In hindsight, Najib frowns on 1MDB business model

'We all learn from our mistakes,' Najib tells Bloomberg about 1MDB.

Arul Kanda is ‘god-sent’ to 1MDB

A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | Malaysiakini’s questioning left him rooted to the spot.
  P Gunasegaram

Link between Equanimity, 1MDB not raised in Jakarta court

Written judgement counters claims in M'sian media outlets that the yacht had nothing to do with 1MDB.

'1MDB nationwide engagements receive positive response'

CEO says it's part of a pro-people campaign to explain and clarify issues surrounding the company.

1MDB not hitting panic button yet despite US$3.5bil in limbo

The company has four years to repay the bonds, says Arul Kanda.
  Malaysiakini Team

1MDB: 'The more you talk, the more people are fed up', Arul Kanda told

Incumbent Sepang MP Hanipa Maidin says people are not so easily swayed by his explanations.

Cops have given access to 1MDB's auditors, says its CEO

INTERVIEW | Arul Kanda says auditors are finally making progress on 1MDB's accounts.
  Malaysiakini Team

Arul Kanda in politics: Not now, but never say never

INTERVIEW | Here, the CEO of 1MDB tells of beginning his career as a lawyer, before moving on...
  Malaysiakini Team

Arul Kanda knew Jho Low, associates before 1MDB days

INTERVIEW | Jho Low, Qubaisi and Husseiny are key figures in the 1MDB matter.
  Malaysiakini Team

Yoursay: The one question that Arul Kanda has trouble answering

YOURSAY | ‘How long can 1MDB chief Arul Kanda keep up this act?’

At least we're not thieves, 'rude' Rafizi tells Rosmah

The PKR veep tells Najib's wife to answer not just about the ring, but the DOJ's pink diamond.

'Justice delayed is justice denied', says Arul Kanda

He questions why there is still no trial two years after the DOJ filed suit against 1MDB.

Rosmah talks about 'values', but what about Najib?

COMMENT | If caretaker PM embodied those values, M'sia wouldn't be in the mess it is in now.
  Lim Kit Siang

Kit Siang to Rosmah: Why didn't you talk about the necklace?

He ‘thanks’ Rosmah for reminding M’sians about the diamond ring, which they may have forgotten about.

1MDB debt settlement plan on track, Arul Kanda tells CNBC

This is bad news for the opposition, he says, in their quest ‘to topple a democratically elected government.’

Umno's Husni not nominated to seek sixth term

GE14 | Now spurned by members of Tambun Umno, his future hangs in balance.
  Yap Jia Hee & Zulaikha Zulkifli

Arul Kanda launches own website to answer 1MDB scandal

The 1MDB CEO dismisses having political ambitions with the setting up of the website. 

Stop press! Malaysia is not for sale

COMMENT | Definitely not to corrupt politicians or foreigners.
  Steve Oh

Yoursay: Arul’s version on 1MDB ‘units’ doesn’t hold water

YOURSAY | Are you prepared to accept these 'fund units' as your salary?

After Indonesian verdict, battle for Equanimity continues in US

A hearing is set for April 30 at the California Central District Court.

Arul Kanda: I don't fear debating Tony Pua, but...

INTERVIEW | Two previous attempts for the two to debate 1MDB issues failed to materialise.
  Malaysiakini Team

Coincidence? DOJ says Equanimity ‘went dark’ after 1MDB civil suits

The superyacht transmitted AIS data frequently, up to a day before the suits were filed.

The Deutsche Bank loan that 1MDB won't say what it was for

INTERVIEW |The Deutsche Bank loan recall led to a series of events that remains unresolved to date.
  Malaysiakini Team

Equanimity seizure invalid, rules Indonesian court

Seizure of superyacht said to have not complied with the mutual legal assistance process.
  Alyaa Alhadjri

1MDB - Anina's suit against Najib struck out

Her lawyer discharges himself saying he has not received instructions from his client.
  Hafiz Yatim

Dr Mahathir dissects kleptocracy

COMMENT | There is one crucial difference between his old book and his new narrative.
  Khoo Boo Teik

Arul Kanda: 1MDB roadshow prompted DAP to roll out 'big bazooka'

INTERVIEW | 'It shows the opposition is genuinely worried we're going around sharing information openly.'
  Malaysiakini Team

Malaysia at the crossroads, and the 'real' Najib

COMMENT | May 9 will be either Malaysia’s hour of light or its second darkest hour after 1969.
  Manjit Bhatia

The mysterious 1MDB 'fund units', three years on

INTERVIEW | The fund units were said to have been fully redeemed, but it never happened.
  Malaysiakini Team

Zunar decries ‘stolen’ cartoon with Najib’s face swapped out

He terms edited cartoon with faces of Mahathir and family as the ‘lowest level of plagiarism.’
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