Leiking draws parallel between Shafie and Anwar's treatment

Warisan No 2 says rivals adopting 'if you can't beat them, jail them' strategy.

Anwar's Deepavali note from Sungai Buloh prison

Triumph of good over evil akin to struggle against the BN-led government, he says.

Anwar's lawyers: 'RM9.5m for Shafee' claim unrebutted with evidence

High Court judge also dismisses bid by lawyers for proceedings in chambers to be held in open court.
  Hafiz Yatim

Dr M attends prayers to free Anwar, save Malaysia

In a tazkirah (sermon) after the prayer, Mahathir says Anwar's freedom can be secured through a change in government.

Khairy ordered to pay Anwar RM210k for 'main belakang' remark

UPDATED 4.55PM | High Court in KL rules the Umno Youth chief defamed the former opposition leader.
  Hafiz Yatim

Accident worsened Anwar’s back problem, claim lawyers

The Prisons Department only took Anwar to hospital three days after the incident, they say.

Anwar 'shaken up' in accident while en route to prison

While he doesn't appear to have any serious injuries, doctors have prescribed the PKR leader painkillers.

No coup attempt in 2008, says Tian Chua

The Sept 16 anticipated defections were in fact of BN lawmakers unhappy with Pak Lah, says PKR veep. 

Wan Azizah: Anwar in stable condition

Anwar Ibrahim's wife thanks well-wishers and HKL medical staff. 

Anwar hospitalised at HKL

UPDATED 8.16PM | PKR confirms that Anwar taken to hospital for unstable blood pressure.

Tales of defection in the month of September

Nine years ago, in the month of September, a defection claim made the headlines.

RCI should quiz Pak Lah on Nor Yakcop's ministerial appointment

COMMENT | 'Surely the public would wish to know what interest the ex-PM and his family had in pursuing such an inappropriate appointment.'
  Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar wants action against illegal tahfiz schools

He noted that this is the 212th fire involving a tahfiz school since 2015.

Focus on people's economic woes, Anwar urges Harapan

He expresses concern over the pressure faced by Malaysians due to the rising cost of living, hike in fuel prices and GST.

Anwar: Gov't indifference to stateless children's plight 'shameful'

'I'm appalled that large numbers of stateless Malaysian children are still without this basic right.' 

Anwar has a right to defend himself, lawyer tells Jasa

Anwar had to publicly rebut allegations because he was not a confirmed RCI witness at the time.

Now, Jasa accuses Anwar of threatening RCI witness

Anwar's statement sounds like an offence under Commissions of Enquiry Act 1950, says advisory panel member.

Anwar's continued imprisonment will affect Malaysia's international standing

'As a prisoner of conscience, Anwar continues to be a sacrificial lamb at the behest of certain corrupt leaders on politically motivated charges.'
  Kimberley Motley

I wanted Nor Mohamed sacked, says Anwar

UPDATED 9.31PM | FOREX RCI | 'If he didn't resign, I would have sacked him,' says the former finance minister.  
  Alyaa Azhar

Dr M defends Anwar on forex losses' reporting to the cabinet

UPDATED 8.26PM | FOREX RCI | Anwar had reported RM5.7b losses as audited by BNM, says former PM.
  Alyaa Azhar

Anwar, Sidek get into heated debate on actual losses suffered

UPDATED 8.17PM | FOREX RCI | Forex RCI chair says Anwar was aware of the 'real' losses but did not inform the cabinet. 
  Alyaa Azhar

Talks with PAS: PKR sec-gen says Anwar respects collective decisions

As such, Anwar Ibrahim will have little difficulty understanding Pakatan Harapan's decision, says PKR sec-gen.

Anwar is Harapan's de facto leader, Azmin reminds Dr M

UPDATED 3.40PM | By virtue of his position, he says, Anwar has the right to offer suggestions.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

Anwar expected to testify at forex RCI tomorrow

UPDATED 1.52PM | Based on the witness list, his lawyer says Anwar is expected to face the commission tomorrow.
  Alyaa Azhar

Anwar, PAS and 'side action' politics

COMMENT | Examining the implications of possible seat negotiations between PKR and PAS.
  Nathaniel Tan

Harapan grassroots 'unimpressed' by PKR's 'open door' to PAS

Why complicate matters when coalition has already said no, asks 'Gerakan Aktivis Harapan'. 

Prison not an information barrier for Anwar, says Azmin's aide

Anwar is capable of making proper decisions, even from behind bars, says Shuhaimi Shafie. 
  Shakira Buang

Hisham implicitly wants Anwar to zip it, says Rizal

'Hishamuddin is saying: From inside or outside the jail, it's better for Anwar to keep quiet and go about his business.'

We await Anwar's magnum opus, says veteran reformasi activist

'The people don't want to hear about him being beaten, stripped or violated. That era has gone by,' says Hishamuddin Rais. 

PKR sec-gen explains predicament despite Anwar's call for PAS talks

Despite Anwar's call in a letter, Saifuddin Nasution says all Harapan parties are tied to certain realities on seat talks.

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