Apandi claims DOJ action is 'politically motivated'

He claims a handful of Malaysians were responsible for the DOJ complaints.

But money can't buy Jho love

DOJ filing purportedly shows how the businessman buys jewellery to make his lady friends feel alright.

'Better for Hadi to preach hudud against 1MDB actors'

Amanah Youth deputy chief Faiz Fadzil expresses worry on the PAS chief's failure to act against those in power.

Kerr hands over US$8.1m worth of jewellery to DOJ

Kerr turned them over to gov't agents on Friday from her safe deposit box in LA.

What Hadi Awang can learn from Nazir Razak

COMMENT | Someone should brief Hadi on 1MDB before he spouts more nonsensical statements.
  Rais Husin

When all else fails, cook up a fake news story

YOURSAY | 'The sole objective is to create doubts in the minds of the populace...'

Gov't's remarks on DOJ suit do not hold water

MP SPEAKS | They are merely raised to confuse people, such as the remark by PAS chief Hadi Awang.
  Mohamed Hanipa Maidin

This Raya, will 'foreign intervention' or 'pink diamond' triumph?

Veteran opposition lawmaker Lim Kit Siang accuses PM's allies of spinning a tale on US boogeyman. 

US' DOJ doesn't work like our institutions

YOURSAY | ‘But like M’sia, the US takes legal action against anyone who break its laws.’

After DOJ suits, Hadi decries 'foreign meddling' to win elections

Hadi says let our 'stupid' systems handle matters like 1MDB, wrongdoers will 'eventually repent'.

Funds from alleged tainted source to help Indians?

The money was not from Najib per se, but funds allegedly "stolen" from 1MDB, says P Ramasamy. 

The sound of silence

COMMENT | A simmering turmoil in Umno means that many have left MO1 to let him face the music on his own.
  Rais Hussin

Rahman Dahlan, you’re focusing on irrelevant matters

YOURSAY | ‘Is this a reflection of declining standard of English or a plain case of distraction?’

Bar: Downplaying of DOJ's serious allegations unacceptable

The Malaysian Bar is also disturbed by the media coverage which appears muted.

Another bank punished over 1MDB scandal, fined RM43m

Luxembourg slaps a hefty fine on Edmond de Rothschild, a famous family-owned bank.

Not an attempt to topple Malaysian gov't, says US embassy

Embassy spokesperson says DOJ suits are to protect US markets and financial system from money launderers.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Why draw conclusions when probe still on, minister asks DOJ

Rahman Dahlan wonders if this move is related to the upcoming general election in Malaysia.

Jamal dangles 'not so pink diamond' in stunt against DOJ

UPDATED 2.15PM | He claims to have the jewellery mentioned by the DOJ and plans to auction them.
  Anne Muhammad

DAP MP: Why not protest at US embassy over DOJ filing?

Lim Lip Eng comments on Abdul Rahman Dahlan's call to the DOJ to reveal the complainants behind the suit.
  Alyaa Azhar

Prove DOJ's pink diamond claim false, Pua dares Rahman Dahlan

If he can do this, the DAP lawmaker vows to join the minister to denounce the DOJ.

'Don’t expect AG to reopen 1MDB case'

YOURSAY | ‘If we failed to do our work, we should not blame others for doing our work.’

DOJ: We're in the business of facts, not insinuations

Establishing facts is necessary to bring case to trial, says DOJ.

Annuar: DOJ conspiring to end Muslim rule in M'sia

The US is making a mess out of Iraq and Yemen, now, they are coming for Malaysia, warns Umno info chief.

Why implicate 'Rosmah' if no plans to seize diamonds, minister asks DOJ

UPDATED 7.05PM | Rahman says DOJ gave the impression that 'Rosmah and the diamond' did something wrong.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Don't panic over DOJ suit, Azalina tells public

Minister says Malaysia has its own system, and 'we will do it our way'.

Is Najib's 'no more statements on DOJ' an admission of wrongdoing?

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang wants the cabinet to establish whether it is so.

Bersatu Youth: Talk about pink diamond when you 'balik kampung'

Syed Saddiq urges people to talk about jewellery gifted to MO1's wife during Raya chit-chat. 
  Kow Gah Chie

Syed Saddiq wants cops to probe Raja Petra over DOJ-link claim

UPDATED 2.20PM | The Bersatu youth chief is 'touched' by Raja Petra's writing for claiming he's influential enough to be behind DOJ's suits against 1MDB. 
  Kow Gah Chie

Here’s how 1MDB can disprove ‘US$4.5b theft’

1MDB does not even deny that money was stolen.
  P Gunasegaram

Minister, why should identity of complainants to DOJ even matter?

YOURSAY | 'It could be a 90-year-old pakcik , or 80-year-old ah pek ... but will it change the facts?'

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