PAS man slams Dr M over remark on Najib's 'ancestry'

Dr M's 'go back to Sulawesi' remark does not go down well with PAS Youth treasurer.

Dr M: Najib is enemy of the state

Civil servants who took dedak should be sacked, adds the former PM. 

Groups invite Dr M and ex-IGP to Ops Lalang talk

This event at KLSCAH will commemorate the 30th anniversary of infamous police swoop.

Dr M: BN must decide if Kit Siang bought me, or I bought him

He also wonders if Annuar's ears are so 'stuffed with dedak' that he can't hear questions on 1MDB and RM2.6b.

'Injected' with DAP blood, Dr M loses Malay etiquette: Tajuddin's diagnosis

Umno leader also warns former PM that what goes around comes around.

Education minister labels Dr M, Bersatu as DAP 'stooges'

Kit Siang and Guan Eng are the puppet masters, claims Mahdzir Khalid.
  Shakira Buang

Kit Siang promises to share Dr M's RM1b bribe, if true

He’ll give one million deserving M'sians RM1k each, if it's proven he received the alleged bribe.

Mahathir says he knows 'H'

However, the former PM says he is not close to mystery individual.

Kit Siang to sue over claims he received RM1bil from Dr M

Without mentioning names, he says media which carried the claims have no credibility and cannot be trusted. 

Dr M: Only a dictatorship would ask pupils to raise party flags

UPDATED 8.36PM | 'Such practice has spread to Malaysia under the leadership of prime minister Najib Abdul Razak,' says former premier. 
  Kow Gah Chie

Dr M: 'Nuisance' PAS doesn't care about losing, it wants Najib to win

Former PM wonders if 'dedak' has a role to play in PAS' current stand.

'Dr Mahathir collapses at DAP's feet...'

…reads the headline in a commentary published on Umno Online.

Dr M urges Johoreans to let inept Umno leaders 'be doomed'

These leaders are blind because they have been fed with 'dedak'.
  Geraldine Tong

Dr M files judicial review against COA president's tenure extension

UPDATED 8.23PM | The former premier has named Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Zulkefli and the government as respondents.
  Hafiz Yatim

MAS: Dr M's claims on aircraft purchase 'quite inaccurate'

UPDATED 8.01PM | 'While I have great respect for what this gentleman (Mahathir) has done in the past, he didn’t check anything he wrote on the blog.'
  Koh Jun Lin

Umno grassroots' ultimatum to Dr M: Apologise in one week, or else

Failing which, a police report will be lodged on his remarks regarding the PM and his late father.

Salleh: Kit Siang's past actions show DAP controls opposition

Mahathir is just a 'Malay face' being presented to the Malay electorate, says the minister.

Portal: Najib's only wrong to S'wakians is backing Dr M over Ku Li

Whereas, MYKMU says his father's only mistake was to help Mahathir become deputy prime minister.

Wan Junaidi: Dr M has no impact in S'wak, talks rubbish

UPDATED 6.18PM | People curious about the 'rubbish' that will come from Dr M's mouth, says Wan Junaidi.
  Kow Gah Chie

Dr M: Is MAS buying Airbus or Boeing planes, or both?

He points to a report last month that says MAS has decided on A350-900 Airbus aircraft.

Seeking new deal, Dr M pins S'wak rights woes on Najib and father

Dr M says S'wak petroleum rights were taken away during Abdul Razak Hussein's time.

Dr M ready to reach out to BN's anchor in Sarawak

He says this in response to a question on Harapan's plan if it is unable to capture enough seats in S'wak.

Dr M can enter S'wak, says Abang Johari

The chief minister confirms Dr M can enter S'wak as he is 'not an extremist'. 

Barring Dr M from entering S'wak would be a 'mortal sin'

COMMENT | The S'wak CM should stay above the fray by permitting Dr M to enter the state.
  Francis Paul Siah

Dr M to make maiden voyage to Sarawak as Harapan chair

The former PM will speak on the coalition's manifesto for the state, in Kuching, this Sunday. 
  Norman Goh

Dr M clueless if 'millions' paid to meet US president

UPDATED 4.19PM | 'I don't know if this is true or not. Maybe the Wisma (Putra) officer who arranged my meeting knows.'

What did Najib offer to buy from Theresa May, Dr M asks

Ex-PM's jab is in reference to multi-billion investments Najib announced when he met Trump.

Worst divide among Malays was during your time, PAS tells Dr M

Idris Ahmad claims Mahathir is pretending to forget about his own role in dividing the Malays.

Forex RCI rejects call to lodge police report against Jasa

UPDATED 1.53PM | FOREX RCI | It's not of relevance to the commission, its chairperson tells Dr M's lawyer. 
  Alyaa Azhar

Will Mahathir join Umno next?

A Harakah Daily article states that it would not be impossible for Mahathir to return to Umno.

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