Crisis over Perlis MB selection over, swearing-in tomorrow

Even so, invitation card for the swearing-in ceremony did not state the name of the chosen candidate.

The 10 things Malaysians must remember

COMMENT | Never again must we undergo the pains of the past when governance was autocratic.
  Steve Oh

'More urgent matters for Dr M to deal with than moving to PMO'

Until then, PM will continue working from Perdana Leadership Foundation office, says rep.
  Norman Goh

Report: 'Urgent need' for Dr M to reward rakyat's trust and fulfil promises

The PM is in haste in order to establish legitimacy, Bloomberg reports Council of Eminent Persons rep as saying.

A newfound passion for democracy in M'sia

COMMENT | The hard work of rebuilding our nation and re-energising our democracy has begun.
  Dennis Ignatius

Power to the people!

LETTER | The people must remain vigilant and support and encourage Pakatan Harapan.

The unsung heroes

LETTER | They are the true champions who made great sacrifices for what we have achieved now.
  Salem Nizam

Post-GE14 - hope for an end of race politics

LETTER | Unity was the most important outcome of the 14GE which must not be allowed to dissipate.
  Chris Anthony

We must beware the ‘M’sian spring’ turning to winter

MP SPEAKS | Besides laws and institutions, we need to re-examine injustices of the past.
  Lim Kit Siang

Yoursay: Perak mufti does not speak for democracy

YOURSAY | We are one of the few Muslim majority countries that have a functioning democracy.

Academic: Judge Maszlee on reform agendas, not religion

Harapan's attempt to introduce new young faces into gov't should be applauded, adds Faisal Hazis. 
  Norman Goh

The fall of the Grand Old Party

COMMENT | Young Malay voters no longer feel the same attachment to Umno as their elders.
  Syahredzan Johan

MCA Youth bows in defeat, apologises for failure

It will now seek to play a role as an effective opposition.

Today, we achieved independence in substance

LETTER | Sixty years ago, we achieved independence in name.
  SK Wong

DAP volunteer charged with stealing over RM35k in donations

The volunteer was charged with stealing the money from DAP Damansara Service Centre on polling day.

Najib remains calm, entertains guests at home despite ongoing raid

UPDATED 5.28PM | Several Umno leaders and supporters visit ousted PM even as police continues searching home.
  Kow Gah Chie

Emotional Nik Omar recalls 'dismissal' from Tok Guru's Mosque

Nik Aziz's son says his brother Nik Abduh is now imam there and tasked with delivering religious lectures.

SUPP still part of present S’wak gov’t, says president

This comes after the state BN component party wins just one parliamentary seat in GE14. 
  JM Joseph

Ruminations of a country freed of Najib

COMMENT | 'Now that the dust has settled, I, Malaysia feel refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn.'
  Phlip Rodrigues

The mother of all defeats

COMMENT | GE14 was going to be the Mother of All Battles – all got it wrong.
  Thor Kah Hoong

Shafie: Let the court decide on Sabah CM

This, after Musa Aman files a writ seeking declaration he's the rightful chief minister of Sabah.

Musa files writ seeking declaration he's lawful Sabah CM

He was sworn in as chief minister first, only to be replaced by Warisan's Mohd Shafie Apdal two days later.

Anwar says 'shattered' Najib called him twice on election night

He advised the former PM, he adds, to concede the loss in the polls and to move on.
  Praveen Menon, Reuters

Millennials know our greatest asset is our diversity

LETTER | The millennials know that charlatans have been masquerading as champions for too long.

'Explain block on Malaysiakini's GE14 results page'

UPDATED 4.22PM | PKR youth chief warns that such an act should never recur again in the country.

Dr M to take on Education Ministry, Wan Azizah for women's affairs

UPDATED 4.55PM | Many Malaysians are "uneducated" and current teaching methods are outdated, the PM quips.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Asyraf: Umno still biggest Malay-Muslim party, remains relevant

Former deputy minister points out that non-Muslims makes up majority on government bench.

A historic week Malaysians will never forget

MP SPEAKS | It was a long night on May 9, but the people triumphed in the end.
  Lim Kit Siang

Thank you Tun, but what about those who've already crossed over?

LETTER | The rakyat will not accept any contamination from the same BN government they voted out.
  Thomas Fann

Peaceful transition proves some literalists wrong - Perlis mufti

Asri says Malaysia is a proud model for the Islamic world on how change can happen peacefully.
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