Tamil Malar claims defamation, seeks RM50m from Saravanan

This follows the deputy minister's 'fake news' claim against the daily.

See a doctor, Saravanan tells MIC man accused of soliciting sex

The man and his wife attempted to 'seek help' from the deputy minister.

Tamil Malar gives deadline to cops to act against fracas

Daily's owner says they will seek legal action, should there be no action taken by this Friday. 
  Annabelle Lee

Spat with Saravanan - Tamil Malar accused of mocking Hinduism

Publishing a photograph of the deputy minister during Thaipusam with a headline derived from a Tamil song draws flak.

What does KJ have to say about Tamil Malar violence?

After all, Saravanan, the alleged agent provocateur behind the attack, is his deputy.
  S Thayaparan

Tamil Malar disappointed with cops for probing attack as riot

'We are very disappointed that the police have made us part of the crime when we are the victims,' says its legal advisor.
  Annabelle Lee

Will it take a bullet for journalists to be protected?

The barbaric treatment of the media in the country reaches a new low.
  A Black

Daily claims fracas started after Saravanan arrived

UPDATED 8.51PM | The deputy minister says he wasn't even 'near the fight' and will let the police investigate. 
  Annabelle Lee

DAP wants PM to condemn attack, demands apology from Saravanan

UPDATED 5.42PM | Lim Kit Siang also wants the MIC president to take the deputy minister to task over 'the act of gangsterism'. 
  Annabelle Lee

Daily's boss, legal advisor 'assaulted', deputy minister claims 'no such thing'

Saravanan says Tamil Malar had been publishing fake news and MIC Youth wanted to clarify the issue.
  Annabelle Lee

MIC: Perkasa 'shallow' to defend Zakir Naik over M'sians

How does MIC opposing Zakir be construed as being anti-Islam or anti-Malay, asks Saravanan.

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