Lee Hsien Loong releases SD on late father's house

This follows his siblings' statement issued on June 14 in which they referred to his representations to the Ministerial Committee. 

S'gor gives two months' salary as Raya special allowance

The incentive, to be paid out on June 21, will involve a total sum of RM63.3 million, says Azmin. 

Azmin: S'gor leaders must abide by Jais guidelines on mosque use

Selangor MB says both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders should abide by the rules to maintain the senctity of places of worship. 

S'gor mulls freezing new licences for entertainment centres

The state says it is willing to consider IGP Khalid's proposal to do so to curb illegal gambling.

Azmin not privy to S'gor Treasury audit on PKR MPs

'I don't know about that because it is not my duty to interfere in the process by the audit department.'
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

PKR displays savvy but not nearly enough

COMMENT | Party's right to opt for Selangor stability but rash in forcing PM-designate issue.
  Terence Netto

'Focus to win election,' Azmin says of Harapan's PM survey

PKR deputy president says this after Syed Saddiq said the decision must be returned to the people.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

PKR endorses Azmin's move to 'maintain stability' in Selangor

Wan Azizah says the party's political bureau has taken note of MB's explanation after he met the PAS leadership. 
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Azmin stays coy about PAS' fate in S'gor govt

PKR will discuss this matter before deciding on the fate of the three PAS exco members, the MB says.
  Geraldine Tong

Anwar tells MB to continue discussions on PAS excos

PKR de facto leader says it is important to keep the door open for discussions.
  Hafiz Yatim

Perhaps it’s time for Azmin to stop PAS ‘mischief’

YOURSAY | ‘It is likely that PAS strategy is to reduce votes for opposition.’

Harapan reps seek to squeeze PAS but look to Azmin for clarity

The consensus among them is that PAS should go the ‘gentlemanly way’.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Judge recuses herself from hearing Azmin's OSA challenge

The reason being Justice Azizah Nawawi's husband holds the position of S'gor state legal advisor, says lawyer.
  Hafiz Yatim

Perkasa urges PAS to leave Selangor exco

It would be cowardly for PAS to stay on in Selangor gov't, says Perkasa president. 
  Shakira Buang

Out you go, PAS

COMMENT | The mandate was given by the people of Selangor to Pakatan Rakyat.
  Stephen Ng

Guan Eng agrees with move to ask PAS' S'gor excos to quit

Penang CM fully supports move by Azmin Ali asking PAS' Selangor state executive councillors to resign from their government post  
  Susan Loone

'PKR scuttling Islam' among issues raised in Azmin-PAS meet

It is reported that Azmin had asked the three PAS state cabinet members to resign.

Azmin: PKR prepared to lock horns with PAS in three-cornered fights

UPDATED 7PM | He also says PAS has shut the door on seat negotiations between the two parties.
  Lu Wei Hoong

S'gor MB rules out need for snap polls, claims state gov't still intact

Azmin Ali has also assured the sultan that political stability will be maintained.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Azmin meets S'gor PAS commissioner and reps

S'gor MB says PAS' decision to sever ties with PKR betrays the people's desire to see changes in the country.
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

Azmin's OSA challenge to be heard before a new judge

This comes as the judge who allowed S'gor MB's application to be heard on its full merits is transferred. 
  Hafiz Yatim

PAS excos welcome Azmin at KLIA amid 'state gov't to fall' claims

UPDATED 6.20PM | 'State assembly has not been dissolved, right?' MB jokes with deputy speaker upon return from the Middle East.
  Lu Wei Hoong

Azmin: Why attack me over Selena Gomez?

Selangor MB says PAS should examine his conduct and not the Selena Gomez concert.

Our differences no reason to sever ties, Azmin tells PAS

UPDATED 5.25PM | He responds to calls for PAS to cut ties with PKR, at the Islamist party's general assembly.
  Susan Loone

PAS Youth delegates fire at PKR's Rafizi, Azmin

MUKTAMAR | 'Come a million of Rafizi's slanders, Youth remains steadfast to victory,' says a Johor delegate.  
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Help us get land titles, residents plead to Azmin

Residents of Taman Kelab Ukay in Ampang lament being deprived of their land titles and being 'manipulated' by their developer.
  Annabelle Lee

Azmin cancels order to demolish Rohingya school, offers relocation

S'gor MB says the decision was based on humanitarian grounds after an NGO highlighted their plight.  

Selangor rejects proposal for 60:40 takeover of Splash

Proposal is premature as state gov't has yet to receive feedback from cabinet concerning views of independent valuers.

MB warns Azmin to stay away from Kedah politics

Ahmad Bashah says the Selangor MB should look after his own turf instead.

Azmin mystified with query over ‘lebai’ photo

‘If I change (profile pictures) it is wrong, if I don’t it is also wrong,’ he tells reporters.
  Anne Muhammad

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