Why the rush to demolish Peel Ave heritage buildings, asks Gerakan

Penang Gerakan wonder why buildings to be demolished before approval of Island Hospital expansion.

Gerakan: DAP 'offends' the country on major occasions

Unlike DAP, Gerakan knows there are proper avenues and times for politicking, says veep Dominic Lau.

Kit Siang: Gerakan now a 'Three Stooges' party

Lim also derides Gerakan for not saying a word about the 1MDB scandal.

Nga's Jho Low and SEA Games jibe riles Gerakan

Dominic Lau accuses Nga of malicious intent for linking the 1MDB scandal to the ongoing SEA Games.

Gerakan challenges Kit Siang to contest in Penang

State BN chair Teng Chang Yeow has been chosen to challenge the DAP adviser, says Gerakan.  

Illegal factory expanded under DAP gov't, claims Gerakan

Gerakan man presents satellite evidence that allegedly shows the factory becoming more 'visible' since DAP took Penang in 2008.

Why no action on illegal factories, Guan Eng asks ex-BN gov't

The Penang CM urges the previous Gerakan-led government to state their position on the matter.  
  Susan Loone

Gerakan names candidates for Batu, Kepong and Segambut

The party is optimistic of Chinese support increasing beyond 30 pct, from only 13.4 pct in GE13.

Review G25 book ban, urges G'kan Youth deputy

Andy Yong says he finds nothing 'prejudicial to public order' as claimed.

Gerakan sues Guan Eng for defamation over reclaimed land

This suit is for Lim's claim that Gerakan under former head Koh Tsu Koon sold state land for RM1 per sq foot.
  Susan Loone

Guan Eng finds no reason to apologise to Gerakan

He questions Gerakan's five-year delay in launching a defamation suit against him.
  Susan Loone

Dr M and the mic of premiership, according to Keng Liang

The G'kan Youth chief foretells Harapan's leader, by who holds the microphone during the line-up unveiling.

  Geraldine Tong

Gerakan to send legal notice to Guan Eng over reclaimed land

UPDATED 4.36PM | They want Lim to apologise formally and without condition through a press conference, within three days.

Go ahead, file the injunction, Guan Eng tells Gerakan

We are waiting for the action to be taken to court because we have nothing to hide, insists Penang CM.  
  Susan Loone

Waive tuition fees at state-owned universities first, Harapan Youth told

Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang challenges Nik Nazmi to table a proposal to waive at the upcoming S'gor exco meeting.

Don't cry sabotage over mismanagement, Gerakan tells DAP

Dominic Lau says this in reference to Chow Kon Yeow's comment about the Penang government's project.

Gerakan mulls injunction bid to stop Penang tunnel project

UPDATED 5.50PM | Vice-president Dominic Lau says the party’s legal bureau is currently studying the matter.
  Koh Jun Lin

PKR tells Gerakan 'saviours' to mind their own business

Penang Gerakan's claim to save PKR from DAP's alleged 'bullying' fails to impress.
  Susan Loone

Gerakan willing to mediate between Guan Eng and Seng Giaw

Tan's Facebook post has vindicated Gerakan's claims about overdevelopment in Penang, Dominic Lau says.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Gerakan candidates for GE14 to be screened by MACC

President Mah Siew Keong said 45 candidates were identified comprising new and old faces. 

DAP lawmaker denies PKR is marginalised in Penang

Ng Wei Aik calls Gerakan, which made such claim, a 'headless, senseless, gutless, and shameless party'. 
  Susan Loone

Penang gov't, Gerakan bicker over transparency issues

State government denies hiding information on the reclamation exercise.
  Susan Loone

Gerakan on winding path to access info on reclamation projects

The three agreements, inked during BN rule of Penang prior to 2008, are bound to a secrecy clause.
  Susan Loone

Gerakan should blame BN for confidentiality clause, retorts Guan Eng

He says the clause was entered into contracts inked between the previous BN gov’t and developers.
  Susan Loone

'Deferment of law reforms further disrupts fate of spouses, children'

Gerakan's Baljit Singh urges gov't to uphold and enforce its decision on unilateral conversion made in 2009.

Gerakan Youth chief sees red with Pemandu's 'true colours'

UPDATED 10.15PM | Tan Keng Liang however won't explain his Twitter outburst over the Gov't Transformation Programme.

Gerakan reports Rafizi to MACC over 'conflict of interest'

This is over the Splash deal on water restructuring exercise in Selangor.
  Shakira Buang

Logo wars brewing in Penang

State Gerakan launches its own logo competition called 'Love Penang, Save Penang' to counter the state government's campaign.
  Susan Loone

It was Gerakan that destroyed Penang's beauty, councillor says

Chris Lee was referring to the 'Save Penang' campaign by Gerakan which criticised the reclamation works along Gurney Drive.
  Susan Loone

Penang CM gets V-Day 'gift' from Gerakan

Gerakan makes it clear that the chief minister is not their sweetheart.
  Susan Loone

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