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YOURSAY | Do we lack jobs or the right type of graduates?

YOURSAY | ‘This problem is not created by the graduates but by our incompetent govt.’

Tok Pa's statement an insult to graduates - youths

Just A Malaysian: Malaysia as a country is hollowing out. We have lost our economic positioning in the world.

We have lost most of the high-quality, high-paying jobs and are surviving as a low-cost producer of goods powered by five million cheap labourers.

On top of that, we produced hundreds of thousands of low-quality unemployable graduates. This government has failed, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) Mustapa Mohamed, being part of this self-enriching governing elite, has no choice but to chastise the victims.

Let the 18-year-olds bury all these old dinosaurs in the next general election.

PinkCougar9549: BN and Perikatan Nasional (PN) politicians can’t provide good-paying jobs to young graduates. They are just incompetent leaders.

This is seen by the fact that new foreign investments are not coming into Malaysia but going to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Even existing foreign investments in Malaysia are thinking of moving out.

How can new graduates find good jobs? Nobody can live forever on charity or be hired by the government.

Plebein: This “be grateful” narrative is absolutely sickening. It was used by Dr Mahathir Mohamad even in the 80s to subdue the population into mute compliance.

Should Malaysians be grateful that an election result was not respected? That there is rampant corruption everywhere? That it’s clear the law doesn’t apply equally to all?

That the wealthy exploit this country's resources for personal gain, and use their ill-gotten gains to live a jet-setting lifestyle that includes homes in London and New York?

If anyone should be grateful, it is the ministers who still have jobs and haven’t done anything to deserve their positions.

OrangePanther1466: Mustapa is right. He is being practical in saying in these difficult times, graduates have to settle for a lower salary.

When times are better, and with their experience and perhaps training, they will be able to command a better pay package. Now, what is wrong with that statement?

To be fair, leaders on both sides have often called for strategies to get us out of the middle- or low-income trap. This requires concerted efforts from all sides and the abandonment of the failed policy of race and quota, and the adoption of more investor-friendly policies.

The responses from the above-mentioned student leaders are the quintessential example of the “entitlement” mentality. Regardless of situations or circumstances, “we want a high salary”.

Don’t these people think before they speak? Or are these only political comments?

Vgeorgemy: We are not asking anyone for handouts but the required reforms needed in the investment arenas.

There are suitable high income-producing opportunities for the nation to get involved. The leaders must have the imagination and work hard to bring in such investors.

Sad to say, we have no such characters in the cabinet. What we have are those seeking milk and honey for themselves and their cronies.

Worried Sick: My advice to Tok Mat (Mustapha) - if you live in a glass house, do not throw stones.

Graduates have spent much of their time and money on their studies, so don't lecture them on how to manage money matters. They know how hard life is on the ground. They are far better than you (in your ivory tower) in managing their financial affairs through hard work and scrimping.

You are indeed a disappointment as a minister - there are no plans for the youths, no proactive measures to improve the economy (see the number of companies pulling out of Malaysia) and yet you are lecturing youths to accept pittance wages.

Don't lecture the youth! They know more than you think they know.

Mazilamani: Mustapa is just appealing to new graduates to be reasonable and responsible.

I underwent a similar experience immediately after the 1969 episode. My job applications were rejected. Though I did well in the HSC (High School Certificate) examination, I resorted to using my Senior Cambridge Certificate to secure a junior clerk's job in an estate.

I was paid a monthly salary of RM120. I sent home RM90 to my family in Ipoh. I eventually completed my higher studies and have since done reasonably well.

Mustapa, being a Kelantanese, may be a product of a humble home. He knows what he is talking about. He definitely has no intention to belittle or insult job-seeking young graduates. It is just an advice.

The Wakandan: If there are no jobs, what can the graduates do? They have to work, somehow, to survive.

The government should create jobs and improve the economy. While it is ideal for graduates to have jobs fitting their academic qualifications, it is commendable that they are willing to take up any jobs as well.

OCT: In another few months, thousands of graduates will graduate and join the job market. If Tok Pa cannot find the root of the problem, how can he find the solution?

This problem is not created by the graduates but by the incompetent government. All of those in power are fighting for a share of the gravy train. There is nothing for our poor graduates.

BusinessFirst: Covid-19 definitely has an impact, but by the same token, perhaps the government and universities are themselves producing graduates in courses that are not relevant to modern industry.

I read that there is a massive demand for coders, software engineers, IT specialists, applied sciences, robotics, AI, etc. Corporations are getting these people from India and China.

If we keep producing graduates in industries that do not need many people structurally, you will have a problem anyway.

Across The Straits: We are missing the point in this argument. Does anyone realise the root cause? With the 3Rs (race, religion, royalty) as the basis of running the country, what do you expect?

Just look beyond our shores. Look at Vietnam, they are catching up so fast. Of course, if you look just across the straits, there is such a yawning gap.

So, if you keep voting the same group of 3R parties, accept what you have voted for.

ManOnTheStreet: This is my advice to graduates - don’t accept answers like this from any government.

This is typical of the government of the day. They treat graduates and the rakyat like beggars. We are to accept the crumbs thrown.

Never fall for their divide-and-conquer strategy. Their race and religious rhetoric is what helps them survive.

When you go to the ballot box, remember: Vote for those with vision and are accountable to the rakyat, rather than those who pit the rakyat against themselves for their own selfish gains.

Perhaps it should be those leaders of your generation whom you should trust more.

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