Ultimately, the billions for IPIC are paid by taxpayers

YOURSAY | ‘And why are we paying IPIC if we had already paid Aabar BVI?’

Tony Pua: How did 1MDB pay IPIC?

 UPDATED 12.47PM | PJ Utara MP asks if MOF extended funds to 1MDB and if taxpayers ended up paying the US$602 million owed.

IPIC: 1MDB has paid up the first tranche of settlement due

'IPIC has received the funds required to be paid by Aug 31,' the investment firm tells the London Stock Exchange.     

Irwan: 'Wait and see' if 1MDB will pay IPIC

UPDATED 2.15PM | 1MDB paid half of the US$602m owed on Aug 12, with deadline for balance expiring tomorrow.
  Annabelle Lee

'How did 1MDB make 'equivalent' of US$350mil payment to IPIC?'

DAP PJ Utara MP Tony Pua does the math and finds troubling questions.

'Is the extra US$40m 1MDB paid to IPIC interest for being late?'

If it is, it is a hefty and extortionate 'default' penalty, says DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang.  

1MDB makes partial payment of US$350m to IPIC

UPDATED 4.55PM | The payment was made before 1MDB was scheduled to pay IPIC US$310 million on Aug 12.

1MDB wasting public funds by accruing interest on late payment

YOURSAY | ‘The constant delays in repaying IPIC reflect badly on 1MDB’s managers.’

IPIC extends deadline for 1MDB, wants partial payment by Aug 12

UPDATED 5.40PM | In a filing to the London Stock Exchange, IPIC says 1MDB is obliged to pay at least US$310 million by this Saturday.

Report: 1MDB likely to miss deadline, again

Failure to meet the deadline today will cause 'additional obligations' to be imposed on 1MDB. 

Bailout is only way out for 1MDB, says Pua

No bank will touch the 'investment fund units' meant for paying IPIC, says the MP.

Johari: Gov't not issuing RM2.5b bond to help 1MDB

The minister says it’s a normal bond to fund the budget deficit, denies a 1MDB link.

1MDB yet to ask gov't for help to pay IPIC, says Johari

UPDATED 2.25PM | The gov't will not assist 1MDB if it does not ask for help, says the second finance minister.
  Kow Gah Chie

Harapan: Failure to pay IPIC proves misappropriation of 1MDB

Pakatan Harapan info chiefs urge the Bank Negara, police and MACC to conduct probes into the matter.

Najib denies 1MDB unable to pay IPIC, says it's technical

PARLIAMENT | This is not expected to hurt confidence in the M'sian economy, Najib tells the House.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

IPIC: 1MDB and MOF Inc have 5 days to 'remedy' situation

Failure to comply will subject 1MDB and MOF Inc to 'additional obligations'.

1MDB misses noon deadline to pay IPIC

UPDATE 4.25PM | 1MDB admits that it is waiting for funds that have been delayed to later this month.

1MDB's deadline to pay IPIC, today at noon

UPDATED 10.49AM | The embattled state fund has to pay RM2.58 billion to the Abu-Dhabi based sovereign wealth fund over its settlement agreement. 

Jasa claims RM43m fine against bank linked to IPIC, not 1MDB

This is because the key person involved is IPIC’s former managing director, says Jasa.

Group demands PM to explain queries over 1MDB-IPIC deal

GANT1 wants to know whether action will be taken against IPIC officers to recover the US$3.5 billion.
  Geraldine Tong

Int'l court grants consent award, paves way for IPIC-1MDB settlement

In a filing with the London Stock Exchange, IPIC reveals the consent award was granted on Tuesday.

Spinning 1MDB’s lopsided settlement

1MDB has capitulated to all IPIC demands.
  P Gunasegaram

Pua: Rope in auditor-general, PAC to relook into 1MDB

This is in light of new evidence, including information regarding the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration settlement, says DAP lawmaker. 

BN lawmaker tells minister to reveal letter on Aabar BVI

Marcus Mojigoh also says Johari should not have contradicted the prime minister on this matter.

Heads must roll over 1MDB-lPIC arbitration’s verdict

COMMENT | The attorney-general must now act to get the real culprits.
  Dzulkefly Ahmad

Did Johari just blame PM for blowing US$3.5b in 1MDB ‘settlement’?

MP SPEAKS | He should quit as finance minister II if he feels the IPIC deal is ‘beyond him’.
  Tony Pua

Moody's: 1MDB-IPIC deal does little to alleviate uncertainties in M'sia

'As long as there are bonds outstanding, there will be contingent risks to the M'sian gov't'.

Minister says letter confirms Aabar BVI is IPIC subsidiary

EXCLUSIVE | UPDATED 6PM | Johari says letter is from BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs. This leads to the question as to why Malaysian team opted for a settlement then.
  Kow Gah Chie & Nigel Aw

Johari must explain the US$3.51b already paid to IPIC

MP SPEAKS | Is agreeing to pay US$7.01 billion for a US$3.5 billion loan the 'responsible' thing to do? 
  Tony Pua

Where did 1MDB payments to Aabar go, BN's PAC rep asks MOF

Aziz Sheikh Fadzir believes the Finance Ministry still owes PAC some answers.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

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