Understanding the Penang undersea tunnel project

KINIGUIDE | Politics aside, here are the facts behind MACC's ongoing probe into the mega-project.

1988 judicial crisis - revisiting history of Salleh Abas' removal

KINIGUIDE | The matter resurfaces after Dr M apologised for his past misdeeds, albeit without specifics.

Will your property make way for KL-S'pore HSR?

KINIGUIDE | The present alignment cuts through at least nine neighbourhoods.

What's in the biggest data theft in Malaysian history?

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini breaks down the nature and implications of the data theft for you.

The ‘freak storm’ that wreaked havoc on Penang

KINIGUIDE | Penang experienced its heaviest rainfall in recorded history, 315mm in a single day.

The competing interests in the KL-Singapore HSR project

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini tracks the details of the high-speed rail project and the views on it. 

The ‘froth’ over beer festivals

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini takes a gulp of the controversy.

Dusting off history books on Memali tragedy

KINIGUIDE | 32 years later, the ghost of Memali is summoned to haunt the nation.

Are new measures against child sexual crimes working?

KINIGUIDE | ‘Monster dad’ could potentially face more than 12,000 years of imprisonment.

1MDB's debt payment plan and how it doesn't add up

KINIGUIDE | After two years of stripping 1MDB to repay its debts, we trace where the money has gone.

Controversial Poca resurfaces with new amendments

KINIGUIDE | Among others, the decision by the Prevention of Crime Board cannot be reviewed by the court.

Keeping up with the 40-year Kg Gatco row

KINIGUIDE | Take a tour of the long-drawn land dispute over this oddly-named kampong. 

What Harapan can and can’t do if it wins GE14

KINIGUIDE | What if Harapan gets a simple majority in Parliament.

Constitutional conundrum over judicial appointments

KINIGUIDE | Service extension of CJ and Court of Appeal president puts judiciary under the radar.

What is Tourism Tax all about?

KINIGUIDE | Another tax on top of GST has raised industry players and stakeholders' eyebrows.

The 'BM waiver for medical grads' issue explained

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini unravels the issue that has prompted an outcry in some political circles.

What's in DOJ's third and latest bombshell?

KINIGUIDE | This time, it claims that US$4.5b (almost RM20b) had been misappropriated.

Here's why the US DOJ opted for civil action instead

KINIGUIDE | An excerpt of our Kiniguide on the matter, following Hisham's call for DOJ to press criminal charges.

How valuable were Mrs MO1's diamonds?

KINIGUIDE | This guide looks at the valuation of diamonds and whether the diamonds mentioned by US DOJ are truly 'forever'.

Who are the new characters in DOJ's latest suit?

KINIGUIDE | The court filing refers to them as '1MDB Officer 4', and '1MDB-SRC Office'.

All you need to know about the FGV crisis

KINIGUIDE | How the crisis started and what is going on in this once top-earning company...

How does self-regulation of the media work?

KINIGUIDE | The press in neighbouring and Western countries are moving towards self-regulation. What can we learn from them?

Who’s who behind the Dalian Wanda Group

KINIGUIDE | Many wonder who is behind the world’s biggest private property developer.

Deconstructing TRX and Bandar Malaysia

KINIGUIDE | This is to understand what the gov't plans to achieve, and what troubles have developed along the way.

A look at how the WannaCry ransomware works

KINIGUIDE | As the dust settles, we take a look at how it works, and how it got so prolific.

Shedding light on tahfiz schools

KINIGUIDE | The death of 11-year-old Thaqif Amin in the Quranic studies school has shocked the nation.

The ins and outs of non-Muslim worship house rules in S'gor and beyond

KINIGUIDE | Malaysiakini takes a look at guidelines practised in several states and the federal level.

What happens next to Act 355?

KINIGUIDE | Whether or not it will become law depends on whether it can get the requisite support.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Unearthing the 25-year-old forex scandal

KINIGUIDE | The government has now set up a task force to investigate Bank Negara’s foreign exchange transactions at the time.

Quick guide to rules concerning voter's address

KINIGUIDE | EC rules say voters only have to be registered according to the MyKad address.

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