YOURSAY | ‘Gelap - when an apology is not an apology’


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YOURSAY | ‘If you were referring to the place as ‘gelap’, why talked about using powder?’

After Hansard review, Azhar orders MP to apologise for 'gelap' remark

OrangeViper2887: I watched the telecast of the Parliament session live. As a voter, I was ashamed of the attitude and behaviour of some MPs. Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (BN-Baling) tarnished the House with his racial remark.

Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and Arau MP Shahidan Kassim, as usual, were very disappointing. Their brain and mouth are not suited for the Dewan. They interjected unnecessarily and offensively.

Opposition leaders Langkawi MP Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Port Dickson MP Anwar Ibrahim and Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo held decorum.

I observed the new House speaker was selective in his punitive actions. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad was escorted out, while Azeez was let off with a rap on the wrist.

Azeez made a “racial” remark against Kasthuriraani Patto (Harapan-Batu Kawan). This is more serious than what Khalid did.

The perception is that House speaker Azhar Azizan 'Art' Harun is biased and favours the ruling Perikatan Nasional (PN). Probably, that is part of his contract. I hope things will improve.

Coward: If it were just a simple mistaken remark, all it takes was for Azeez to clarify immediately.

In short, nobody believes his excuse. He is sorry for being caught and made to apologise, not for what he did. This type of behaviour should be severely punished, not let go with a simple apology.

Freethinker: “I sat at the same spot (opposition bench) for two years and we rarely caught the attention of the speaker. Yesterday, I said the place was gelap (dark).

"It is important for the innocent people and netizens out there to know that I have no intention to call anyone dark," said Azeez.

So he is now calling the Parliament 'gelap'?

Tembikai: Azeez, please have some self-respect. If you were referring to the place as ‘gelap’, why talked about using powder?

The rakyat can see that you are lying through your teeth. I am sure your children are watching you. Is that how you teach them?

LR6SO4BK3: Azeez, you said you were referring to the place, and the place was dark. But then you said to apply "bedak" (powder) to solve the problem.

We are not fooled by you. ‘Bedak’ is only applied to the face and at that moment in Parliament, you meant Kasthuri should use it.

So by your own words and actions, you have damned yourself as a racist and sexist. And by your latest explanation, I conclude you also speak with a forked tongue. So how can we trust you and your kind as lawmakers?

Vijay47: Azhar, I am one of those who earlier expressed, strongly, my sentiments over your grievous failing as speaker, and how far you seemed to have strayed from the ideals you apparently once subscribed to.

However, you have almost immediately reviewed the position and have demanded the return of decorum to Parliament. In view of your firmness, we can chalk up yesterday’s silence to nervousness over the first day at the new job.

Coming to Azeez’s conduct yesterday and his explanation today, he merely proves himself to be a spineless piece of trash without even the self-respect to apologise when caught with his pants down.

His defence is as pathetic as the miserable track record he has always displayed. Azeez’s dark ways will never be mistaken as a lamp in Parliament.

Vent: Azhar’s masquerade as a man of honour post-GE14 was as complete as his lack of honour now as amply demonstrated by allowing for the ouster of the previous speaker and hijacking the chair and condoning the shenanigans of the unruly, racist and sexist PN raiders of Parliament in full display for all to see.

Evoking the Hansard today is a pitiable attempt at damage control no doubt suggested by that Malay-first PM himself.

RR: Azhar, good decision on Azeez. Better late than never. As House speaker, please be firm on impartiality in running the Parliament though you are a government-nominated speaker.

Weijian: Art Harun, the rakyat see that you are humble enough to correct your mistake. We are behind you on this. But we will continue to monitor your performance.

As much as we hoped you could continue to serve us through the Election Commission (EC) chairperson, but we also look forward to you doing the same as speaker, no matter how unnecessary the replacement was to start with.

David Dass: It is a relief that Azhar vindicated himself by reviewing the incident on Hansard and calling on Azeez to apologise.

Azeez's attempt to explain his statement is rubbish and no one believes him. He even said that he was dark, which is true, and that by itself, contradicts his stupid explanation.

The Wakandan: I would give Azhar the benefit of the doubt, he is new and first day at school. I hope he won't do this again. He has to discharge his duty. He has to work on his deficiency.

BusinessFirst: The calling of the person ‘dark’ with the need to use powder is a clear reference to the person, not the location.

I read with amusement how some have decided to give the "benefit of the doubt" to the new speaker because of this ruling compelling someone to apologise for something that is obvious.

This is but a token crumb thrown to you after someone has consumed the whole buffet.

Middle Path: The mentality and attitude of certain MPs have got to change and need to grow up.

Some of their antics just show how idiotic and stupid they made themselves out to be. Totally no class and crass.

Adik Hiak: The problem is some of these MPs think most Malaysians are as stupid as the people who voted them to Parliament.

MS: Well, since the dark side has taken over what was once a shining but elusive beacon of hope, every tiny gesture will appear bright.

The man in question is really not an aberrant. He represents the rest of the political blackguards on his side of the divide - and no amount of ‘bedak wangi’ will endear him or them to the masses who voted for change.

The country’s future, which yesterday’s machinations (ala Mahathir) portend, is as ‘gelap’ as that obnoxious ex-used car salesman. The only silver lining, if indeed there is one, is that we are now forewarned.

‘Parliament is not a wet market’ - Patriot excoriates MPs' behaviour

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