YOURSAY | Azmin in between a rock and a hard place


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YOURSAY | ‘Yesterday, it was Anwar, then Mahathir, now Muhyiddin. Who’s next?’

Azmin says 'more comfortable' with Umno, PAS than Anwar

Kim Quek: Ex-PKR leader Azmin Ali’s absurd rationalisation of his betrayal of his former boss Anwar Ibrahim, his former party, and Pakatan Harapan has only further enhanced his image as a self-centred, deceitful, and treasonous politician who would pose an unacceptable risk to any political party he may try to associate with.

It is for this reason that Umno wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole, and yet he has the cheek to say that he feels cosy working with Umno.

In hindsight, it may be a blessing in disguise that he has been off-loaded to Perikatan Nasional (PN) where he is now a hot potato.

Siva1967: Dear Azmin, you have failed to understand how you have come to where you are. It was the Keadilan cause that you had embraced when you decided to join the reformasi movement.

For years, you had been a loyal lieutenant to both Anwar and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

After GE14, for reasons only known to then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he appointed you as cabinet minister knowing full well that you were caretaker MB in Selangor when you were already sworn in after winning the most seats at the Selangor State Assembly.

Federal power and your new-found “mentorship” had somewhat thrown you from the original reformasi agenda.

Weren’t you the one who insistently pushed for Mahathir to serve the full term as prime minister when clearly you were aware of the Harapan agreement for a transition of power albeit no date was set?

We were once very proud that in the event Anwar falls or becomes incapacitated, we have you to carry on with the reformasi agenda. You did very well as the MB of Selangor. Your all-inclusive approach was an act to be followed by any aspiring MP, MB, or PM.

That, I believe, you owe it to your upbringing in Gombak and the circle of friends at Setapak High. As a Setapakian myself, we know how the bond is within us regardless of race, religion, or the colour of our skins.

But you renegaded and now you are trying to ‘menegakkan benang yang basah’. You may talk ill of Anwar and his dream of becoming PM. There is nothing wrong with him yearning to be one. In fact, he would make a great PM.

You too had the potential of becoming PM one day, in fact, you could have been DPM in Anwar’s cabinet if you had not done the Si Kitol act.

You are now banking on Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to “lift” you up after you have taken a fall and a big gamble by working with the very people you have fought against for so long - Umno.

Muhyiddin himself is walking on thin ice and the two of you did not think deep enough before pulling off the Sheraton Move. Now the entire country is held ransom by unscrupulous politicians and they have an upper hand over you and Muhyiddin.

You and Muhyiddin basically handed back the country to the very thieves we had fought to save the country from.

IndigoTrout2522: Azmin is no question the greatest culprit of all within Harapan. He was so power-hungry that he would do anything to even bring down the Harapan government. Yesterday, it was Anwar, then Mahathir, now Muhyiddin. Who’s next?

All he cares about is himself and his ambition. When the right time comes, he will shift away from Muhyiddin because he will not be satisfied until he gets the PM position. He is ever ready to betray anyone who stands in his way.

Remember how he betrayed Azizah to become Selangor MB and how he wanted to keep PAS within the state government.

He kept saying that Anwar wanted to be PM, conveniently not mentioning that it was part of the GE14 agreement among Harapan. The point is if Anwar becomes PM, Azmin would have no place to go. Anwar’s successor would not be him.

So, he had to make the Sheraton Move. I still wonder if Umno would even allow him to contest in Gombak. Of course, PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang will bail him out with a seat in Kelantan.

Undecided: The fact that Azmin is more comfortable with Umno and PAS leaders shows how much he has deviated from PKR's vision of providing justice for all.

It should not be about being comfortable with your own leader but more about what PKR stands for and how difficult it was for the opposition to eventually beat BN in GE14.

Azmin's taste of power as MB of Selangor and subsequent appointment as economic affairs minister has made him overly ambitious so much so that he was even prepared to betray his own party and the rakyat to achieve his own ambition - upsetting all the plans for reforms so sorely needed to put Malaysia back on the right track.

Just A Malaysian: Azmin, you sold us the idea of reformasi and the need to struggle to bring changes in the government and we believed you.

You mean you discarded all the ideals and helped bring back the corrupted government you fought for 20 years just because you are uncomfortable with Anwar?

Azmin, you are no statesman. You are just a political opportunist.

Goliath: We tell our children what having principles really means. Who is a person you will trust and respect to be in government to lead this country?

In over 20 years, you led a cause and belief that Umno is a corrupted party with corrupted leaders and PAS is an extremist party that will destroy this multiracial country.

The rakyat has gone through a lot of pain and suffering to vote for you and your traitorous friends to form the Harapan government.

And your move to form this PN coalition with corrupted felons and individuals is not only unacceptable, it’s downright worse than a scum’s scum. Where’s your honesty, integrity, and loyalty?

Gerard Lourdesamy: Last I heard, Umno is very uncomfortable with Azmin. As for PAS, they are equally suspicious. So Azmin has to sink or swim with Muhyiddin. Most likely, he is going to sink and disappear after GE15.

GrayPanda9123: Azmin, it is not about you. It should be about what your constituents want. They put you there so it is what they want that matters. We will show you at the next GE.

Bobby0: Say what you want, Azmin. The truth will be known at GE15 on whether PAS and Umno support you.

It is not the leaders who decide but the people. The Harapan supporters will reject you and how many of Umno and PAS grassroots will agree to your candidacy will be known in due time.

Enjoy these few months while in office.

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