Research: Najib's rating still low among urbanites, Dr M well ahead

Another survey in the northern region suggests 51.8pct of respondents had negative feelings on the economy.

I have a Master's degree in Islamic political science, Hadi tells Dr M

PAS president replies to Mahathir's 'not qualified' allegation, points back at him on Terengganu's 'stunted' development. 

Dr M's gov't gave more tax relief, lost more money - Customs DG

UPDATED 5.25PM | Subromaniam says GST relief granted to CCCC will ultimately benefit gov't and people. 
  Annabelle Lee

Salleh recalls how Anwar, Kit Siang joined hands to 'save M'sia from Dr M'

GE14 | The caretaker minister claims Harapan is all about the pursuit of power, not the nation's interests.

Mahathir wants new judge to hear RCI challenge

He says the present judges had decided on a similar matter involving two of the RCI's members.
  Hafiz Yatim

Dr M pledges to review China loans if Harapan wins GE14

GE14 | He says M'sia has a large borrowing from China and may not be able to repay.

Zam agrees Dr M should work in 1M'sia clinic, but to treat 'senile' PAS leaders

GE14 | He also claims PAS leaders may potentially lose their minds when they lose the election.

Mahathir: I can win Langkawi or any other seat

GE14 | No matter which seat he is slated to contest, Najib will follow handing out goodies, he jokes.
  Anne Muhammad

Dr M roasts Najib over The Loaf's closure

The chain of bakeries would have profited if Najib was no longer in charge, says Harapan chairperson.
  Anne Muhammad

Annuar posts Dr M snoozing photo, recalls remarks about Pak Lah

GE14 | 'Religion is ignored. Enemies of Islam are befriended, Muslim leaders are considered foes and U-turns are made'.

Zaid: I’ll stay put in Langkawi for next three weeks

GE14 | He wants to bear witness to the historic polling day and Mahathir’s historic election bid.

Wan Saiful hopes Pendang folk will help Dr M achieve Vision 2020

GE14 | Bersatu strategist says he is not too worried about the uphill task against Umno and PAS candidates.
  Susan Loone

Dr M can't do much in Langkawi, says Nazri

Even if Mahathir wins the seat in GE14, he would not have the federal gov't's backing, says caretaker tourism minister.

Nawawi not surprised Dr M contesting in Langkawi

GE14 | The incumbent MP says it is the former premier's right to contest in Langkawi.

That’s history now, says Zahid on Dr M’s service in Langkawi

GE14 | Yes he served the area, but Zahid adds BN has been developing the island since.

Hadi: At his age, Dr M better off working in 1Malaysia Clinic

GE14 | PAS president feels 'pity' for ex-PM, who he likens to a football coach demoted to a player.

With dark horses like Trump, Brexit winning, investors not ruling out Dr M

GE14 | Bloomberg speaks to fund managers and analysts on Malaysia's mother of all polls. It also outlines three possible scenarios.

Vell Paari bakes Dr M: He can't save his bakery, how will he save M'sia?

Contrary to Harapan's claims, he says Malaysia under Najib did not go bankrupt, but the bakery under Mahathir did.

Zam: If Dr M can end Mahsuri's curse, what more Umno's curse

GE14 | Ex-minister cites a legend to express his confidence that Mahathir will win the Langkawi seat.

Dr Mahathir dissects kleptocracy

COMMENT | There is one crucial difference between his old book and his new narrative.
  Khoo Boo Teik

Mukhriz: Dad's candidacy in Langkawi will bode well for whole country

GE14 | Dr M's first win in 1964 made an impact in Kedah, Perlis, Penang and northern Perak as well, he says.
  Susan Loone

Thousands turn up as Dr M unveiled as candidate for Langkawi

GE14 | Wan Azizah says Dr M always shared an affinity with Langkawi, where he first served as a doctor.
  Susan Loone

Najib: How is The Loaf closing down also my fault?

UPDATED 8.15PM | Opposition tries to blame BN for everything, even bakeries going bankrupt, he adds.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Zunar decries ‘stolen’ cartoon with Najib’s face swapped out

He terms edited cartoon with faces of Mahathir and family as the ‘lowest level of plagiarism.’

Report: Dr M tried to sell his business to fund GE14 war chest

However, the former premier claims the taxmen went after the potential buyer.

Security threat alarm raised over Dr M's foreign media assistance

Foreign intervention will lead to M'sians suffering regardless of political leaning, warns armed forces' veterans.

Najib mocks Dr M's 'selamba' denial of jailing opposition, recalls black eye

GE14 | He recalls how Mohamad Sabu was jailed under ISA and Anwar was dealt a black eye when 'that person' was in power.
  Susan Loone

Why does Umno fear my partnership with Dr M, asks 'confused' Anwar

He says their partnership is rooted in the desire to bring about change in Malaysia.

Najib: Prospering economy link to boosting people’s well-being

UPDATED 2.53PM | GE14 | He says Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto was unrealistic and could jeapordise the economy.

DAP veteran: Dr M won't change, puts others in his pocket

GE14 | Tan Seng Giaw is concerned about his party working with ex-PM to win Malay votes.
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