Wanita Gerakan chief to contest Perak state seat

Tan Lian Hoe will be fielded in the Jalong state seat in Sungai Siput's federal constituency for GE14.

Report lodged against fake photos of Gerakan boss molesting woman

This is criminal defamation, says Selangor Gerakan's Ivanpal Singh Grewal.

Gerakan confident of winning Penang seats in GE14

Mah concedes DAP will control the state, but still hoping to capitalise on the party's ‘arrogance’.
  Geraldine Tong

Liow: No plans for MCA-Gerakan merger

UPDATED 2.54PM | The MCA chief douses talk of a merger, but says cooperation between the two will increase.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Harapan ‘family drama’ won’t end well, Gerakan head says

UPDATE 1.53PM | Mah also brands the opposition's idea of a transitional PM 'ludicrous'.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

MCA, Gerakan to hold ‘Stronger Together’ assembly this weekend

Both parties say joint assembly will ‘show and defend’ country's diversity and gov't's moderation.
  Kow Gah Chie

Gerakan president not ‘running’ to safe seat for GE14

Mah Siew Keong will continue to stand in Teluk Intan, if given the chance to do so.

Gerakan claims Penang gov’t going easy on certain developers

Teng says payment terms of land transactions under DAP administration not made public.

Yoursay: Will Umno listen and dial down its racial rhetoric?

YOURSAY | ‘After 60 years of independence, certain leaders still call for unity of their own race.'

Gerakan man urges Umno to tone down racial rhetoric

'I wonder what the reaction will be if an organisation displays a banner of 'Bersatu India' or 'Bersatu Cina'?' asks Andy Yong.

Wrong, Selangor voters not fed up of BN

LETTER | S'gor MB Office's strategic comms director is wrong for claiming that BN had become irrelevant, even distasteful.
  Chai Ko Thing

Zahid bullish on Gerakan's odds in Penang, but Mah stays cautious

Gerakan president only admits that the party will do better than they did in 2013 election. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Mah explains Zahid’s 'sign from God' remark

UPDATED 5.08PM | Gerakan president believes DPM's statement is just a caution against overdevelopment. 
  Koh Jun Lin

Take Teluk Intan as model for GE14, says Gerakan deputy president

Youth and women’s wings should emulate BN's success in Teluk Intan by-election, says Cheah Soon Hai.

Gerakan Wanita chief tells Chinese to 'wake up'

GERAKAN AGM | Tan Lian Hoe also describes DAP as 'running dogs'.
  Geraldine Tong

Gerakan confident of winning five parliamentary seats in GE14

Mah Siew Keong said this was based on party's study which found positive sentiments among Chinese voters.

Gerakan dares DAP MP to lodge police report if 'not a coward'

Jason Loo alleges that Ng Wei Aik had 'humiliated and disrespected' the police from 2011 to 2014.

Don't give up on Gerakan, MCA seats in S'gor, BN urged

Selangor BN must also aim for urban seats previously contested by MCA and Gerakan, says Chai Ko Thing.

Mah: Gerakan will be a formidable force in GE14

Gerakan president says the party had “licked its wounds” from GE13 and was now raring to face GE14.

Gerakan may swap five seats in GE14

'We must also pay attention to the fence-sitters to ensure they reject the opposition,' says Mah.

Why the rush to demolish Peel Ave heritage buildings, asks Gerakan

Penang Gerakan wonder why buildings to be demolished before approval of Island Hospital expansion.

Gerakan: DAP 'offends' the country on major occasions

Unlike DAP, Gerakan knows there are proper avenues and times for politicking, says veep Dominic Lau.

Kit Siang: Gerakan now a 'Three Stooges' party

Lim also derides Gerakan for not saying a word about the 1MDB scandal.

Nga's Jho Low and SEA Games jibe riles Gerakan

Dominic Lau accuses Nga of malicious intent for linking the 1MDB scandal to the ongoing SEA Games.

Gerakan challenges Kit Siang to contest in Penang

State BN chair Teng Chang Yeow has been chosen to challenge the DAP adviser, says Gerakan.  

Illegal factory expanded under DAP gov't, claims Gerakan

Gerakan man presents satellite evidence that allegedly shows the factory becoming more 'visible' since DAP took Penang in 2008.

Why no action on illegal factories, Guan Eng asks ex-BN gov't

The Penang CM urges the previous Gerakan-led government to state their position on the matter.  
  Susan Loone

Gerakan names candidates for Batu, Kepong and Segambut

The party is optimistic of Chinese support increasing beyond 30 pct, from only 13.4 pct in GE13.

Review G25 book ban, urges G'kan Youth deputy

Andy Yong says he finds nothing 'prejudicial to public order' as claimed.

Gerakan sues Guan Eng for defamation over reclaimed land

This suit is for Lim's claim that Gerakan under former head Koh Tsu Koon sold state land for RM1 per sq foot.
  Susan Loone

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