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YOURSAY | Umno wants to call the shots in new govt coalition

YOURSAY | ‘What Agong should do is insist on a multiracial coalition.’

Umno - from king to kingmaker?

Clever Voter: Any minority government is always at risk of being held to ransom by warlords. Parliament has become a trading house where its members have unashamedly put themselves up for sale.

But Umno, despite its deep resources, is not able to press Prime Minister and Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin for the important concession of dropping the criminal charges against its senior members. This is the key. Putting away these individuals is probably the most practical way to reset the party.

Umno has found a convenient friend in PAS, but even this is not guaranteed because of the gap in their beliefs and ideologies. Put aside the issues of race and religion, which eventually will lose its differentiation, there is now the emergence of unknowns.

What Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah should do is insist on a multiracial coalition. One that truly reflects the relevance and realities of the future. The truth cannot be hidden, and the never-ending lies will not get us anywhere.

While PKR president Anwar Ibrahim can claim the numbers, he too must convince there is a better agenda.

Already the Muhyiddin regime has proven the emptiness of his government, and he cannot do any better than what Pakatan Harapan had attempted to do. From a ‘black shoes’ minister to ‘hot water can cure’ minister, we have seen the very low quality of the people who are meant to lead.

Can Umno or even Anwar be any better? The country must get out of its denial trap. To do so, we need one who has the guts to dictate and reset the country. And locking up the crooked politicians is one of these must-do matters.

VP Biden: If the greatest chameleon of Malaysian politics, Dr Mahathir Mohamad can sleep with DAP and PKR after insulting them, putting their leaders in jail, creating crooks like former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and elevating him just because his dad, Abdul Razak Hussein, brought him back to Umno after being sacked by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Umno is just following the footsteps of their great teacher.

Mahathir’s mole in Umno, Hishammuddin Hussein, who engineered the defection of Umno MPs to Bersatu, will vehemently protest this.

The ultimate aim of Mahathir and Muhyiddin is to break Umno, usurping their MPs and never allow Anwar to ascend because of a personal vendetta (Anwar has no corruption charges and his children are not millionaires). The sodomy charges were Mahathir’s game plan, this was followed by his protégé, Najib.

Now, it has come full circle. Umno will do what is necessary for its survival, even sleeping with its enemies because if it doesn't, Mahathir and Muhyiddin will.

With a mole in its midst, Umno’s survival depends on eliminating Muhyiddin and Bersatu, which are greater threats than Anwar, DAP or Harapan.

Dutch Lady: Umno has been the chief bully from 1981 when Mahathir became the PM and now suddenly, Bersatu (established by Mahathir too) began bullying other parties, including those with more MPs.

So obviously, Umno wants back the post of a chief bully again.

Doc: With all these Malay-based parties politicking to stay in power, line their pockets, get a few shiny new Mercedes Benz and ‘get out of jail free’ cards; the fact of the matter is the rakyat, especially the Malay community, are suffering.

But at the end of the day, when the Malays are being duped by their ‘Malay-first’ parties - Bersatu, PAS and Umno - and left to fend for themselves as the country is saddled with massive loans and little income, the blame will on the Chinese and DAP for ‘stealing’ from the Malays.

Peaky Blinder: It seems to me like this new government will likely be Umno-centric if Anwar really did cut deals with many Umno MPs. This would exactly be DAP's nightmare as DAP has already made it clear that they are unable to cooperate with the corrupt Umno leaders.

For now, we can only observe what lies ahead in the following weeks.

Milshah: @Peaky, which is why it is impossible to have a government with Umno and DAP in it. Who will be the deputy PM or finance minister in this government? Can you imagine Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi sitting next to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in a cabinet meeting?

The Anwar government is doomed to fail if it is ever formed, which is highly unlikely, if not impossible.

Winter As Come: Yes, it’s not so simple. Umno and PKR can’t form a government on their own. DAP will be a factor.

Forming a government with mosquito parties will be a nightmare as each has their own agenda. If somebody is upset and doesn't get their bowl of soup, they will leave and the country will end up in another political crisis.

Maybe a general election is the only way out. It is a pity Sabah voted the way it did with no clear indication which way the country is turning. With the economy in the pits, we need capable leaders, not jokers and law-breakers as we have now.

Kuniyo: If Muhyiddin or Mahathir work with Umno, they are power crazy and are corrupt traitors. But if Umno works with Anwar, Umno will be seen as a principled party - all Umno past sins will be forgiven.

The big picture is Anwar must be the PM. And if DAP pulled out because they don’t want to work with Umno, DAP is a traitor. The most important principle is that Anwar must be the PM - at least, that’s what Anwar worshippers will tell you.

Anwar is a godsend to save Malaysia. In fact, he will wipe out Covid-19 after he becomes PM. Not only that, Malaysia will be the first country going to Mars under Anwar’s prime ministership.

FairMalaysian: @Kuniyo, Anwar doesn’t need to be a saviour. All he needs to be is human. And you don't have to be cheeky.

Muhyiddin had the chance to show us how he handles the pandemic. It will only be fair if Anwar gets the opportunity to show his mettle. If we are not happy with what or how he does, then we can take him to task.

Patathewoonie: The political landscape has changed drastically. A friend is not a friend, a foe is not a foe, no more gigantic party, no more two-thirds majority, and thus every party must realign their political interests.

We want a government with good governance. As long as we can walk and work towards this path, minus the traitors, it does not matter who is in charge. All such parties are welcomed if they can form a legitimate coalition and a legitimate government.

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