Labour MP tables motion on 1MDB in UK Parliament

UPDATED 5.19PM | However, the motion has garnered little support since it was tabled by Ann Clwyd on July 18.

Kit Siang believes RCI's time frame to help Najib fight Dr M in polls

He also reiterates his call for a 'nothing to hide' RCI on the 1MDB scandal.

Report: Edra IPO will test 1MDB stain

A KL listing may help to smooth over misgiving about Chinese ownership of Edra.
  Una Galani, Reuters

Poll: M'sian Twitter users losing interest in 1MDB

The decline is particularly significant in states outside Kuala Lumpur, a poll shows.

AG, declassify 1MDB audit if you have nothing to hide

YOURSAY | ‘Confound not truth with falsehood, nor knowingly conceal the truth (Quran 2:42).’

Apandi: I don't fear Mahathir, and have nothing to hide

AG dismisses former PM's accusation that he is concealing evidence related to the 1MDB scandal.
  Geraldine Tong

Khairy’s rhetoric on abolishing vernacular schools

I have just watched the movie 'Hidden Figures', and it is an inspiring one.
  Turtle Shell

Mahathir: Harapan will summon Apandi if we win GE14

UPDATED 11AM | Mahathir accuses the attorney-general of covering up 1MDB scandal with the Official Secrets Act.
  Zikri Kamarulzaman

Najib on track for rail legacy but 1MDB weighs

1MDB is the PM's biggest gift to the nation, says PKR's Fahmi Fadzil. 

Diamonds are not forever, my lady

Clamouring for truth and justice.
  Azly Rahman

Jho Low, man up and stop firing blanks in the dark

YOURSAY | 'If there’s no misappropriation, then go to S’pore to defend yourself there.'

Why S'porean behind bars over 1MDB but no action in M'sia, AG asked

UPDATED 12.49PM | Gobind Singh says S'pore has put Yeo Jiawei in jail, but M'sia's probes have come up naught.

Verses for an extraordinary newsmaker

COMMENT | Haven’t they forgotten that you’re one of the world’s most famous philanthropists?
  R Nadeswaran

Kit Siang wants PM to hold special 1MDB debate in parliament, invite Jho Low

He also says it is far-fetched to suggest that 10 countries are involved in a plot to topple Najib.

In the run-up to GE14, beware of spin doctors

For gov’t mouthpieces, 1MDB is a non-issue.
  R Nadeswaran

MO1 sees profits in 1MDB, while auditors see debts

YOURSAY | ‘Why is PM using 1MDB money to pay for religious obligations of just one community?’

Sources: ANZ Bank nears deal to sell RHB-AmBank stake to KWAP

Both firms have 'agreed in principle' to the deal at a price equivalent to one-time book value of AmBank, says a source. 

Now Johor MB's son reminded of 15 questions to Najib

Johor DAP youth leader asks if Akmal Saufi stands by his questions in 2015 on the RM2.6 billion donation and 1MDB.

BSI banker jailed 54 months for money laundering, cheating

UPDATED 1.35PM | Yeo Jiawei is the third BSI banker found guilty in the island republic's 1MDB investigations.

'Tidak boleh pakai' - Najib opens fire on 1MDB critics

PM also tells haj pilgrims sponsored by 1MDB to pray for the current leadership to remain in power.

GANT1 files suit to seek info on 1MDB dealings with IPIC

UPDATED 2.42PM | The NGO names Najib, the government and the state-owned fund in its legal action.  
  Zulaikha Zulkifli

'Zeti, you have a responsibility to tell us the truth'

YOURSAY | 'Leaders are remembered for their principles, not their money or position.'

Khairy challenged to a debate on 'who should retire from politics'

It is PM Najib who should leave politics, not Dr Mahathir, Anwar and Kit Siang, argue PKR leaders. 

PAC deputy adopt 'wait-and-see' approach on PAS' 1MDB roundtable

Dr Tan Seng Giaw says many people are trying to take advantage and politicise the 1MDB affair.
  Koh Jun Lin

What is Hadi’s stand on 1MDB ‘loot’, asks Kit Siang

He asks if the PAS chief supports the US returning to M'sians the billions it seeks to seize.

World’s worst whodunit

'I just can’t cop the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) whodunit any longer'. 
  Dean Johns

PKR gives 'money back' guarantee if Harapan wins Putrajaya

UPDATED 2.54PM | Sec-gen Saifuddin says only a change of gov't can help recover the billions lost to graft.

Despite hurdles, 1MDB ceramah in rural Penaga draws 300

The event at an Umno stronghold earlier saw banners seized, but manages to see a filled hall.
  Susan Loone

Professor laments 1MDB haj fast-track for younger pilgrims

Ahmad Atory Hussain claims according to Tabung Haji name list, his turn will come only when he is 110 years old.
  Anne Muhammad

Tuan Ibrahim rebuts Puad's attacks, but omits Hadi card

If the Jasa chief is convinced there is no wrongdoing in 1MDB, the gov't must declassify the auditor-general's report on it, says PAS no 2. 

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