Moody’s forecasts 5.2pct GDP growth this year

Credit ratings firm believes that large infrastructure projects will stimulate public and private investment.

Maybank: GE14 poses no threat to economy due to ‘continuity’

GE14 | Likelihood of BN staying in power will mean no disruption in M’sia-China relations.
  Siti Radziah Hamzah, Bernama

World Bank projections show economy on track to improve, says Najib

Caretaker PM believes signs point to M’sia being one of the most successful countries someday.

Najib: Prospering economy link to boosting people’s well-being

UPDATED 2.53PM | GE14 | He says Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto was unrealistic and could jeapordise the economy.

PwC: M’sia will be 24th largest global economy by 2050

China also predicted to be largest, followed by India, and Indonesia in fourth place.
  Christine Lim, Bernama

Najib: Bringing in FDI doesn’t mean selling sovereignty

The prime minister responds to Dr M's criticism of 'unbeneficial' FDI ventures.
  Annabelle Lee

Bank Negara sees economy expanding by up to 6pct this year

Central bank's projection based on improving global fundamentals and higher crude oil prices.

ACCCIM: Keep China ties, no matter who wins GE14

UPDATED 6.30PM | Chinese traders hope that relationship will remain, regardless of who's in charge.
  Yap Jia Hee

BN’s Department of Propaganda

COMMENT | It is wrong and senseless to view the economy as an indiscrete or monolithic whole
  Manjit Bhatia

M'sia once an Asian Tiger which did not feed on GST, roars Dr M

Former PM also warns of mounting national debt by the Najib-administration. 

Rejecting protectionism, Asean and Australia commit to free trade

Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull and S'pore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong praise free trade at Asean meeting in Sydney. 
  Paulina Duran, Colin Packham, Reuters

How successive governments impoverished M'sians

A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | One major stupid move was to import cheap labour from overseas.
  P Gunasegaram

Yoursay: Joharinomics doesn’t make sense to average M’sians

YOURSAY | ‘What kind of economic tool is this to measure the health of a nation?’

Overseas travel no measure of economic performance

LETTER | Our overseas spending cannot be used as a suitable yardstick to gauge the economy.
  TK Chua

Minister: People can't afford overseas trips if economy is bad

UPDATED 2.50PM | PARLIAMENT | Johari Abdul Ghani says that M'sians spent RM46b overseas in 2016.
  Alyaa Azhar

In Najib’s economy, the rich get richer and buy more BMWs

MP SPEAKS | Meanwhile, those in the Bottom 40 (B40) cannot afford to purchase cars.
  Ong Kian Ming

‘Live within means’? Will Najib take his own advice?

A good leader should walk the talk, or their words hold no power.
  Fa Abdul

Should we believe PwC on where we’re headed, or TN50?

LETTER | PwC predicts our economy will be overtaken by Vietnam and Bangladesh by 2050.
  Saleh Mohammed

Time for opposition to accept economy doing well: Salleh

Minister points to international community heaping praise on Malaysia's economic policies. 

GDP records growth of 5.9pct in 2017, says Bank Negara

According to central bank, GDP is higher than 4.2 and five percent registered in past two years.

GDP aside, what about our purchasing powers?

LETTER | GDP may technically be growing, but does this mean anything to the ordinary person?
  Stephen Ng

Miti: M’sian trade performance strongest in 13 years

According to Mustapa, exports grew significantly in last year, totalling RM935 billion. 

What bankruptcy, PM asks, if M’sians still travelling abroad

Najib points to M'sians holidaying overseas as proof of the country's economic health.

Agong confident gov’t can help M’sians face uncertain economy

King also happy with help from NGOs and private sector to help gov't realise development plans.

Five ways to create an economy that works for the youths

ADUN SPEAKS | 'With a workforce that matches market demand, technology, and innovation, M'sia will be a worthy competitor'.  
  Yeo Bee Yin

Rahman Dahlan: Political stability important for further economic growth

The minister cites BN's successful economic track record and opposition's 'disastrous' policies. 

Don't be too happy yet about ringgit's upturn, warns economist

Rising ringgit may be checked by export prices, pre-GE14 jitters and US events, says Shankaran Nambiar.
  Susan Loone

Najib: M'sia will 'never' again peg ringgit against US dollar

UPDATED 12.30PM | Gov't trusts ringgit level will reflect strength of M'sian economy in the longer term, says PM.

Economy to remain strong into second quarter

Leading index grows by one percent due to expected sales in housing and manufacturing sectors.

Analyst: GDP to expand this year on private consumption, FDI

'Investor confidence tends to rebound after the general elections,' says UOB's Lim Suet Ling
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