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None could have predicted this. But such is politics, it is the art of the impossible.

Malaysia has witnessed Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former adversaries laying down their respective hatchets after decades of brutal hacking.

Mahathir, who had little tolerance for dissent during his two decades as prime minister, is now the nation's chief dissident.

With the general election around the corner, the opposition sans PAS appears to be in a quagmire with regard to who would be their candidate for the prime minister's post.

Pakatan Harapan leaders have been dodging this question, knowing that a consensus would be difficult to reach. Even Mahathir himself admitted that it is a divisive issue.

During the previous elections, things were simpler. All had agreed that Anwar Ibrahim would be the person to helm the nation.

Although Mahathir has denied that he intends to contest in the coming general election, Zaid Ibrahim, however, rekindled the debate when he recently called on Harapan to name the 92-year-old nonagenarian as its prime minister candidate.

Mahathir's migration across the political fence has drawn mixed reactions.

Some opposition supporters see him as their best chance to engineer BN's downfall, but some consider him to be the personification of evil itself, and thus refuse to tango with the devil.

Malaysiakini is publishing a poll to seek feedback from its readers on whether Mahathir should be given another chance to spearhead the nation, should the former prime minister decide to get into the ring.

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