YOURSAY | Bringing Muhyiddin back into Umno fold


11 7月 2020, 12:20 凌晨

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YOURSAY | ‘From Umno they come and to Umno they will return…’

Nazri wants Muhyiddin to return and take over as Umno president

Mazilamani: A very intelligent and timely proposal by Umno's Padang Rengas MP Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz to bring together all those who love Umno and strengthen unity among Malays, which are now divided and scattered into so many parties; including getting Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to go back to Umno.

This is not the time to think about high positions but to be seen as a rare opportunity to unite the community.

Many may find it difficult to accept, but the return of a united Umno will be good for the nation, for stability, economic and racial unity. As it is, with all the different Malay-based parties and the fight on who will become PM, it is causing instability.

It is also time to bring in young blood within the new coalition, from diverse races, to prepare them for leadership and to compete with a fast-changing world following the Covid-19 pandemic. We surely need incorruptible and intelligent leaders.

Those who have already served must be prepared to give way to changes for the love of the country. This country is still safe, let us not turn into one where politics has gone bad.

Leon: Umno has always been led by party warlords. These warlords only think for themselves and how to benefit the most. They claim to champion the Malays because that’s what the Malays want to hear. But they do not care about the welfare of the race or the country.

The moment they were back in government, they aimed for positions in the cabinet as well as government-linked companies (GLCs). They never said anything about helping the people, only giving handouts to pacify them.

@Mazilamani, be careful of what you wish for in wanting Umno back at the helm even with Muhyiddin in the party.

In less than a generation, our beautiful country, Malaysia, will have nothing left if you leave it to Umno. I trust PAS more than the party warlords in Umno.

The Malays would do better with a new Malay party. Umno is too tainted with the old irrelevant top leadership. They are stuck there because they have nowhere else to go. Don’t make them important again.

CH Y: The new normal in politics is due to distrust between the races based on ethnicity and religion, and between Sabah/Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, which has resulted in a PM from a minority party - Muhyiddin.

Umno and PAS may have the majority of the Malay votes in Peninsular Malaysia but that is still not enough to cross the 112 Dewan Rakyat majority if non-Malays do not support them.

It is also unlikely for Sarawak to overtly support them as they may now think Muhyiddin is easier to control and PAS is not acceptable in Sarawak.

So even if Bersatu only wins a handful of seats in GE15, the new normal is a PM from a minority party who is constantly trying to appease all the MPs to maintain his mandate.

Umno may not still have the numbers after GE15 and there is an aversion to having Umno back in control again.

Businessfirst: If Muhyiddin returns to Umno, what will happen to the person who sacked him from the party – former party president Najib Abdul Razak? And what will be of current Umno head Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who helped sack him? Will all be forgiven and forgotten?

What about the reason he was sacked and his complaints about Najib in relation to the 1MDB scandal and how everyone then turned a blind eye?

This suggestion by Nazri is one without principle. It is just expediency and is self-serving. I suppose that is par for the course for Umno and Bersatu sharing the same DNA.

SHGC: I don't know what kind of logic Nazri has. If you leave, you return. If you are sacked, the person who sacked you can "unsack" you.

Which means Umno should revert the decision of firing him back when Najib was in power. In that case, Umno should apologise to Muhyiddin saying that ousting him from the party was a big mistake.

After reverting that decision, Umno then should offer Muhyiddin to come back, but it is still up to Muhyiddin whether he wants to return or not.

Will he have to make concessions so the party will accept him back and then let him take over the presidency?

Clever Voter: Muhyiddin has nothing to lose if he decides to return to Umno.

After all, he has already demonstrated his values when he abandoned his cause to cross over to a coalition of parties that he criticised and condemned not too long ago.

Any principled man would live by his words, but not this man who has decided that it was time he put himself first above everything else. As a seasoned politician, he showed no clear differentiation from his former colleagues, and he never will.

But as they say, you only live once and it was an opportunity that could not be missed to be the eighth PM. All for such trophy, he has lost the respect and admiration of many.

Raja Chulan: Good suggestion for a way out of the present predicament facing the parties concerned.

Muhyiddin must, after taking over, get rid of all the tainted leaders in Umno and bring back the glory days of BN.

BN must return to the days of being fair to all, including the non-bumiputeras. Parties such as MCA, MIC, Gerakan, et cetera, must be in the picture as well.

I believe this will also pacify former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and who knows, he may also return to the Umno fold. This will all be good for Malaysia and its people.

1557298803923: I really do not know if Nazri is delusional or if he is having dreams of Muhyiddin returning to Umno as party president.

This could be possible since Muhyiddin is now being tested over still waters in his Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition.

Let the rakyat hope for the best for the future of our beloved country.

Heron: The younger Bersatu exco member Muzzammil Ismail seems to have a more rational argument in this instance as compared to the veteran Umno leader (Nazri).

It’s a promising sign from this young leader as to what are proper moral imperatives in leadership requirements for our nation. As compared for continuing empathy for benchmarks based primarily on communal and faith identity.

Times are perhaps opportune now for younger leaders with genuine convictions for responsible leadership in the interests of the nation to emerge and assume responsibilities in spite of our predominantly communally-based political party culture.

ColorAnimalNumber: From Umno, they come and to Umno, they will return? It's time to purge all the corrupted from BN and Pakatan Harapan. After that, Muhyiddin will be the strongest of them all. Provided his health allow.

Anonymous_47029368: It’s a good idea for Muhyiddin to go back to Umno so that Mahathir can lead Bersatu again. 

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