Jasa claims RM43m fine against bank linked to IPIC, not 1MDB

This is because the key person involved is IPIC’s former managing director, says Jasa.

Group demands PM to explain queries over 1MDB-IPIC deal

GANT1 wants to know whether action will be taken against IPIC officers to recover the US$3.5 billion.
  Geraldine Tong

Int'l court grants consent award, paves way for IPIC-1MDB settlement

In a filing with the London Stock Exchange, IPIC reveals the consent award was granted on Tuesday.

Spinning 1MDB’s lopsided settlement

1MDB has capitulated to all IPIC demands.
  P Gunasegaram

Pua: Rope in auditor-general, PAC to relook into 1MDB

This is in light of new evidence, including information regarding the 1MDB-IPIC arbitration settlement, says DAP lawmaker. 

BN lawmaker tells minister to reveal letter on Aabar BVI

Marcus Mojigoh also says Johari should not have contradicted the prime minister on this matter.

Heads must roll over 1MDB-lPIC arbitration’s verdict

COMMENT | The attorney-general must now act to get the real culprits.
  Dzulkefly Ahmad

Did Johari just blame PM for blowing US$3.5b in 1MDB ‘settlement’?

MP SPEAKS | He should quit as finance minister II if he feels the IPIC deal is ‘beyond him’.
  Tony Pua

Moody's: 1MDB-IPIC deal does little to alleviate uncertainties in M'sia

'As long as there are bonds outstanding, there will be contingent risks to the M'sian gov't'.

Minister says letter confirms Aabar BVI is IPIC subsidiary

EXCLUSIVE | UPDATED 6PM | Johari says letter is from BVI Registrar of Corporate Affairs. This leads to the question as to why Malaysian team opted for a settlement then.
  Kow Gah Chie & Nigel Aw

Johari must explain the US$3.51b already paid to IPIC

MP SPEAKS | Is agreeing to pay US$7.01 billion for a US$3.5 billion loan the 'responsible' thing to do? 
  Tony Pua

Where did 1MDB payments to Aabar go, BN's PAC rep asks MOF

Aziz Sheikh Fadzir believes the Finance Ministry still owes PAC some answers.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

‘Puad simply not making sense’

As an ordinary member of the public, I find Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zakarshi’s statement as most illogical.
  Stephen Ng

Puad says no double payment in 1MDB-IPIC case

UPDATED 10.20PM | Umno leader claims 1MDB will not assume principal payments for bonds.

Now the best time to declassify 1MDB audit report, says PAS

This is in view of the reported settlement reached between Malaysia and IPIC, says Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

Settlement shows Malaysians will pay double what 1MDB owes

MP SPEAKS | Taxpayers will end up paying US$7 billion to settle US$3.5 billion in bonds.
  Tony Pua

IPIC and 1MDB reach settlement, to pay US$1.2b by year-end

UPDATED 7PM | IPIC seeking a total of US$6.5b, negotiations on payments made by 1MDB to 'certain parties' will continue.

I’m not involved in 1MDB settlement talks, clarifies Johari

‘It is being done by 1MDB with PMO’s officers,’ says the finance minister II.
  Geraldine Tong

Tuan Ibrahim: 1MDB-IPIC row may drag on till 2020

UPDATED 2.39PM | The PAS deputy chief says the present settlement is not the end of the story, pointing to the US$3.5b question.

Will taxpayers foot 1MDB's US$1.2b settlement with IPIC, asks Rafizi

PKR leader wants minister Johari Abdul Ghani to address questions on the imminent 1MDB-IPIC settlement.

Can 1MDB-IPIC settlement derail DOJ's case?

A report says the settlement may result in what is legally known as 'no predicate offence'.

Report: 1MDB settlement with IPIC imminent

Singapore daily cites sources as saying the agreement would see 1MDB pay IPIC US$1.2 billion by year end.

1MDB-IPIC arbitration is confidential, says Finance Ministry

The ministry cannot reveal details as it is bound by court guidelines, it says in written reply to a query in Parliament.

1MDB-IPIC talks deadlocked, say sources

There is disagreement over how much money 1MDB should pay IPIC.
  Stanley Carvalho & Praveen Menon, Reuters

1MDB chair: Arbitration process with IPIC still ongoing

UPDATED 2PM | Irwan Serigar Abdullah also denies claims 1MDB is seeking China’s aid to settle IPIC debt.
  Kow Gah Chie & Alyaa Alhadjri

What else are you waiting for, Najib?

COMMENT | It is time for Najib to come forward to tell the whole story, now or never!
  Stephen Ng

Johari unaware of China link in 1MDB repayment to IPIC

The second finance minister sees no reason to drag China into the matter.
  Kow Gah Chie

Report: China to be 1MDB’s new white knight in dispute with IPIC

UPDATED 7.54PM | According to the Financial Times, China has been approached as a source of funds for 1MDB.

Cops finish first phase of 1MDB probe, cabinet restricts it to PAC recommendations

UPDATED 7.30PM | IGP says police are waiting for further orders from the Attorney-General's Chambers.
  Shakira Buang

Ex-Abu Dhabi official in Swiss crosshairs over stolen 1MDB funds

UPDATED 12.02PM | Khadem under probe for alleged fraud, money laundering and corruption.

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