to stop PAS jumping ship in case of a draw?

YOURSAY | 'PAS cannot be trusted. It is possible they would jump to BN after winning.'

PAS welcomes RCI on Memali, wants one for 1MDB too

PAS has also formed a special committee to, among others, take the next of kin of Memali victims to meet DPM Zahid. 

Hadi slammed for harping on race instead of integrity in leadership

UPDATED 2.34PM | Harapan Youth leaders flay the PAS chief for insisting Malays must lead country.

Hadi's turned Najib’s foremost apologist and defender

MP SPEAKS | Like Najib, Hadi doesn't seem to believe that there is any 1MDB scandal.

  Lim Kit Siang

Tuan Ibrahim denies Memali dredged up to attack Dr M

UPDATED 6.44PM | Speaking at 1MDB ceramah, he says it's a question of seeking justice.

Possible but unlikely, says PAS on seat discussions with PKR

A survey shows that people prefer that PAS lead its own bloc instead of working with BN or Harapan, says research director.

Pmtg Pauh PAS explains leader's presence at lunch with PM

Permatang Pauh PAS leader invited for lunch with PM in his capacity as a mosque representative. 

Will PAS and Harapan kiss and make up?

Politics is the art of making the impossible happen.
  P Gunasegaram

Ti: Does Kit Siang expect to fool the Chinese twice?

Will Chinese voters, who now regret backing PAS in 2013, accept DAP's new partners, asks MCA man.

PAS wants an RCI held on Memali tragedy

It’ll clear all lies said about the tragedy, as well as clear the names of the innocent, says party deputy chief.

PAS leaders dismiss talk of state-level truce with Harapan

This after reports that its leaders in three states were seeking approval to engage with Harapan to avoid multi-cornered fights.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Harapan out to make PAS its stooge, MP warns amid informal talks

'After they have won the seats, the Islamic agenda would be discarded and fought against,' says Khairuddin.

Azmin’s friendly ties with PAS worries Harapan colleagues

Both Amanah and DAP have expressed their concerns.
  Anne Muhammad

Azmin: Informal discussions with PAS been ongoing

No formal talks yet, but the Harapan elections director is 'more than happy' to sit down with PAS.
  Annabelle Lee

Go pay Memali folk a visit, PAS tells Dr M

Takiyuddin says taking on a more reconciliatory approach would give some closure to the 1985 tragedy.

PKR-Hadi meet just a social visit, says Azmin

He says the meeting was a belated courtesy call after the PAS chief's heart surgery.

  Koh Jun Lin

Najib: Federal gov't does not abuse opposition-ruled states

As prime minister, I cannot harbour vengeance, Najib says at a Jeli event.

PAS: Our brand of 'mature politics' goes beyond opposing gov't

PAS 'exchanged views' with MACC today, after earlier meetings with Paul Low and 1MDB chief Arul Kanda.
  Annabelle Lee

PAS met Arul Kanda after House queries rejected, says sec-gen

PARLIAMENT | The 1MDB president was approached after PAS' parliamentary questions were rejected, says Takiyuddin Hassan.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

When PAS permits what is impermissible

COMMENT | Since when can allegedly stolen money be used to serve religious ends?
  Rais Hussin

PAS' matured politics landed party its meeting with Arul

Perhaps the 1MDB chief was prepared to meet us because of our matured political culture, says Tuan Ibrahim.

Zaharudin slams claim Hadi endorsed taking of Umno funds

Party president's son-in-law describes the claim made by a PAS Youth leader as 'slander'.

K'tan PKR leaders at odds over resigning from PAS-led gov't

State chairperson Ab Aziz says he scolded the info chief for issuing a statement before discussing it.
  Anne Muhammad

Hadi draws first blood in lawsuit against Sarawak Report editor

UPDATED 12.48AM | Rewcastle-Brown ordered to pay costs, but gives different reason from Hadi's.

PAS: Voting for BN will guarantee extra taxes and fee hikes

The gov't is merely postponing its plans until GE14 is over, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says.

Hadi: PAS upholds Islam, not 'medicine peddler politics'

We will not be pawns or seek populism, says party president. 

Nasrudin: PAS leader was at Umno do to accept zakat from Najib

PAS info chief says Mahyuddin Ghazali was there in his capacity as headmaster of a religious school.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Zambry: Harapan is wrong about 'Malay tsunami'

Perak MB says PAS is not weakened by some of its members leaving to form Amanah, says Harapan 'miscalculated' its own strength.

PAS leader at Umno meet gets Najib's attention

A Lipis PAS committee member makes a 'historic' appearance at the Lipis Umno AGM.


Mahfuz rubbishes quit speculation, says still loyal to PAS

The Pokok Sena MP says being at Harapan ceramah doesn't mean he will abandoned his own party.


  Anne Muhammad

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