Amid plunge in total investments, Penang nabs 45pct share

The state government rakes in RM7.7 billion despite a slowdown hitting the rest of the country.
  Susan Loone

MCA slams Guan Eng as 'gutless, spineless' over Taliban preacher

'Cowardice' of the chief minister contravenes DAP's past criticism of MCA, says Ti Lian Ker.

Guan Eng: Malaysian Indian Blueprint meaningless unless...

Useful reforms are made, like giving ICs to stateless Indians, says Penang CM.

Cops arrest preacher Wan Ji over insulting sultans claims

UPDATED 8.30PM | Wan Ji Wan Husin is detained after he delivers Friday sermon in Seberang Perai.

In beer fest and royal visit, Lim sees parallels in cops’ role

Both are potential targets, Penang CM says, but only one has been cancelled.

Step down, Rosmah's aide tells 'power crazy' Guan Eng

Rizal Mansor tells Lim to respect the DAP constitution and relinquish his secretary-general post.

Arrest deputy minister over bogus dentist case, Guan Eng urges MACC

Penang CM wants the commission to act in the same manner as it did against his exco Phee Boon Poh.

Guan Eng will seek re-election as sec-gen for third term

Lim also says the ROS decision is 'unjustified and unnecessary'. 
  Susan Loone

Will CEC re-election see Guan Eng reign in DAP until 2020?

This is because the coming re-election will void his 2012 election as sec-gen, for the third time. 
  Lee Way Loon

‘PAS should condemn Umno over Communist Party links, not DAP'

This comes from the same parties calling him and his father cousins of Chin Peng, says Guan Eng. 
  Susan Loone

Perak MB denies religious conflict report on Guan Eng

On a Bernama report quoting Zambry Abd Kadir as saying Lim wanted to create conflict between religions.

Guan Eng wants to create conflict between religions, claims Perak MB

Zambry Abd Kadir responds to the Penang CM's tweet today on Umno's ties with China.

Why no lawsuit despite three legal letters, Gerakan man asks Guan Eng

Does this mean his remarks on the Peel Avenue land deal are not defamatory, wonders Jason Loo. 
  Susan Loone

Guan Eng: DAP attractive enough to support without 'indoctrination'

Sec-gen says party can attract support on its own merits, no need for compulsion.
  Susan Loone

Oktoberfest is on in Penang, non-alcoholic beer included

This is to address drink driving concerns, and to keep up with the 'current trend' in Germany, says organiser. 

Lodge report on bribe offer, Penang CM tells Syed Saddiq

And the media, on its part, must expose the person who tried to bribe him, Lim Guan Eng adds.
  Susan Loone

Don’t be like a husband scolding the wife at home, Najib told

Penang CM makes this call when referring to the PM’s response to complaints about GST.
  Susan Loone

Guan Eng rains criticism on 'BN media' over flood coverage

He claims the media gave the impression that only Penang was flooded.

Penang floods: State gov't to give victims one-off aid of RM400

UPDATED 4.00PM | Chief minister stresses payment is one-off and will not set a precedent. 

MCA targets Guan Eng as 'croc' video surfaces, fish swim on roads

Wee Ka Siong turns the clock back to when Penang CM vowed to solve the floods in Pahang.

CMs, MBs must obtain Education Ministry permission to visit schools

It has been a norm for state gov’t leaders to get the minister’s okay to visit schools, says state education head.

Guan Eng no bully, aide tells Puteri Umno

Guan Eng's legal officer says he never 'bullied' Norlela Ariffin.

Guan Eng: Explain why I was barred from visiting Chinese school

Penang CM wants to know why the Education Ministry barred him from visiting the school in Sg Lembu. 
  Susan Loone

MACC to initiate legal action against 'no apology' Guan Eng

Commission says the matter has been referred to the AG for further action.

Guan Eng: Reclaim the promise of Merdeka

Be political life-changers, economic game-changers, Penang CM urges in National Day message.

Chow: Do other reclamation projects in M'sia not impact fishermen?

Federal gov't asked to assess Penang South Reclamation project on technical, not political grounds. 
  Susan Loone

MACC to decide on Sept 4 on action against Guan Eng

MACC says will consider legal action after CM failed to apologise before the 48-hour deadline.

Stop playing victim and apologise to MACC, Ti tells Guan Eng

According to Ti Lian Ker, the DAP secretary-general's statement is a sign of desperation.

Ramkarpal defends Guan Eng's remarks against MACC

Lim's remarks about Phee Boon Poh's 'illegal' detention are justified, says Bukit Gelugor MP. 

MACC gives Guan Eng 48hrs to apologise over 'illegal' detention remark

If the chief minister fails to do so, the commission says it will take action against him.

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