The last weekend before Hari Raya

PHOTO ESSAY | Soak up the atmosphere at Jalan TAR on the last Sunday of Ramadan.
  Lim Huey Teng

What's in DOJ's third and latest bombshell?

KINIGUIDE | This time, it claims that US$4.5b (almost RM20b) had been misappropriated.

The hunt for Jho Low's mega yacht - The Equanimity

Its last known location was on June 13 - three days before DOJ's latest filing.

Here's why the US DOJ opted for civil action instead

KINIGUIDE | An excerpt of our Kiniguide on the matter, following Hisham's call for DOJ to press criminal charges.

How valuable were Mrs MO1's diamonds?

KINIGUIDE | This guide looks at the valuation of diamonds and whether the diamonds mentioned by US DOJ are truly 'forever'.

The 1MDB players - in their own words

Malaysiakini highlights interesting quotes from the DOJ's 251-page filing on 1MDB.
  Malaysiakini Team

Who are the new characters in DOJ's latest suit?

KINIGUIDE | The court filing refers to them as '1MDB Officer 4', and '1MDB-SRC Office'.

DOJ: Jho Low spent US$10m on jewellery for Aussie model, mom

Businessman allegedly showered model Miranda Kerr with diamonds using 1MDB funds.

DOJ: Najib’s stepson bought properties, posters using funds diverted to Aabar BVI

DOJ claims Riza Aziz was obsessed with collecting rare and expensive movie posters.

DOJ: US$620m returned 'donation' used to buy pink diamond for MO1's wife

DOJ also accuses Jho Low of purchasing 27 different 18-carat gold necklaces and bracelets for MO1's wife.

Yacht, diamonds and more in DOJ's latest 1MDB filing

The DOJ now puts the allegedly misappropriated figure at US$4.5b.

Living his dream as a bicycle messenger

MALAYSIANS KINI | Jordi Arip hopes more M'sians will swap their vehicles for bicycles.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

All you need to know about the FGV crisis

KINIGUIDE | How the crisis started and what is going on in this once top-earning company...

New Silk Road: Dancing with dragons?

COMMENT | The lure of PRC money and political support has proven too irresistible.
  Dennis Ignatius

How does self-regulation of the media work?

KINIGUIDE | The press in neighbouring and Western countries are moving towards self-regulation. What can we learn from them?

Half a century of social service - Aegile Fernandez's journey

Aegile Fernandez, who spent 52 years working with vulnerable communities, says Malaysia has come a long way in understanding worker's rights.
  Annabelle Lee

Rehman Rashid – he told us our story

COMMENT | 'You know, what we need is to remove ‘race’ from our identity cards ...' Reh once said.
  William de Cruz

New Silk Road: Demons within, dragons without

COMMENT | Part three of four-part series compares China’s rapid development with Malaysia’s.
  Dennis Ignatius

New Silk Road: Is there a China plan for M’sia?

COMMENT | Second of a four-part series examines whether there is a Chinese design for Malaysia.
  Dennis Ignatius

New Silk Road: Pathway to prosperity or slippery slope to subjugation?

COMMENT | A four-part series examining M’sia-China relations in light of the One Road One Belt Initiative.
  Dennis Ignatius

A question for Khairy...

EDITORIAL | If he is genuine and sincere about not taking questions from 'purveyors of one-sided journalism', then he might get lonely at his press conferences.

Preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival

A woman ties zong zi (rice dumplings) with straw for the Duanwu Festival in Kuala Lumpur, May 27, 2017. The festival is also known as the Dragon Boat Festival.
  Lim Huey Teng

War has no victors, says last surviving WWII vet

MALAYSIANS KINI | James Jeremiah, 93, is the last of those who had fought the Japanese invasion of Malaya as a  Commonwealth soldier.
  Susan Loone

How chemsex spread like wildfire in the 1990s KL club scene

FEATURE | At that time, the gay community relied on the club scene to find partners.
  Chris Lau

The doc who helps white-collar meth addicts

FEATURE | Meth addiction is growing among the middle class, with many turning to drugs to enhance sex.
  Chris Lau

How chemsex may be raising HIV spread in M’sia

FEATURE | More men having sex with men are engaging in drug-fuelled unprotected sex.
  Chris Lau

The one-man Malay literature archive

MALAYSIANS KINI | Nazir Harith Fadzilah is on a mission to preserve Malay books.
  Annabelle Lee

A look at how the WannaCry ransomware works

KINIGUIDE | As the dust settles, we take a look at how it works, and how it got so prolific.

The last of generations of storytellers

MALAYSIANS KINI | With no protege, Ramli Mahmud may be the last in the long line of traditional storytellers called the Awang Batil.
  Jimadie Shah Othman

Who is afraid of May 13?

‘Many are ignorant of what happened that day...’
  S Thayaparan

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