'Fake news' of pig roast BN's 'weapon' in GE14, says Kit Siang

The DAP veteran comments on a doctored photo of two Muslim Harapan leaders with a pig roast on their table.  

Kit Siang: GE14 will be about quinoa vs rice, klepto vs clean gov't

DAP veteran leader uses Najib's food faux pas to drive home the need for a change in gov't.

GE14: I never considered Bentong, Kit Siang tells Liow

He accuses the MCA president of 'craving the limelight' and using him for self-promotion.

Liow unfazed over facing Kit Siang in Bentong

'Kit Siang is fond of jumping from one place to another... all did not last long,' says MCA chief.

Three reasons why 'DAP devil' campaign will fail

MP SPEAKS | DAP is not anti-Malay and anti-Islam as demonstrated by the record of the Penang government.
  Lim Kit Siang

Kit Siang: Will MCMC use fake news laws against Najib?

DAP supremo asks if heftier fines mooted by MCMC will be used on both 'sharks' and 'ikan bilis.'

CNY foul-up shows cultural sensitivities matter little to BN

LETTER | Even after 60 years in government, MCA is still blaming others for their negligence.
  Muhammad Shakir Ameer, DAP Youth

Corruption can only be stopped with change of gov't: Kit Siang

DAP leader says this in light of the forced resignation of Jacob Zuma as South Africa's president.

MCA accuses Kit Siang of diverting attention with CNY video jibe

Ti Lian Ker tells the DAP veteran to focus on Penang's undersea tunnel issue, and not video viewership.

MCA leaders slain, Kit Siang hails DAP's triumph in battle of CNY videos

Veteran leader also points out that MCA's top guns are depending on Malay votes to win in GE14.

Writer: Old tweet on NFC, Muhyiddin now haunts Kit Siang

Utusan's Azman Ibrahim says it is comical that Muhyiddin and Lim are now in the same opposition coalition.

Hadi denies grudge against DAP over PM candidate issue

PAS chief rejects Kit Siang’s claim he is angry with DAP for refusing to back him as PM candidate in GE13.

M’sians should fear fake polls as much as fake news

MP SPEAKS | EC's move to invite observers for GE14 is welcomed, but more oversight still needed.
  Lim Kit Siang

Resign if you can't reunite Indira with her daughter, Kit Siang tells IGP

Unfathomable why the police fail to locate Indira's child despite their resources, says DAP supremo.
  Alyaa Azhar

Let’s have bipartisan 'anti-fake news' committee instead, says Kit Siang

Azalina-led committee will not inspire confidence, he claims, because BN propagates fake news.

Kit Siang: Will new MACC advisors urge probe on Dzulkifli? 1MDB?

They must prove they are not just ‘camouflaging the weaponisation of MACC,' DAP supremo says.

Kit Siang: Ayer Hitam the deciding seat in quest for Putrajaya

UPDATED 9.33PM | The DAP veteran, however, concedes that the BN-stronghold is not an easy seat to win. 
  Kow Gah Chie

Change gov’t now or wait 20 years, warns Kit Siang

UPDATED 5.49PM | He also reminds #UndiRosak campaigners that a 'third choice' doesn't exist.
  Kow Gah Chie

After reading ‘Fire and Fury,’ Kit Siang sees shades of Trump in Najib

UPDATED 9.16PM | DAP leader calls PM 'Trump-ish' in how he slams 'fake news' while producing his own. 
  Kow Gah Chie

'I thought I might not make it,' Kit Siang says on cancer scare

UPDATED 4.29PM | 'If this is the end of the story, where do we go from here?' DAP leader thought before his surgery.
  Kow Gah Chie

Kit Siang explains need for the rural Malay vote and Dr M

Lim stresses that Harapan is not merely seeking a change of government.

Kit Siang: I was demonised even while out of action

The DAP leader says this in his first public speech since a cancer operation last month.

'Kit Siang as PM' perception decreasing, says Mat Sabu

This after Harapan announced its PM and DPM candidates, says the Amanah president.
  N Faizal Ghazali

MCA man takes humiliation in stride, eyes Gelang Patah in GE14

'Jason Teoh's suffering' recounts the prospective candidate's humilitation of giving up the seat in GE13.

Kit Siang to make return this month, first stop Gelang Patah

The DAP leader is fit again after recovering from tumour removal surgery.
  Lu Wei Hoong

The three stooges of Malaysia

COMMENT | The serious business of politics is now entertaining, akin to the slapstick comedy show.
  Ti Lian Ker

'Najib, why not heed Kit Siang's call for 1MDB, Felda RCI too?'

Why only heed the call for forex RCI from 20 years ago, DAP's Lim Guan Eng asks PM. 

Out with the old in the new year

COMMENT | As we say goodbye to 2017, some elderly politicians should learn to say the same.
  Kua Kia Soong

Kit Siang undergoes successful tumour removal surgery

The DAP leader who underwent surgery on Dec 19 is expected to recover from stage 1 cancer, says Guan Eng.

MP: Liow singing from Hadi's sheet on Kit Siang as PM

Tony Pua accuses MCA of peddling the 'same fear-mongering rhetoric' as PAS.

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