COMMENT | Are our elected reps worthy of being called YB?

K Parkaran

15 9月 2020, 12:17 凌晨

Updated a month ago



COMMENT | There was this cruel Whatsapp forwarded about politicians recently that I am sure many of you would have read.

It said: “Guys, please put the word out. I’m helping a friend who runs an Outdoor Activity Centre. We are offering free bungee jumping to MPs with no strings attached!”

The pun was obviously intended and no one could have missed the absolute insult the creator of this message intended for elected representatives. This was one among many insulting messages that were derogatory to our MPs which had been circulating for some time.

But honestly, the number of such insults has seen a drastic increase of late, especially after many party-hopping elected representatives who brought down the elected Pakatan Harapan governments at the federal and state levels.

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