An independent's hope: To bring 'politics of the people'

INTERVIEW | Despite losing his deposit in GE13, an undeterred Toh Sin Wah will run for office again.
  Annabelle Lee

BN as saviours: A snapshot of Titiwangsa’s urban poor

SPECIAL REPORT | Many view MP Johari Abdul Ghani as a local boy who cares for their wellbeing.

  Kow Gah Chie

Quinoa - digesting Najib's 'ancient' diet

Malaysiakini takes a closer look at the expensive substitute for rice dubbed as the 'golden grain of the Andes'.
  Geraldine Tong

A free movie, a thank you from Malaysiakini

To all our Legal Defence Fund donors and long-time subscribers, don’t miss this!

'I'm very clumsy, I fell into stand-up comedy'

MALAYSIANSKINI | Armed with a ukelele, the hilarious Hannan Azlan is shaking up stand-up despite only starting in 2015.
  Geraldine Tong

Fake news and GE14 - BN regime calling the shots

COMMENT | Today’s fake news are essentially 'half-truths' in new packaging.
  Gayathry Venkiteswaran & Rom Nain

Notes to my son: He will understand soon, says Rafizi

INTERVIEW | The PKR veep began writing in 2013 to explain why Dad may have to do time.
  Malaysiakini Team

Rafizi to Shahrizat: Yes, I'm not the victim, the cows were

M'sian taxpayers, poor farmers and cattle breeders bore the brunt of NFC scandal, he says.
  Malaysiakini Team

Do the right thing, and the world is with you - Rafizi

INTERVIEW | ‘You are not alone, you are the majority, you know you are the rakyat,’ he says on concerns over threats to whistleblowing.
  Malaysiakini Team

Wooing Chinese back to MCA in Ayer Hitam - one family at a time

SPECIAL REPORT | The party lost Yong Peng, one of the two state seats under Ayer Hitam, in 2013.
  Lu Wei Hoong and Kow Gah Chie

Better to build ECRL now rather than later, says Johari

Such a major project, if put off to later, will certainly incur a much higher cost.
  Kow Gah Chie and Celine Ho

Conviction of Rafizi makes cow sense

A cow always eats more than it needs. Actually, it doesn’t eat immediately.
  Thor Kah Hoong

Will Rafizi-Johari’s guilty verdict galvanise the Malay vote?

Does Rafizi’s plight resonate with the group that Harapan claims it needs to take Putrajaya?
  S Thayaparan

Minister: Don't read too much into debt-GDP ratio

M'sia is servicing its debt fine, just like the US, Japan and S’pore which have higher ratios.
  Kow Gah Chie and Celine Ho

Rising costs made gov't a punching bag, laments minister

Making ends meet amid rising prices a major concern of voters in the coming election.
  Kow Gah Chie and Celine Ho

Exploring the impenetrable kampung parit of Ayer Hitam

SPECIAL REPORT | Semarang, housing 40pct of the voters, has so far been a bulletproof moat for BN.
  Lu Wei Hoong & Kow Gah Chie

We are nothing but scapegoats: LGBT community

SPECIAL REPORT | Sexual minorities describe themselves as pawns on the political chessboard.
  Wong Kai Hui

Transgender voters face dreaded path to the ballot box

SPECIAL REPORT | For M'sia's transgender community, showing ICs at polling stations is a difficult risk to take.
  Wong Kai Hui

The youth vote – what Harapan should do

Elsewhere, old men have inspired young voters. Why not here?
  S Thayaparan

'No mother should go through what I went through'

INTERVIEW | Indira still believes she will be reunited with her daughter one day.
  Alyaa Azhar

Why Nasa scientist Amani chose M’sia over the stars

MALAYSIANS KINI | ‘I wanted something more, I wanted to solve real problems.'
  Annabelle Lee

Indira open to advice on raising daughter as a Muslim

‘If she's willing to accept Islam it's fine, but as a mother, I will do my part,’ she says.
  Alyaa Azhar

The cowardly attacks against Maryam Lee

Unacceptable to lament attacks by BN while ignoring abuse by opposition supporters.
  S Thayaparan

The belt of Pahang VIPs - will a domino effect burn BN?

SPECIAL REPORT | It covers the Titiwangsa mountain range and includes five marginal seats.
  Adrian Wong

Understanding the Penang undersea tunnel project

KINIGUIDE | Politics aside, here are the facts behind MACC's ongoing probe into the mega-project.

Sabah's new state seats do not need federal approval

COMMENT | It’s a misperception that a state can’t decide how many lawmakers it should have.
  Wong Chin Huat

Why does M’kini need to raise money for legal defence?

COMMENT | To raise RM350,000 in two weeks is indeed a feat of great proportions.
  Steven Gan & Premesh Chandran

Defence fund target met - thank you M'kini supporters!

Thousands of donors helped achieve the target of RM350,000 in just 12 days.

Working hard to revitalise country’s traditional arts

MALAYSIANS KINI | Indifference to heritage comes from misperception of what culture is, says Pauline Fan.
  Alyaa Azhar

My personal journey in Malaysiakini

COMMENT | At 10am, a very short email came from Steven. ‘We lost in Court of Appeal.’
  Lynn D’Cruz

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