Explosion at Bandar M'sia MRT caused by 'an old bomb'

UPDATED 11.59PM | It was an unexploded bomb from the Second World War, police say. Three were injured.

Six firms keen on Bandar Malaysia, says Irwan

UPDATED 2.50PM | It's uncertain which of the six will submit proposals by end of this month, says Treasury sec-gen. 

Report: Chinese, Japanese entities competing to secure Bandar M'sia

After talks with Dalian Wanda, Putrajaya decided to look beyond the group for more options.

July 20 deadline to bid for Bandar M'sia project

'We will collect (the submissions) and then we will evaluate,' says Treasury sec-gen Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.
  Alyaa Azhar

Questions about Najib's China policy

COMMENT | Bandar M’sia partner Wanda Group’s recent activities raise doubts about Najib’s judgment.
  Rais Hussin

Why Wanda Group's problems show Malaysia does not understand China

COMMENT | The people surrounding PM don't actually know China.
  Rais Hussin

MOF issues request for proposal for Bandar M'sia master developer

'The proposer must demonstrate how their proposal focuses on the key themes of serving people and the national interest of M'sia.'

Putrajaya eyes Fortune 500 companies for Bandar Malaysia project

Bandar M'sia chairperson Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah says he is looking for companies with 'great experience'.
  Kow Gah Chie

KWAP waits on Bandar M'sia, TRX master developer before next step

Only then it will consider whether to invest, as 'we don't have the ability to go at it ourselves', says CEO.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Who’s who behind the Dalian Wanda Group

KINIGUIDE | Many wonder who is behind the world’s biggest private property developer.

Deconstructing TRX and Bandar Malaysia

KINIGUIDE | This is to understand what the gov't plans to achieve, and what troubles have developed along the way.

PAS: How magical is Najib's Bandar M'sia dream?

Why, asks party veep Idris Ahmad, can't a local contractor be hired to make the PM’s dream come true?

Group wants Bandar M’sia main developer to be bumi firm

The Malaysian Malay Contractors Association believes bumiputera firms are up to the task.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

All is not well in the house of Najib?

Raja Petra's vitriolic attack on Irwan Serigar has tongues wagging.

Looks like Najib's making up Bandar M'sia plans as he goes along

MP SPEAKS | The seemingly ad-hoc decision-making will only scare off future investors.
  Tony Pua

June 30 deadline to submit Bandar Malaysia development proposals

The final winner will be selected by July 14, says Irwan Serigar Abdullah. 

Najib: No turning back on axed Bandar M'sia deal with IWH-CREC

UPDATED 2.44PM | Reports saying otherwise are 'erroneous', adds the prime minister.

Bursa queries IWCity over unusual market activity

Company's share price became volatile following fluid situation with Bandar Malaysia.

'No flip-flop in termination of IWC-CREC's Bandar M'sia deal'

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the IWH-CREC consortium can still bid for the project, 'as long as the numbers are okay'.

Here’s how gov’t can make RM90b from Bandar Malaysia

Enough to cover the 1MDB hole, with spare change.
  P Gunasegaram

'Strange to return Bandar M'sia deposit if consortium broke deal'

Pua says that by taking over Bandar M'sia, MOF takes on about RM5b in liabilities for land it gave to 1MDB for nothing.

PM: Arul Kanda remains 1MDB CEO, Irwan in charge of Bandar M'sia

'I have full confidence in him,' Najib tells reporters in Beijing.

Report: China nudges PM on IWH-CREC deal

IWH-CREC may get another shot at Bandar Malaysia, albeit with a smaller stake, according to a report.

MB: Johor loses slice of Bandar M'sia pie, but it's no financial loss

Mohamed Khaled Nordin refutes suggestions that KPRJ put in money for the Bandar Malaysia project.

Why is Najib practically begging China to buy up Bandar M'sia?

MP SPEAKS | And who’s so silly to pay more than what Iskandar Waterfront had offered?
  Tony Pua

Skudai rep files emergency motion on Bandar M'sia

Collapse of deal with have implications on Johor's KPRJ and development of Iskandar Malaysia, warns Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

Perhaps China is familiar with 'once bitten, twice shy', says MP

Segambut MP ponders what is there to give Dalian Wanda comfort since Putrajaya can drop IWC-CREC on a whim?

Najib's magic Wanda fails to cast spell over reality

MP SPEAKS | Without even an MOU signed, it makes one 'wanda' if it's all a smokescreen.
  Tony Pua

Najib: Wanda group can do wonders in Bandar M'sia

PM says this in a visit to the Chinese construction giant, which has been reported to take over Bandar M'sia development.

Najib in for awkward meeting with China leaders after Bandar M'sia twist

In his blog post, the PM speaks more about his new friend Jack Ma.

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