Kit Siang: 'Wasatiyyah' giving way to hate and lies

While Malaysia preaches 'moderation' abroad, things are not looking rosy back home.

Will Annuar take the rap for racist essay contest?

MP SPEAKS | DAP Youth says book breaches the law for not displaying the names of publisher and printer as required. 
  Lim Kit Siang

Annuar: Umno defends Chinese, DAP will ruin them

The people who love the Chinese the most are Umno Malays, says party information chief.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Anonymous author bags top prize for 'Kit Siang racist' contest

Utusan journalist and blogger Raja Petra are among other winners.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Salleh claims Najib outwits Kit Siang in DAP's 'Malay face' plan

'Najib aware Kit Siang is afraid of the Malays realising DAP is the most powerful (party) in Harapan'.

Hadi cheerful, recovering from surgery

The PAS president thanks those who prayed for his health.

Kit Siang wishes Hadi a speedy recovery

The PAS chief underwent surgery at the IJN yesterday to replace a leaking heart valve.

Kit Siang: PAS can't win 40 seats without Umno pact

The DAP veteran also sheds doubts on PAS' ambition to capture five states, especially Pahang and Selangor. 

Are politicians included in MACC's 'one graft arrest a week' pledge?

MP SPEAKS | DAP veteran wants MACC chief to explain if he will walk the talk to fight the corruption scourge. 
  Lim Kit Siang

How many Malaysians will believe that I want to be the PM?

MP SPEAKS | Or, for that matter, that I want the post so as to make my son Guan Eng the deputy prime minister?
  Lim Kit Siang

Umno to return Gelang Patah seat to MCA in GE14

The MCA candidate, to be chosen by BN national leadership, will face DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang, says Johor MB.

Kit Siang believes GE14 will be his last election

And the DAP veteran reiterates he prefers to have this possibly last polls battle in Gelang Patah.

In Gelang Patah, Dr M swaps daggers with gold for Kit Siang

It’s a stark contrast from GE13, when the ex-PM urged voters to make the town Lim’s ‘burial ground’.

Kit Siang not returning to Penang for GE14

INTERVIEW | It is not part of my father's strategic planning, says Guan Eng.
  Susan Loone

You taught us to hate DAP and Kit Siang, portal tells Dr M

Pro-Umno portal wonders if forex scandal is the reason for Dr M's latest glowing praises for DAP.

You're probing an 'elephant carcass', Kit Siang tells forex sleuths

He also wants the task force to summon Najib and senior minister Mustapha Mohamed as well.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Kit Siang to face forex task force

While agreeing with probe on forex losses, Lim Kit Siang says 1MDB probe is far more urgent.

Kit Siang: Propaganda surrounding 1MDB-IPIC settlement backfired

Despite the gov't's excessive campaigns to justify the deal, many questions still remain, says the DAP supremo. 

Najib's fake news battle cry sparks joust over false tidings

Lim Kit Siang accuses PM Najib of spreading fake news himself while Umno minister Salleh accuses Dr Mahathir of doing the same. 

Salleh asks Kit Siang to clarify position in Pakatan Harapan

'All these so-called advisers are unelected and another word for unelected leader is dictator,' says the Umno minister.

Kit Siang wants to debate PM on 'Malaysian patriot'

He believes Umno leaders are maligning their former leaders for 'becoming stooges or puppets' after stepping down from office.

How many times did you meet Jho Low after GE13, Kit Siang asks Najib

He wants to know where and when these meetings took place, and what was discussed.

'Mortifying to be attacked but it makes me stronger'

MP SPEAKS | DAP's Lim Kit Siang weighs into the sustained campaign of attacks against him.
  Lim Kit Siang

Kit Siang sees no humour in April Fool’s offensive against him

‘Clearly, this was part of a massive propaganda psy-war against me, says the DAP veteran.

Umno outsources hate speech through Kit Siang essay contest

‘Kit Siang has been subjected to the worst excesses...’
  S Thayaparan

Salleh: Is Harapan Malay appointee Kit Siang's Ali Baba ploy?

He suggests Kit Siang should hold the post of Harapan chairperson since the pact is numerically dominated by DAP.

After BN rejection, no need for Act 355 bill passage, says Kit Siang

The matter is moot as the BN minister will not, or rather cannot follow through, or risk going against the party line, he explains.

Kit Siang: U-turn shows Act 355 criticisms not 'anti-Islam'

DAP veteran adds the BN supreme council managed to prevent the 'final funeral rites' of its consensus system.

Kit Siang part of DAP's problem, claims Rahman Dahlan

Lim and DAP's string of GE losses show he is not qualified to teach 'strategy', says BN strategic communications chief.

Bersatu Youth chief eyes RM50k prize for 'Kit Siang racist' contest

Syed Saddiq's essay however lists issues related to Umno-BN and its leaders instead.

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