But money can't buy Jho love

DOJ filing purportedly shows how the businessman buys jewellery to make his lady friends feel alright.

Kerr hands over US$8.1m worth of jewellery to DOJ

Kerr turned them over to gov't agents on Friday from her safe deposit box in LA.

NRD to look into Jho Low's 'dual citizenship'

UPDATED 3.22PM | Dept DG Yazid Ramli says they will liaise with the Immigration Dept on the matter. 
  Koh Jun Lin

DAP rep submits complaint to NRD on Jho Low's dual citizenship

Tanjung MP Ng Wei Aik hands over a letter on Jho Low to the dept's assistant director Mohd Shamsul Ariffin.
  Susan Loone

The hunt for Jho Low's mega yacht - The Equanimity

Its last known location was on June 13 - three days before DOJ's latest filing.

How valuable were Mrs MO1's diamonds?

KINIGUIDE | This guide looks at the valuation of diamonds and whether the diamonds mentioned by US DOJ are truly 'forever'.

The 1MDB players - in their own words

Malaysiakini highlights interesting quotes from the DOJ's 251-page filing on 1MDB.
  Malaysiakini Team

Report: Low says DOJ's latest action 'inappropriate'

It continues efforts to seize assets despite not having proven any improprieties, he says in an emailed statement.

A RM2.6b question: Why is Putrajaya not probing Jho Low?

YOURSAY | ‘We’ve a single M’sian who is seemingly dragging 30m people with him into the mud.’

DOJ: Jho Low spent US$10m on jewellery for Aussie model, mom

Businessman allegedly showered model Miranda Kerr with diamonds using 1MDB funds.

'Jho Low's award-winning superyacht bought with 1MDB funds'

Called The Equanimity, the yacht had among others, a helicopter landing pad, cinema, pool and an experimental shower.

'Dual national Low bought over US$1b in properties with 1MDB cash'

The DOJ says Low represented himself as a 'third generation steward' of a large family trust fund.

Report: Jho Low laundered US$50m 'stolen' 1MDB funds via US energy firm

WSJ claims the allegation was mentioned in an asset seizure lawsuit by the DOJ.

DOJ moves to seize London properties linked to 1MDB fund

The US gov’t files lawsuits to seize RM416m worth of properties purchased by Jho Low in London.

Jho Low's Park Lane Hotel in New York on sale now

He has a major stake in the US$654m hotel, and when sold, his stake will be seized by the US gov’t, US daily reports.

Guan Eng: Go after big sharks and crocs, like Jho Low

Penanag CM urges tax department to reel in 'big economic criminals', not just catch small fry.
  Susan Loone

Gov't can strip Jho Low's citizenship, says Zahid

Home minister adds that the police have also concluded probe on ex-1MDB CEO.

How many times did you meet Jho Low after GE13, Kit Siang asks Najib

He wants to know where and when these meetings took place, and what was discussed.

Why no police action on Jho Low, like remand against Hew?

Action is to be taken against Jho Low in the US - but why nothing here, asks DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng.
  Susan Loone

Report: US preparing criminal charges against Jho Low

Plans involve charges of wire fraud and money-laundering against Low and some of his associates, WSJ quotes sources.

Guan Eng: Why not probe Jho Low's father, also a Tan Sri?

Penang CM questions why the authorities are ignoring the 'elephant in the room', in cracking down against graft.
  Susan Loone

Kit Siang: What about Najib-Jho Low 'ali baba' partnership?

Veteran DAP figure says 1MDB affair has PM and Jho Low's fingerprints.

US court gives nod for sale of Jho Low's NYC hotel

DOJ claims 1MDB funds was used in acquisition of US$654m hotel in Manhattan.

Poser over Jho Low’s jet - is it impounded?

Several reports claim that the aircraft had been seized in S’pore, but authorities are keeping mum.
  Koh Jun Lin

Report: DOJ seeks to remove Jho Low's stake in NY hotel

The motion in federal court aims to stabilise the ailing hotel and set up a process for selling Low's stake in the property.

Swiss regulator fines bank which handled Jho Low's Good Star account

Finma says Coutts seriously breached money-laundering regulations by failing to carry out adequate background checks.

Red Granite zips lips on claim by real 'Wolf of Wall Street' personality

The movie’s producers are 'criminals', says the man on whose biography the film is based.

Arrest Jho Low following revelations in S'pore court, M'sian authorities told

C4's executive director wants 1MDB investigation in Malaysia to be reopened.

Auckland court to hear Jho Low's relatives over DOJ asset seizures

The assets include a Bombardier private jet, a hotel in Beverly Hills, a NZ$55m LA mansion and two Manhattan apartments.

Don’t expect authorities to cancel Jho Low’s passport

YOURSAY | ‘This alleged crook is untouchable because if he falls, all will go down as well.’

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