Ten including two OCPDs released on MACC bail

To date, 13 individuals including nine police officers and personnel in Malacca have been detained.

I'd be a fool not to use APs, Zuraida says of luxury cars

PKR Wanita chief dares those who are 'anak jantan' to file a report with the MACC.

Pua: MACC can't redeem itself till it takes action on 1MDB, SRC

Until it does so, the MACC will continue to be perceived as a political tool, says Pua.

Zakat officers probed by MACC to be placed in 'pool'

State exco Abdul Malik Kassim says the five will be relegated to other jobs within ZPP, which does not involve them handling zakat money.
  Susan Loone

MACC tells critics to be patient over crackdown on corrupt politicians

UPDATED 5.54PM | 'I have never broken any of my promises. When I say I will take action, I will take action'.
  Alyaa Azhar

Despite reward scheme, very few civil servants expose graft

MACC says graft in civil service at 'critical' level, finds poor response to incentive scheme disappointing.

Khairuddin: Kudos to MACC for high-profile arrests, but...

Panel's credibility will be questionable until action is taken against those named in his 1MDB reports, says ex-Umno leader.

Umno Youth, sorry, we can’t wait that long

I think both Umno and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) know that corruption is now a major problem in the country. It will be a hot issue in the next general election for sure. The recent blitz against corrupted public officials is an indication that the government wants to be seen as doing something about it.
  TK Chua

MACC chief explains delay in pursuing politicians

MACC doesn't want corruption investigations to be used for campaigning.

MACC has list of graft cases to probe or prosecute weekly, says chief

Dzulkifli Ahmad says it was only a matter of time before action is taken against those involved.

Police will give MACC full cooperation, says Malacca CPO

Abdul Jalil says the MACC probe over the last few days had not dampened the spirits of the officers and staff in Malacca.

MACC finds RM800k cash in police corporal's house

The 52-year-old man has been remanded for seven days for further investigation.

MACC detains two Malacca district police chiefs

The two high-ranking officers have been accused of taking bribes from illegal gambling dens and massage parlours.

Harapan's manifesto to ensure prosecution powers for MACC

Haparan leader cites AG's nonchalance over MACC probe on SRC Int'l as example of current problems.
  N Faizal Ghazali

Army corporal claims trial over alleged abuse of funds

Prosecution claims army man misappropriates Pulpak monies.

Why is MACC so chummy with Umno?

For the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to congratulate Umno on its 71st anniversary is uncalled for. The MACC is a government body and its budget is from public funds. Its job includes ensuring that Umno officers and members are not involved in corrupt practices.
  Ravinder Singh

Perkasa: Swear to God before swearing into office

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali says the proposal should apply to all senior gov't officials and civil servants, including the PM. 
  Koh Jun Lin

MACC seizes RM1.5m cash in expatriate, professional permits case

Two Kedah suspects are nabbed over the case involving work permits amounting to RM20 million.

What about Najib's 'lavish' lifestyle, DAP's MP asks MACC

No use going after young officers while ignoring the elephant in the room, says Teo Nie Ching. 

Khairuddin urges MACC chief commissioner to apologise

The statement congratulating Umno for its 71st anniversary is 'stupid, unethical and immoral', he adds.
  Hafiz Yatim

Over 15 to be charged in MACC drive against those who 'settle'

The commission is nabbing bribe givers in mostly traffic offence-related cases.

MACC and Gerah - what say you...

Mr Prime Minister, the chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) really needs your help.
  Saleh Mohammed

MACC in congratulatory message to Umno urges it to fight graft

This is so the party can be a role model to the next generation who will take over the country, it says.

Woman contractor nabbed over Penang zakat graft probe

Another contractor is detained over their misappropriation and CBT case involving Zakat Pulau Pinang.

MACC arrests TNB manager who accepted BMW as bribe

A Tenaga Nasional Berhad project manager and a renovation company owner have been detained.

Are politicians included in MACC's 'one graft arrest a week' pledge?

MP SPEAKS | DAP veteran wants MACC chief to explain if he will walk the talk to fight the corruption scourge. 
  Lim Kit Siang

Former aide to Malacca mayor charged with laundering RM19.3m

The former special officer is charged under Amlatfa and the Penal Code.

MACC rolls out Gerah to beef up anti-corruption drive

Anti-graft panel to host nationwide 'meet-the-people' sessions to bolster initiatives.

Nabbing corrupt officials should not be seasonal

YOURSAY | ‘Just act, irrespective of the culprit’s position, and you will be applauded.’

Hail to the MACC chief for being bold

COMMENT | This may be our last chance to get out of the ‘corruption trap’.
  Ramon Navaratnam

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