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YOURSAY | ‘Those who are used to instant coffee are peeved that whatever is brewing is taking so long…’

Palace: Anwar did not furnish names of MPs to back his claim

IndigoSwan6963: This move of not revealing the names of MPs who support him could be a blessing in disguise or a curse for PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

The heads of political parties or individual MPs who support Anwar should be brave enough to come forward to meet with the Agong to state their support.

Statutory declarations (SDs) mean nothing as they can be withdrawn at the last moment. But having the politicians themselves declaring or declining their support for Anwar in front of the Agong will give the complete picture.

BrownCheetah9736: Anwar, this must be a sick joke. You must at least bring your coalition partner leaders plus a few frogs to show that you have the support of at least 112 MPs to prove that the current government has indeed collapsed. Then you can talk about actual numbers beyond 112.

A 25-minute meeting that includes royal formalities, small talk, plus serving of coffee/refreshments means the actual serious talking lasted less than 10 minutes?

JusticeNow!: The fact that the Agong has summoned various party leaders to see His Majesty suggests that there is more than meets the eye. Why would the Agong summon the party leaders if Anwar had not given any names?

Anwar would not do something so silly. If he does, then that would be the end of his political career.

OrangTua: I'm no fan of Anwar but I refuse to believe that he went to the palace armed with just his tongue and bare hands.

MS: I guess those who are used to 3-in-1 instant coffee are somewhat peeved that whatever is brewing is taking so long. The sounds from the ground indicate that this coffee is being made the old-fashioned way:

1. Grind coffee beans

2. Boil filtered water, let sit for one minute

3. Pour water into filter to wet it completely

4. Let coffee percolate into cup slowly

We are still somewhere in Step 1, so, patience, everyone. Take it easy. Smell the coffee.

The fact that all kinds of characters are being summoned to the palace should hint at what is happening. It is proof that Anwar was not unceremoniously laughed out of the door before it was slammed shut behind him.

But many commenters, being simpletons, have written off Anwar while discounting the tedious machinery of governance.

Shovelnose: Did Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin give a complete and verifiable list to the Agong in the last round (during the Sheraton Move) before being made the premier then?

I hope that in all fairness, the Agong will take the only legal and rightful route to settle this - recall the Parliament for an immediate sitting to vote on who has the majority of MPs.

BluePanther4725: The people just want to kick out this corrupted, backdoor, illegitimate Perikatan Nasional (PN) government and restore our elected Pakatan Harapan government (which mainly consists of PKR, DAP, and Amanah). Is that too much to ask?

Why was it so easy to install a backdoor, illegitimate government but so difficult to restore the legitimate, elected government? Is democracy dead in Malaysia?

WhiteToucan3586: @BluePanther4725, Muhyiddin had names backing him up (Agong consulted every single MP). This time, the Agong wants names too.

Not to mention that the country is in so much crisis already (especially with the current spike in Covid-19 cases). Also, nobody is even sure that Anwar's government now consists of DAP and Amanah.

Tencent: Since no SDs were given to the Agong, do you think His Majesty will once again go through the whole process of interviewing all the 222 MPs?

By that time, there will be a lot of horse-trading and ultimately, we will be back to status quo. It’s tough to beat the incumbent prime minister.

GoldenTrout4750: It’s smart not to reveal the names. Anwar presented claims backed with evidence.

Now, the Agong will interview each of the party leaders to confirm the number of MPs supporting Anwar. It’s best not to expose the names at this moment as it can be utilised by the other side to sabotage Anwar.

Vijay47: One hitherto unexplored talent that Malaysians seem to have suddenly discovered is speed.

Within a matter of just a few hours, the Comptroller of the Royal Household already made a statement that Anwar did not present to the Agong the list of parliamentarians supporting him. Such a statement merely adds confusion to a bewildering situation.

Yet by the same measure, the premier-hopeful would have gone through the drill countless of times with colleagues and legal advisors. What to inform the Agong, the constitutional provisions, the numbers, the very terminology to be employed. And in the midst of all this, whether the list should be submitted.

Thus, the fact that Anwar failed to submit the list of names can be disregarded. Anwar explained that time needs to be given to the Agong to study the documents he submitted. What documents?

To pursue a claim to the premier’s post if he had no substance would be tantamount to treason, or at the least, a grave disrespect to the Agong. For that, His Majesty should have disciplined Anwar and sent him on his way. The show would have been over.

But no, the circus, if indeed it be one, did not end there. We now learn that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and MIC president S Vigneswaran (and other party leaders) have received “confirmed” invitations for an audience with the Agong. For what purpose?

The only conclusion is that, hero or scoundrel, there is much more to Anwar’s move than meets the ear, since the Fat Lady has not burst into song yet.

Two Come Out: Anwar is just trying to get back what was stolen from him by two Bersatu founders aided by a PKR turncoat. Even if he fails to get back what was stolen, there is no dishonour in trying.

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