Salleh recalls how Anwar, Kit Siang joined hands to 'save M'sia from Dr M'

GE14 | The caretaker minister claims Harapan is all about the pursuit of power, not the nation's interests.

Standing tall

A three storey-tall wooden cutout of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim overlooks Kampung Indian Settlement, Batu Caves, ahead of polling day for the 14th general election.
  Lim Huey Teng

PKR to present candidates list to Anwar

Party leaders disclose that the list is almost finalised.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Apex court: Anwar need not be present in royal assent challenge

Chief Justice Md Raus Sharif dismisses the ex-parte application by Anwar's lawyer.
  Hafiz Yatim

Anwar to EC: Take heed, the people are watching

GE14 | Recent decisions by the electoral body have made the people doubt its independence, he says.

Najib mocks Dr M's 'selamba' denial of jailing opposition, recalls black eye

GE14 | He recalls how Mohamad Sabu was jailed under ISA and Anwar was dealt a black eye when 'that person' was in power.
  Susan Loone

Why does Umno fear my partnership with Dr M, asks 'confused' Anwar

He says their partnership is rooted in the desire to bring about change in Malaysia.

Court upholds no physical contact rule for Anwar during family prison visits

UPDATED 1.53PM | The Court of Appeal rules that the prohibition was not irrational or unreasonable.  
  Hafiz Yatim

Anwar warns of pre-election 'dedak'

GE14 | The PKR de facto leader urges people to exercise their rights wisely, and reject BN and Umno.

Anwar's critic and Azmin's estranged sister sits with Dr M, pledges support

UPDATED 6.15PM | Ummi Hafilda says she paid RM5,000 to sit at the same table with the man on 'the path of truth'.
  Alyaa Azhar

Umno leader: Mahathir using PKR's logo another example of 'madness'

This move, says Aziz Kaprawi, proves that 'Melayu mudah lupa' and 'Mahathir sendiri mudah lupa'.

Umno no defenders of Malay rulers, says Anwar

Jailed opposition leader slams Putrajaya’s refusal to restore mandatory royal assent for new bills.

Prisons Dept bans lawyer Latheefa from meeting Anwar

UPDATED 8.12PM | The department refers to Prisons Act and a statement purportedly from Anwar on EC and anti-fake news.

KJ's appeal on his 'main belakang' remark gets June date

The date set coincides with 11 days after the release of Anwar Ibrahim from prison.
  Hafiz Yatim

As Dr M leads Harapan charge, Anwar thanks him for sacrifices

GE14 | Ex-PM's current role based on experience and commitment to embrace change, says jailed PKR leader. 

Anwar seeks RM2m from TV3 over Lahad Datu ‘fake news’

UPDATED 7.22PM | His lawyer calls the TV station a 'serial offender' when it comes to defamation. 
  Hafiz Yatim

Nur Jazlan to check if Anwar's 'statements' are real

He says Anwar should technically be barred from issuing communiques without prior approval.

Anwar promises 'truly independent' EC if Harapan wins

Jailed PKR leader adds they will trash the anti-fake news law should it be passed.

The ever-present Anwar Ibrahim

COMMENT | Anwar’s project of taking Putrajaya is now back on track.
  Khoo Boo Teik

Is a vote for you a vote for Anwar? Well, in a way, says Dr M

The former PM also responds to Australia's ABC on the perceived hypocrisy of his actions.

Sacking deputy premier not a simple 'nut' job – ex-IGP refutes Dr M

I cannot understand Mahathir's thoughts, rues a puzzled Rahim Noor.

Apex courts okays Anwar's bid to challenge NSC Act

It allows leave to hear two questions related to constitutionality of the National Security Council Act.
  Hafiz Yatim

Salleh: Didn't Dr M say Anwar hit himself?

It is now too late to change history, communications minister tells former PM.

Zam: Dr M must not repeat religious contest in Bersatu

Ex-PM warned not to repeat the mistake he made in Umno by vying with PAS for religious influence. 

Dr M recounts police's role and Anwar's 'black eye' incident

'I was very angry at the police because I asked them why have you not put him on trial,' he tells Sin Chew Daily.

Don't destroy top student's future, Anwar tells Zahid

The PKR leader also urges the Home Ministry to resolve the issue of statelessness.

Hope for one 'courageous' judge dashed, Anwar says wait for GE14

Courageous to hear the allegation that lawyer Shafee was paid RM9.5m to secure Anwar's conviction. 
  Hafiz Yatim

Anwar fails in yet another bid set aside Sodomy II conviction

UPDATED 5.49PM | He had filed the application in April last year claiming he was convicted on perjured evidence.

Ministry says Anwar can be a free man on June 8, but...

His sentence can be extended if he flouts the prison rules, the ministry adds.

Anwar’s critical health should tear at our conscience

LETTER | The truth is we have wiped out a leader by allowing Anwar to suffer in prison.
  JD Lovrenciear
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