The stage is set, will Najib debate Dr M?

YOURSAY | ‘Go debate the old man and win hands down. GE14 will be Najib's on a silver platter.’

Najib may be weak, but the opposition is weaker

YOURSAY | ‘Kluang MP Liew, PM Najib is far from game over.’

PM Najib, will our luck hold out?

Peace happens because of luck, too.
  S Thayaparan

Malaysia’s truth deficiency syndrome in the 1MDB scandal

‘Misinformation has been fed. Laws have been broken. Punishment must be meted out.’
  R Nadeswaran

Najib wants to hug King Salman to show his gratitude

He leaves for Riyadh today, and he intends to hug the Saudi ruler for providing M’sia a special haj quota.
  Anne Muhammad

What drove Mat Over ... over the edge?

Was he trying to gain brownie points with the PM?
  Zan Azlee

PM's Indian blueprint a case of déjà vu

For many Indian community leaders, they've heard the same promises before, come election time.
  Kow Gah Chie

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