YOURSAY | MIC hard-pressed to save Thaipusam holiday in Kedah


24 Jan 2021, 11:31 pm

Updated 5 months ago


YOURSAY | 'PAS knows that while MIC will rant, scream and shout, it is spineless.'

Minister, DCM slam Kedah for cancelling Thaipusam public holiday

Vijay47: Let me first assure the public that this latest effort by Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor is not a proud demonstration of stupidity. No, it is not.

Like its abhorrence of vacuums, nature is equally intolerant of such alarming want of intelligence, the imbecility of such magnitude simply cannot exist. Its origins are far more demonstrative of unbalanced minds. It is a sickness of disgraceful attitude inherent in the curse of misguided teachings.

It was equally evident in the sudden berserk protest regarding Kedah sharing water with Penang, a harmonious relationship that stretches long into history and beyond. What prompts a man to embark on such insane meanderings?

When you scrape away the layer of slime and pus, you will find the answer - PAS. The menteri besar’s actions cannot even be attributable to paranoid religious objectives alone, it is something more primitive, it is sheer nastiness from the conviction that power not only permits but demands abuse upon your neighbour.

What was the purpose of the holiday cancellation? For people to go to work during Covid-19 lockdown?

What does it matter how a Hindu or anyone chooses to have his communion moment with his God? He could visit a place of worship, pray quietly at home, or sit under a durian tree contemplating the hereafter. It is certainly not left to PAS to decide for him.

It is quite telling that this again is from PAS’ inspiration, as much as its terror of cake-icing or Valentine’s Day cards is yet at the same time displaying admirable spiritual acceptance of kangaroo or horse meat as beef, without a murmur of protest.

What do you have to say, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin? Still emulating the three monkeys?

Kita Orangbiasa: First, it was the temple demolition, now the cancellation of Thaipusam holiday. What’s next, Sanusi?

This is what happens when we have narrow-minded, self-centred and "what they think and feel is right and supreme" leaders leading a multiracial society.

It must be mentioned that even Umno, while they have their shortcomings, did not meddle with non-Muslim affairs. PAS is clearly dangerous to multiracial Malaysia.

Harimau_ Arif: The country is in a downward spiral with a pandemic that is out of control. Instead of being united to battle the pandemic, Malaysia is full of divisive politicians such as the Kedah MB.

Up to now, I've not read anything positive from him, other than creating racial unrest with the demolition of a Hindu temple, and now, cancelling Thaipusam as state public holiday.

It's obvious that the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government and the 3R (race, religion and royalty) politics are going from bad to worse. I hope the voters would wake up and do their part to save this country, come the GE15.

FairMalaysian: No sane person will think that this MB is doing this on his own. He must have the backing of PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang and Muhyiddin and the PN government.

Don't give an inch of respect for this man. The only law he knows is the law of the jungle.

Do you think the MIC leaders will resign from all government posts to show their displeasure to a government they are part of? They are more interested in positions and the perks that come with them.

This has gone too far. Next, Sanusi may say no public holidays for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

BlueShark1548: @FairMalaysian, MCA got whacked and only won one seat in Johor. Indians are better, they gave MIC two seats. I suppose Indians are more forgiving and still have MIC in their hearts.

Hindraf was a breath of fresh air for the Indians and peninsular politics, but was quickly brought down by Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

FairMalaysian: @BlueShark1548, it was not brought down by Mahathir. If the Indians had a continued need for it, even 10 Mahathirs cannot stop it.

Many Indians felt there was a need to remind the government of the day that Indians are not going to take anything lying down. They were sore that the MIC had let them down terribly.

There was a conscious belief that we need to support a multiracial government and not one particular race and that is the reason, not Mahathir.

If there is a need to resurrect another movement similar to Hindraf, then Indians will go for it.

New Year: MIC deserves it. PAS knows that while MIC will rant, scream and shout, it is spineless. MIC will come crawling back to their partnership as its leaders care more about the positions and perks than defending their own people.

They know Bersatu will not get involved in telling PAS to behave itself as the leader needs the crutches that PAS provides. Otherwise, he will come crumbling down.

PAS, on the other hand, has its agenda. If possible, to close all the worship centres of different religions and close all the drinking and gambling outlets, which according to them is a threat to their belief.

Umno is busy fighting with Bersatu. While these two parties are at each other's throat, PAS is trying to build its relationship with the Malays.

By allowing for the demolition of the temple in Kedah and now cancelling the Thaipusam holiday, they are showing the Malays that they are better protectors of their religion than Umno and Bersatu put together.

PAS will only concentrate on the seats where the Malay population is the majority. They intend to extend their tentacles from Kelantan and Terengganu to Perlis and Kedah in the next election.

Step by step, they intend to take the pole position from Umno and Bersatu.

Iphonezours: This is what you get when you support PAS, which never respects other religions in this country.

Firstly, shame on you MCA and MIC for sleeping with PAS, all in the name of being in power. Now you are powerless in even defending the non-Muslim religious holiday.

PAS has ridiculed Christians in Parliament and now, with this cancellation of the Thaipusam holiday in Kedah, it’s time to wake up to PAS religious fanaticism.

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