Lawyer urges Apandi to file complaint on US AG's remarks

UPDATED 3.26PM | Failure to do so will give the impression that the AG is just a 'jaguh kampung', claims Haniff Khatri.
  Hafiz Yatim

Report: DOJ probing if Jho Low paid rap star to support Obama

Pras Michel donated to Obama’s presidential campaign after receiving US$20m from Low, sources tell WSJ. 

Where's Guan Eng-styled efficiency for 1MDB scandal, gov't asked

Tony Pua raps deputy minister Razali Ibrahim for his 'go slow' remark on 1MDB's snail-pace probe.

Report: Uber probes dealings in M'sia as potential DOJ suit looms

The e-hailing company's lawyers are looking into possible quid pro quo in M'sia, reports Bloomberg.

US court grants DOJ stay request on 1MDB suits

A California judge agrees with the DOJ's claim that the civil suits could jeopardise criminal probe into the case. 

US House panel issues subpoenas to DOJ over Trump dossier

The dossier alleges Russia has collected compromising material on the US president.

Red Granite opposes DOJ's proposed pause on 1MDB suits

Company says US gov't has not shown that 'discovery will adversely affect' any probe.

Report: US gov't puts Red Granite CFO back in charge

Randal Hermann would facilitate the ongoing settlement talks, the Variety reports.   

No mention of MO1 in DOJ application to stay 1MDB suits

The new DOJ filing mentions Jho Low, Eric Tan, and former 1MDB officer Jasmine Loo.

DOJ hits pause on 1MDB suits, FBI says criminal probe ongoing

Disclosure of more facts may result in the destruction of evidence and intimidation of witnesses.

Which of the 1pct of allegations against Rosmah are true?

YOURSAY | 'Please tell us about the diamonds that Rosmah has been allegedly acquiring.'

Hadi, two wrongs do not make a right

YOURSAY | ‘With politicians like you around, criminals will have a field day.’

One nagging question for Rahman Dahlan and Salleh

COMMENT | If the Saudi prince had remitted the money, he would have supporting documents.
  R Nadeswaran

So Jho Low trying to redeem himself by donating to charities?

YOURSAY | ‘He’s not the first or the last to buy his way into the cream of society.’

Intel chief received RM7m weeks before GE13, claims S’wak Report

Not only BN politicians, but others are allegedly receiving money from Najib.

What hudud advocates fail to understand about DOJ's probe

YOURSAY | ‘The notion that a M'sian has to file a report in US to kick-start the probe is incorrect.’

Report: Jho Low gave millions to celebs' charities

This includes US$50 million he gave to a cancer centre after having a 'cancer scare', says New York Post. 

For DOJ, two out of three ain’t bad

YOURSAY | ‘So what are the chances DOJ is lying about the pink diamond?’

PAS to send memo to Agong on 1MDB RCI

BN's rule is peppered with scandals because it does not practise Islamic principles in governance, says Kuala Nerus MP.

Anti-kleptocracy roadshow may not lead to extra votes

YOURSAY | ‘The campaign must include kampung areas and Sabah and Sarawak.’

Swiss building criminal case on 1MDB, but bound by secrecy

Compared to US DOJ, they have released information to the public sparingly.

Kerr puts Mrs MO1 in a ‘pink’ dilemma

YOURSAY | ‘Someone is clearly now between a rock and a hard place.’

Which part of the DOJ suit does Hadi not understand?

YOURSAY | ‘Surely there cannot be so many stupid people who are leaders in this country.’

Apandi, we remember what you did to Swiss AG

YOURSAY | ‘So why would DOJ want to waste their time to seek assistance from you?’

Annuar: Panic over losing Dr M sees opposition diverting attention with 1MDB

Umno information chief claims the forex RCI has rattled the opposition.

Claims would be established later in court, says lawyer on DOJ suits

The evidence in any claim, in any court, is not filed together with the cause papers at the time of filing, says Haniff Khatri.

The statements we would like to hear on 1MDB scandal

Here’s how to restore public confidence in our system.
  R Nadeswaran

1MDB probe - dig deeper or bury deeper?

YOURSAY | ‘What the IGP and AG need to do is dig deeper into their conscience.’

AG’s response to Bar Council makes no sense

YOURSAY | ‘This statement coming from Apandi is not surprising and is to be expected.’

Kit Siang: Apandi is the 'most political' AG in history

This is for usurping the powers of the cabinet, claims the DAP parliamentary leader.

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