Act against US lobbyist if claims untrue, Rafizi dares Najib

This is despite the statement by Najib’s press aide denying the appointment of Baumgardner-Nardone.

Putrajaya denies appointing ex-Trump aide as lobbyist

PM's aide responds to media reports claiming Healy Baumgardner-Nardone was hired for US$250,000.

Najib praises 'loyal' Pak Lah, jabs traitors

'Not even once did he think of betraying the party and the country, or go as far as leaving the party.'
  Alyaa Alhadjri

'PMO hires ex-Trump aide as lobbyist for US$250k'

Rafizi wants Najib to explain if this is related to cases involving the prime minister's personal interests.

How Najib plans to win

COMMENT | PM Najib is using various methods to deprive the opposition of funding as GE14 looms, says former premier. 
  Dr Mahathir Mohamad

PKR displays savvy but not nearly enough

COMMENT | Party's right to opt for Selangor stability but rash in forcing PM-designate issue.
  Terence Netto

Can an opposition grand coalition knock out Barisan?

COMMENT | This time though, I am sure the revolt of the Malay masses will take place.
  Koon Yew Yin

Judge in Najib vs Pua case recuses himself in 'interest of justice'

UPDATED 1.35PM | Judge Wan Ahmad says he was an active politician, and had served as a deputy minister and senator.
  Hafiz Yatim

Shafie Apdal denies receiving money from 1MDB

He also denies Nazri Aziz's claim that he and Muhyiddin were the biggest beneficiaries from Najib's donation.   

NTP has narrowed gap in reaching high-income target, says PM

Najib says the NTP has been instrumental in moving nation out of the middle-income trap.

'TIME magazine said Anwar was more popular but Dr M won'

Salleh Keruak says the so-called TIME opinion poll is not relevant to M'sian politics and will not sway public opinion.

Where will they find RM42b? Najib mocks opposition's GST plan

'People say talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything, promise this and that,' says the premier.

Najib: Report card a sign of my 'gentleman, anak jantan' attitude

PM says the bold measures the gov't took has placed the country on track for healthy and right economy.

After slap incident, Najib makes example out of Teo, Mat Over

The PM uses the duo to emphasise that he wanted to see teamwork in building the nation instead of quarrels.

Najib offers condolences over Manchester attack

Terror must be confronted 'swiftly and decisively', says PM. 

TIME names Najib among world leaders 'less popular' than Trump

The magazine cites the 1MDB scandal and US$2.6 billion in the prime minister's accounts.

Nine crew members of KD Perdana's boat found safe

The vessel was found 90 nautical miles off Kuantan, confirms Navy chief. 

King Salman hosts lunch for Najib and Rosmah

King Salman also grants an audience to our prime minister prior to lunch for a private discussion.

Summit with Trump poses chance for Najib to shake off DOJ shadow

There will also be keen interest on whether the PM secures time with Trump on the sidelines.

Najib attributes strong fundamentals to 2017 Q1 growth

Strong fundamentals built by gov't enabled economy to grow at 5.6pct in first quarter, the PM says.

PAS: How magical is Najib's Bandar M'sia dream?

Why, asks party veep Idris Ahmad, can't a local contractor be hired to make the PM’s dream come true?

Najib: Gov't prepared to help NGOs

PM says NGOs and voluntary organisations can apply for funds, infrastructural help or tax exemption.

Group demands PM to explain queries over 1MDB-IPIC deal

GANT1 wants to know whether action will be taken against IPIC officers to recover the US$3.5 billion.
  Geraldine Tong

Najib spends time to visit Hadi in IJN

'Thank God the surgery went smoothly, he is now in the process of recovery,' PM says.

All good now, Najib says after TN50 slap drama

PM assures all will be heard after a film director was slapped in front of him.

Dr M: Japanese willing to kill themselves out of shame, but...

In a hard-hitting post, former premier claims the Malays are different from the Japanese.

Teo denies being rude to PM, comedian has no regrets slapping him

How can I be rude to the prime minister, asks film producer.

Slap and kick drama in front of PM at TN50 dialogue

UPDATED 11.46PM | A calm Najib Abdul Razak later asked David Teo and his attacker to make peace.

Najib: No turning back on axed Bandar M'sia deal with IWH-CREC

UPDATED 2.44PM | Reports saying otherwise are 'erroneous', adds the prime minister.

Hearing to strike out Pua's 'misfeasance' suit on June 15

PM Najib's lawyers plan, yet again, to argue that their client is not a 'public officer'.
  Hafiz Yatim

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