Health DG assures no medicine shortages, including Remdesivir

Geraldine Tong

17 Apr 2020, 12:31 pm

Updated a year ago


CORONAVIRUS | Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said Malaysia does not have a problem regarding medicine supply, including the Remdesivir drug which is an experimental drug with some success in treating Covid-19 patients.

“Remdesivir has been registered and we have approved it. We are monitoring it as it is still in its early stages.

“But what is certain is the drug, and other medicines, we have enough for treatment,” Noor Hisham (photo) said during the Health Ministry’s daily press briefing on Covid-19 in Putrajaya, today.

It was reported earlier that Covid-19 patients in the US who were treated with Remdesivir in a clinical trial have been recovering quickly, with most going home in days.

The doctor leading the trial, University of Chicago infectious disease specialist Dr Kathleen Mullane said the patients in the trial had severe respiratory symptoms and fever but were able to leave the hospital after less than a week of treatment.

The official results of the trial are not out yet.

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