Penang gov't hands out cash to cops for their 'dedication'

Four traffic police officers receive RM250 from the state gov't for heroics after a truck crash.
  Susan Loone

Guan Eng: If The Star can misquote Ka Siong, what more DAP leaders?

CM claims Chinese media reporters hounded his family and press team on whether he met with an accident.

Guan Eng in Ayer Hitam: Wee says he was misquoted

The MCA deputy president provides the media with an audio recording of his press conference.

Guan Eng dismisses claim he wants to contest in Ayer Hitam

'This is only the fourth day of Chinese New Year, please stop lying,' he tells MCA deputy president.
  Susan Loone

FZ ordered to pay RM185k for defaming Guan Eng over Merc

Judge also orders that RM135k be paid to Tan Kok Ping over article linking tycoon to CM's car.

Undersea tunnel: BN man claims Penang gov't churning out lies, half-truths

State gov't is increasingly acting like a drowning person grasping at straws, says Eric See-To.

Penangites rise together in the Year of the Dog

LETTER | Great strides made in recent years which the state gov't wants to build on in 2018.
  Lim Guan Eng

Go for counselling, Lim tells Kamalanathan after 'self-harm' remark

Deputy minister should be sympathetic instead of blaming Vasanthapiriya, CM says.
  Susan Loone

Pointless to rebut Wee until he comes clean on '10 lies'

LETTER | No point rebutting allegations about Penang transport projects, until minister clears up 'lies' against state gov't.
  Lim Guan Eng

Why has Penang tunnel main contractor only been paid RM3m?

LETTER | CRCC has only received a paltry amount of the payment they were promised. 
  Wee Ka Siong

Wee hits back at Guan Eng with ‘Master of trickery’ title

Minister claims Penang CM misled state assembly on role of undersea tunnel’s main contractor.

Guan Eng: Has PM forgotten he witnessed Penang tunnel MoU signing?

Penang CM rebuts Najib's claim about 'wasteful' tunnel, reminds PM about presence at MoU signing in 2011.
  Susan Loone

MCA now needles CM on another China firm in Penang tunnel project

Is Guan Eng aware that BUCG does not own 10 percent of Zenith shares, Wee Ka Siong asks.

No point arguing with Guan Eng, says MCA’s Wee

Lim refuses to admit he lied despite the 'abundance of documented proof' I have shown, the minister adds.

No light at end of tunnel row: CM makes MCA's 'proof' go 'poof'

Guan Eng again urges MCA leader to prove how he lied about construction firm in tunnel project.

Guan Eng: Did I ever say CRCC is a Zenith shareholder?

We have always maintained that CRCC is the project's main contractor, the Penang CM adds. 
  Susan Loone

Despite MCA attacks, Lim eyes GE14 as referendum for tunnel project

If the project proceeds and becomes a reality, it will be the end of BN, says Penang CM.

Penang tunnel: Teng rebuts Guan Eng on size of Tg Tokong land

State BN chair says figures given by CM and state exco on size of land differ by two acres.

Harapan 'not broken' in Penang despite PKR-Guan Eng conflict

PKR-sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution says such incidents are isolated, won't affect inter-party morale.
  Susan Loone

Crying sabotage, Guan Eng says unsure if highway projects will proceed

'We wanted to start work on the project but got sabotaged, so we do not know whether this project will go on,' says the Penang CM. 

Undersea tunnel project: Penang CM produces agreement

Guan Eng shows proof tunnel agreements are stamped, legally binding.
  Susan Loone

'Robot's fuse will burn' – Guan Eng vs Ka Siong spat goes hi-tech

In the latest instalment of the tunnel tit-for-tat, an educational robot is roped in.
  Susan Loone

Wee contradicting himself, distorting facts: Guan Eng

It is a political witch-hunt when they question a project done in a transparent matter, he adds.

I'm glad for not having a lecturer like you, Wee tells Guan Eng

MCA deputy president responds to CM's 'lecturer and student' jibe in undersea tunnel debate.

Guan Eng: If Wee were my student, he would fail

The MCA vice-president is diverting public attention, he adds.
  Susan Loone

Come clean on Penang tunnel ‘agreement’ with China firm, Wee asks CM

He says 'acknowledgement of commitment' signed with CRCC is not a legally binding agreement.

CM decries MACC double standards on Penang tunnel ‘false info’ leak

Guan Eng points to commission springing to action over leaks in Johor housing scandal.

Tunnel kickback claims 'desperate lies', says Guan Eng

He will disprove the 'mudslinging' allegations tomorrow, the Penang CM says.
  Susan Loone

Even Najib can invest in Penang tunnel, CM schools MCA deputy

Lim tells Wee Ka Siong even he can invest, and it wouldn't affect the project's viability.

Tunnel muddle: Court battle looms between Guan Eng, Teng

'I hope he doesn't wiggle out of it,' says the Penang CM.
  Susan Loone

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