Bersatu member lodges MACC report against Mahathir

Wan Mohamad from Shah Alam division wants a probe into the wealth of the former premier's family.

Dr M returns to former stronghold after 14 years with anti-Najib message

He tells Kubang Pasu Umno members to join Bersatu where the 'true spirit' of Umno lives on.

Najib blames Proton's 'chief tester' for company's problems

UPDATED 5.18PM | The 'unrealistic dreams' of Proton's former chief tester were indulged for too long, says PM.
  Kow Gah Chie

Dr M doesn't rule out 'emergency declaration' if BN loses polls

UPDATED 2.41PM | Bersatu chairperson's GE14 crystal ball shows a bleak picture if BN is defeated by a small margin.

Dr M: Bersatu Youth members offered up to RM50k to ditch party

UPDATED 2PM | He claims they are also being made to sign documents requiring them to vote for BN.

Bersatu Youth exco wants MACC to probe Dr M, Mukhriz

Bersatu man claims Mukhriz Mahathir's firm given lucrative contract when his father was still PM and finance minister.

Mahdzir: Dr M's statement on 1MDB doubtful

This is because two of the former premier's senior aides had gone to the US in relation to 1MDB, says the education minister. 

Rahman: Pua, Rafizi can become PM. Why insist on Dr M?

UPDATED 6.15PM | 'It's as though there is no one else in the opposition that can become PM. That is what's troubling us Malaysians.'
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Dr M: It will be churlish not to accept PM post if...

'If there are no more candidates and if all parties agree I should be an interim prime minister, I'll come back.'

Some in PKR believe I'll hijack Harapan, admits Dr M

He says distrust is one of the reasons holding up the coalition's formal registration.

Mahathir: Pak Lah, Najib checked if I stole money

Former PM says his successors found no dirt on him.

I never met US officials, Dr M says over conspiracy claims

Former premier laughs off allegations that the opposition was behind the DOJ lawsuit.

Dr M rips AG over nonchalance to DOJ's 'hair-raising' claims

Former premier says Apandi's reaction to the latest DOJ allegations on misappropriation of 1MDB funds was 'laughable'.

Just sue DOJ, Dr M tells Rosmah

The former premier says he's ready to be sued for 'speaking the truth' over the US DOJ's jewellery purchase revelation. 

Harapan should commit to the game they decided to play

It should give Dr M free rein in the possible destruction of Umno.
  S Thayaparan

A rebuttal to Dr M's Proton-Geely accusations

COMMENT The Miti minister takes on ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's derision of the Proton-Geely deal.
  Mustapa Mohamed

Personalities supersede ideologies in M'sian politics, says academic

'Nobody would have thought Mahathir's and Anwar's families would reconcile. As for Mahathir joining forces with the DAP, that is shocking to many'.

Selling Proton an act of vengeance, claims Dr M

He claims that the need to seek revenge is more important than pride.

Aug 30 to hear appeal on RM2.6 bil suit against Najib

The Court of Appeal fixes the date to hear the appeal on misfeasance of public office suit by Dr Mahathir and two others against PM. 
  Hafiz Yatim

A flawed proposal: Infusing racial politics into Harapan

MP SPEAKS | The proposal for Mahathir to take over leadership of the opposition will end in disaster.
  William Leong

Bid for Bersatu to lead Harapan aimed at triggering 'Malay tsunami'

Party insiders, however, reveal that not all in the coalition are riding on this wave.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Zaid: Harapan parties can be realistic and allow Bersatu to lead, or...

Ex-minister shares his view on report claiming Bersatu wants Mahathir and Muhyiddin to lead the coalition.

Opportunism means never having to say sorry

COMMENT | Mahathir's credibility as a ‘born-again’ democrat is being undermined by his refusal to apologise for Ops Lalang.
  Kua Kia Soong

Mujahid: Only practical for Harapan to decide on interim PM

However, Amanah veep says, all component parties in Harapan have not forgotten Anwar’s success story.
  Susan Loone

'Dead democrats' forgive and forget, says Zaid

On the other hand, 'haters' can do no more than hate, says the former law minister.

Dr M reiterates reluctant willingness to become PM again

He stresses that his main goal is to help the opposition win GE14.

Guan Eng: Harapan's choice for PM not on agenda yet

DAP sec-gen says several leaders will not be attending the meeting on Friday as they will be overseas.
  Susan Loone

Kua: Those who want Dr M as PM are 'walking dead democrats'

'Some have asked me to forgive Mahathir, but the issue is impunity. He needs to atone.'
  Annabelle Lee

Dr M: My suggestions to upgrade Proton cars were rejected

'I visited many automotive companies in the world to promote the Proton company. But I failed,' says ex-premier.

Anwar: Not for Dr M to decide to be PM, consensus needed

UPDATED 12.18PM | This issue has to be decided by Harapan, says the jailed opposition leader.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

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