Kayveas' action does not affect BN - Subra

The MIC president also reiterates that his party commands better Indian support than ever before. 

Subramaniam vows action against saboteurs within MIC

GE14 | He says this in response to tussle with MyPPP for Cameron Highlands and Buntong.

Is MIC faking its influence?

LETTER | Can't MIC feel the very pulse of anger especially among the people?
  JD Lovrenciear

MIC: Indian support for BN now highest among all races

UPDATED 7.37PM | GE14 | Subra says this figure arrived at based on surveys with about 800,000 Indians.
  Annabelle Lee & Siti Rafiah Tahir

MIC confident of retaining Segamat with bigger majority - Subra

GE14 | MIC president says support for MIC and BN in five zones in the constituency, has risen to 80 pct. 

Subra ‘thanks’ Dr M for only now realising plight of stateless Indians

GE14 | MIC president says the issue went unresolved during Mahathir's 22 years in power.

Subra mum on MIC candidates' list for GE14

The MIC president, however, says the party had identified potential candidates for all parliamentary and state seats it wishes to contest. 

Subra: Uphill task for MIC to make a clean sweep of seats

The MIC president says a good result was important to regain the party's golden era.
  S Chandravathani, Bernama

Subramaniam staying put in Segamat

GE14 | MIC president ends speculation of being moved to a 'safer' seat, insists he will stay and fight.
  S Chandravathani, Bernama

MIC Youth confident Subra can retain Segamat

This is based on feedback from the ground, says its chief C Sivarraajh.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Nearly a quarter of parks, playgrounds are Aedes breeding grounds

A total of 4,110 of 19,028 vacant sites also found to be breeding grounds, says health minister.

Subra has coffee with Kayveas, but insists tea-rich Cameron belongs to MIC

UPDATED 5.45PM | 'What decision? This is an MIC seat and I made the decision'.
  Kow Gah Chie

MIC boss: Not right for Kamalanathan to reveal student's 'self-harm' history

UPDATED 5.36PM | Subramaniam says the deputy education minister told him he was merely responding to queries from the media.
  Kow Gah Chie

Subra: Indians would be better off if Dr M had helped them

UPDATED 3.33PM | MIC president responds to Dr M's pledge to help the community if given a second shot at being PM. 
  Geraldine Tong

Results of instant coffee analysis to be known soon - Subramaniam

UPDATED 4.10PM | Coffee was allegedly consumed by a few men who were admitted to hospital due to severe fatigue.

'How can MIC champion Indians with only 9 parliamentary seats?'

'What can MIC do with the least number of MPs?' asks PKR Youth leader.

Health Ministry still in talks over bundle concept implementation

Technical aspects being discussed with private healthcare and insurance companies, says minister. 

Subra: More gov't medical specialists resigning each year

Health Minister says decreasing number of specialists due to public-private income disparity.

MIC has own approach to winning over voters - Subramaniam

Party has its own approach to increase Indian voter support for BN, says its president.

Court restores decision to strike out suit against Subra

A High Court decision striking out lawsuit over alleged conspiracy to topple ex-MIC head Palanivel is restored.

Minister: Pharmaniaga's halal vaccine push will win over anti-vaxxers

Health minister says anti-vaccine movement attributable to doubts over halal status of vaccines.

Five recommendations for the Malaysian Indian Blueprint

LETTER | This includes the placing of Indian professionals in GLCs, and getting the community involved in gov't procurements. 
  M Mathuraiveran

Subra: DAP approved 8 times the number of Penang hillslope projects

This has led to the environment being destroyed and disasters happening, says MIC chief.

More clinics may be built in shopping malls, says Subramaniam

Minister says clinics on commercial properties will enable better access to healthcare services. 

Minister: Programmes to detect mental health issues available nationwide

PARLIAMENT | Early screening programmes in all health clinics are crucial, says Dr S Subramaniam.

Johor, S'gor to spearhead pilot medical records project

Medical records of 300,000 Malaysians will be stored 20 health clinics under the EnPHC project.

PM has final say on Cameron Highlands seat, says MIC

‘The prime minister knows what decision to make,’ Subramaniam claims.

Puteri MIC launches Dr S Subra Club

The club, named after the party president, aims to empower, uplift the Indian community. 

Najib tells warring BN parties to zip it

UPDATED 7.39PM | BN component parties must not openly quarrel over seats, adds the BN chairperson.
  Kow Gah Chie

Subramaniam accepts Singaporean portal's apology

Subramaniam says he accepts the apology with an open heart.
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