'Illegal' Umno means 'illegal' BN and no 'dacing' in GE14, Kit Siang claims

This because the Registrar of Societies has illegally allowed Umno to postpone its party polls, he argues.

Kit Siang: Najib "greatest manufacturer of fake news"

The barb comes after the caretaker PM called DAP's Nga Kor Ming a "creature who peddled fake news".

Salleh recalls how Anwar, Kit Siang joined hands to 'save M'sia from Dr M'

GE14 | The caretaker minister claims Harapan is all about the pursuit of power, not the nation's interests.

Humiliate me in public – Kit Siang renews PAC-1MDB offer to Najib

He wants Najib to show him the chapter and verse in the PAC report which purportedly clears him.

Why we still need vintage Kit Siang

COMMENT | Without him, there would be no Pakatan Harapan.
  Francis Paul Siah

Kit Siang: DAP not out to eliminate MCA, Gerakan, but...

GE14 | Only the two BN parties are capable of rendering themselves 'completely irrelevant.'

What is DAP's reason for wanting to eliminate MCA, Gerakan?

COMMENT | Its sole interest is to take ownership of the Chinese political representation.
  Ti Lian Ker

Kit Siang douses rumours, says DAP won't claim Perak MB post

GE14 | He assures voters that fears of DAP ruling Perak are unfounded. 

  Lu Wei Hoong

Kit Siang hurls 'turtle egg' at Ismail Sabri over 'fake news'

GE14 | Will caretaker minister and Utusan Malaysia be charged under the new law, he asks.

'Unearthly silence' on Rafidah's letter not an option - Kit Siang reminds Najib

He says not only Rafidah, but also 15 million voters and 31 million M'sians want to hear from the caretaker PM.

We need to save Sabah to save Malaysia

MP SPEAKS | People of Sabah still do not have basic infrastructures - clean water, electricity and education.  
  Lim Kit Siang

Kit Siang sees 'Mahathir' replacing 'Rahman' prophecy

As the legend goes, each letter in the name 'Rahman' represents one prime minister.

'Is Najib willing to be PM with just 16.5pct of popular vote?'

GE14 | DAP's Kit Siang says such a victory would be devoid of credibility, legitimacy, and authority.
  Lu Wei Hoong

We share Chen's pain on common logo, says Kit Siang

GE14 | All DAP supporters, members and leaders know this is painful yet necessary, says Lim Kit Siang. 

Shahrir: Kit Siang for JB? Interesting!

JB incumbent says he has no qualms going toe-to-toe with DAP supremo.
  Koh Jun Lin

What is Arul Kanda getting in return for spreading 1MDB ‘fake news’?

MP SPEAKS | He now claims Jho Low has nothing to do with Najib and Riza Aziz.
  Lim Kit Siang

What a strange week in Parliament

MP SPEAKS | It began with suspensions, saw protests, and ended with a 'ghost' haunting the House. 
  Steven Sim

There are no safe zones, Kit Siang reminds party leaders

GE14 | DAP supremo says this after Skudai rep Boo Cheng Hau refused to move to Labis.

A ghost in Parliament

LETTER | Lim Kit Siang is the fourth Member of Parliament to be evicted from the House this week.
  Steven Sim

Don't just think about it, sue me, Kit Siang dares Wee

But first, DAP veteran wants MCA leader to explain why his party voted in favour of redelineation bill.

Will Najib listen to brother's voice of reason, asks 'CIA, KGB, MI6 agent' Kit Siang

The DAP veteran issues a long list of all the fake news against him over the decades.

I can tolerate name-calling, not slander – Wee mulls suing Kit Siang

MCA leader dares DAP veteran to meet him face-to-face at tomorrow's forum to test his knowledge on the tunnel project.

House of Horror - There's only Altantuya's 'hantu', says Guan Eng

UPDATED 5.20PM | PARLIAMENT | Guan Eng says his father is 'real' and invokes the spectre of the slain Mongolian national.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Kit Siang turns invisible to speaker, Noh Omar 'hears, but can't see him'

UPDATED 2.31PM | PARLIAMENT| Opposition MPs were up in arms after the speaker 'turns a blind' eye to the DAP veteran's presence.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Jamal threatens to ‘kick’ Kit Siang, calls protesters ‘yellow-shirted dogs’

Red shirts leader says Bersih protesters at Parliament were too small in number to warrant a counter-rally.
  Shakira Buang

Kit Siang: I'm in the Twilight Zone, am I suspended or not?

Gelang Patah MP was in the house when it voted on the redelineation report, but his vote wasn't counted.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Kit Siang claims Abdul Rahman is the katana behind 'ninja assasin'

He accuses the BN strategic communication director of penning the undersea tunnel script for the not so 'original' Wee.

If Dr Lim Chong Eu is still alive today...

MP SPEAKS | He would have left the 'dark side' and crossed over to Harapan to save Malaysia from becoming a failed, kleptocratic state.
  Lim Kit Siang

Kit Siang emails Najib, seeks appointment on 'PAC report cleared me' remark

He wants the PM to show Tony Pua and him which part of the report on 1MDB absolved him of any wrongdoing in 1MDB.

Kit Siang throws three 1MDB shurikens at 'Ninja assassin' Wee

DAP veteran poses three questions to MCA number two on the 1MDB issue.
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