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YOURSAY | Anwar must walk the talk on curbing racial incitement

YOURSAY | 'Don't let your inaction catch up with you.'

Zero tolerance for inciting racial, religious sentiments - Anwar

Small water bottle: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, saying things like there will be zero tolerance for inciting racial or religious sentiments are welcome statements, but don't you think you could have said all this much earlier?

The issue, Anwar, is that those who work against the peace and security of our plural society start small. They don't burst into racist flames overnight. They test the waters.

You have a history of silence against or at least non-public reprimand of how the Education Ministry handled the issue of alleged extra classes for Malay students.

Plus, the fact that many citizens, most of whom were incidentally minorities, are continually prevented from entering government departments that they paid for as tax-paying citizens.

Or if you feel those issues above are too touchy, then you better train your cabinet's sights on redelineation and strengthening the Election Commission.

Look at how Undi18 was ushered in with bipartisan support. We'd much rather you be silent if it meant you were taking action.

Don't let your inaction catch up with you. Anwar, it is imperative you remain proactive. You can still remain diplomatic and balanced but you have to be proactive.

Save your advocacy and public relations skills after you take action. Don't be caught by a riptide of a wave so strong it'll take you and your entire cabinet out.

Steven Ong: Anwar's statement is all talk and hot air.

"We remain stalwart in defending the constitutional principles in that Islam is the religion of the federation while providing space and freedom to the rights of other religions.

“We cannot run away from the reality that Malaysia was developed by the Malay bumiputera, Chinese, Indians, Dayak, Iban," said Anwar.

It's okay that Islam is the religion of the federation but what we are seeing has gone beyond that. Islam here is not just the religion of the federation today but seemingly a new constitution that all must submit to and obey.

Official means it's the recognised accepted religion of the federation and not that it's above others or the law itself like the syariah law is above the civil law.

It's like Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia but then mandates everyone to speak in Bahasa everywhere, every time.

It's a bit weird that on the one hand, we hear Malaysia is a multi-diverse nation and yet we are mandated to obey and follow what the Muslims want and say.

The discriminating policies are a testimony of this contradicting belief and desire.

The best way as shown by all the developed and peaceful countries is that all their citizens are treated the same way and have equal opportunities in their countries.

If one goes against this truth one will see the bad consequences as this PM and previous ones have warned.

A toxic foundation that sprouts all the controversial and toxic anti-peace fumes are irritating all of us and will eventually destroy this country.

So, replace the toxic foundation, stop continuing these toxic practices and start treating all as humans put together here by our maker.

Let religion and race be a personal matter that all must accept. To say otherwise is to go against our maker who put us all here in this land called Malaysia.

BraveMalaysian: Well said. Now we await the long-delayed action by the Home Ministry using the police to strictly enforce this on agitators who care nothing about the nation.

Zero tolerance means action against the slightest agitation using race or religion. Enough is enough as the nation moves towards breaking point when politicians and religious leaders speak irrationally and recklessly.

Even the Sultan's decree is ridiculed and no action is taken against those who defy the royalty, especially when such decrees are to maintain peace and harmony.

Every day we hear all sorts of nonsense from people exploiting race and religion to further their own political interest or to gain some moments of fame (actually infamy).

The majority of the rakyat is behind this government move because it does the nation no good at all to allow this to continue.

CitizenSaro: Anwar is treading delicately between the devil and the deep blue sea.

We must remember that the 2018 Pakatan Harapan government was deviously brought down by the Sheraton Move.

The same type of treachery is not possible because of the anti-hopping law.

Therefore, the power crazy zealots and corrupt politicians in the opposition are trying the well tested methods of using race and religion to create havoc, unease, fear and may even try to create riots.

The rakyat's temperature is already high with inflation. Further, with reduced or selective subsidies being suggested, it is fertile ground for incitement using race and religion.

While PAS is on the platform of religion, Putra with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is riding high on the platform of race.

People with a reasonable understanding of the above situation should not add oil to the ambers.

JazliSalleh: The younger generation would give full support to the PM. We have had enough of divisive characters in the country.

They have purposely divided this nation for decades to fulfil their personal greed at the expense of the rakyat.

This behaviour has to stop to advance the country. Learn from Indonesia's President Jokowi Widodo and how he's been able to steer the nation from extremists. Thanks to him that Indonesia is now progressing well ahead of our nation.

Apanama is back: Good one, PM. At least everyone is being reminded about the zero tolerance.

We need to ensure the country and its people are always living in peace.

However, you need to pay attention to some issues such as dress code, films, a teacher doing something funny in school regarding football team, among others.

Giving a general statement as this is fine but usually, action speaks louder than words.

Anwar, you need to prove that you are the prime minister for all, by action please, not only words.

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